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Scaffolded Maths Worksheet-Measurement


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Published in: Education
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Scaffolded Maths Worksheet-Measurement

  1. 1. MATHEMATICSProblem What do youhave to do?What wordgave thehint?How manysteps will youperform?What type ofconversion doyou have todo?What is theconversionrule?Whatoperationwill you do?Do thecalculation.Whatunit willyouwrite?Convert 7hm 50 minto mChange hm tomhm into m 2 stepsa) multiplicationb) additionConvert biggerunit to smallerunit.BSM a) Multiplyb) Additiona) 1hm=100 m7 hm = 7x100= 700mb) 700 m +50m =750ma) Express29 L 109ml as mlb) Convert 5 kg 25g onto mgc) Change 2m 5dm6cm to cmConversion RuleBig to small-Multiplication: B>S>MSmall to Big-Division: S>B>D
  2. 2. MATHEMATICSa) Express29 L109 ml as mlb) Convert 5 kg25 g onto mgc) Change 2m5dm 6cm to cm