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making of glass


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Published in: Education
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making of glass

  1. 1. Glasses and its manufacture Presented by Kavinilavan k
  2. 2. History & applications Archaeologists have found evidence of man-made glass which dates back to 4000BC. They are used in car doors, windows,home appliances,lights,etc.,
  3. 3. Manufacture In olden days glasses are made by hand. They take long time and more man power. Now-a-days making of glass are machinated. From olden days to now,sand is the important raw material in making glass.
  4. 4. Raw materials Sand SAND SODA ASH (grade A to G) Soda ash Lime stone LIME STONE DOLOMITE Dolomite Alumina ALUMINA
  6. 6. MELTING & REFINING The raw materials are mixed and melted in gas furnace up to all the raw materials are completely melted. In this process impurities are come upwards & they are removed. It will take 50 hours to melt. Capacity of furnace is 2000 tones.
  7. 7. Float bath Molten glass float through tin. Glass enters the bath at 1,100 degree and leave the bath at 600 degree Celsius. Because tin more denser than glass,glass float on them & they form smooth and bubble less flexible glass at last.
  8. 8. coating After float bath & In this stage glass is coating called ribbon glass. Variety of chemicals are coated at thickness of less than micron based on its purpose. This process is called chemical vapor deposition (CVD)
  9. 9. Annealing Annealing means cool down the substance by slow and steady process. Glass will broke when cooled suddenly, so it will be gradually cooled to normal temperature. After this process we get a fine smooth glass plate.
  10. 10. Cutting & quality control These glass plate are cut into proper size using diamond cutter. After this all the glass plates are check for its quality and optical view.
  11. 11. Thank you