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Bit of background web hosting


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Bit of background web hosting

  1. 1. by Jennifer Bailey Bit Of Background – Web Hosting Once you have chosen a name (or domain) you now need to choose someone to host your website, this will be a hosting company (or web host). What does a hosting company/ web host do? The web host is the company that houses your site (think of it a garage and your website is the car) and provides you with space for your web pages, email addresses, forums, social networking, shopping carts and more. Every website has to have a hosting company because a website does not exist without one (even free websites have a web host – you just don’t pay for it!) How do I choose a good one? When you purchase your domain name, you will also be offered the option of purchasing hosting. It is not essential that you buy your hosting and your domain name from the same company but it can make it easier (but make sure that the package that you are planning to buy meets all your current requirements). Things to look for: Basics Does it fulfil the minimum requirements for WordPress? PHP v 5.24 or greater (The language that WP is written in) MySQL v5.0 or greater (Databases) Other Features Does it use a Control Panel such as CPanel? (not essential but strongly recommended) Does it have enough storage to meet your requirements? (To store all your files) Does it have enough Bandwidth? (The transfer of info from your website to your visitor) FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Email - Does it provide you with mailboxes? How many? Are there enough for your needs? Free Domain Name Registration Does it offer good customer support – is it available 24/7? (Not to be underestimated!)
  2. 2. by Jennifer Bailey Other Considerations Does it have good reviews? Is it a competitive price? I generally buy my domains from GoDaddy, 123 Reg or Namecheap (as I mentioned in the previous section) yet host my websites with The reason for this is they provide plans where you can host unlimited domains (so more than one website) plus they use CPanel which makes organising your domains, subdomains and emails easier. It is also a breeze to install Wordpress (which we will discuss more in the next section). Some web hosts limit the number of domains that you can have. For example you may want one website but different domain names to point to it. Say your business specialised in kitchen and bathroom design – you may wish to use two different domain names – one for the kitchen part and one for the bathrooms. You may wish to host multiple sites, say one for your business or one for your hobby. Buying a hosting account which only allows one domain or one website can be quite limiting. Note: If you buy your hosting package and domain names from a different provider then you will need to change the nameservers of your domain names. Check out my section on ‘Changing Nameservers’ for more details. It can take 24-48 hours for the nameserver change to take effect so if you are in a hurry then you should register your domain with your chosen web host. Hosting packages vary in cost, often it depends on the package that they are offering. With Hostgator you can expect to pay around £5 ($8) per month for the ‘Baby Plan’. Find out more about Hostgator here
  3. 3. by Jennifer Bailey REMEMBER: Get 25% off with promo code QuickStart25 or save $9.94 with QuickStart994