Workspace 5


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Workspace 5 product release information from Kavi.

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Workspace 5

  1. 1. Introduction to Workspace 5 Spring 2009
  2. 2. Participant Homepage: Overview Goals: - Improve awareness of organization activity - Raise participation levels - Increase accessibility to events, ballots, etc - Simplify communication to and between members
  3. 3. Participant Homepage: Summary
  4. 4. Participant Homepage: Summary “ New since…” gives a snapshot view of recent organization activity
  5. 5. Participant Homepage: Summary List of time- and user-specific upcoming and overdue tasks incites members to participate actively in the organization
  6. 6. Participant Homepage: Summary Organization announcement management keeps members up-to-speed on important news
  7. 7. Participant Homepage: Summary Embedded training topics give advice to users according to their access permissions; the organization controls posted information
  8. 8. All pages: Take Action User-sensitive “Take Action” drop-down task list is accessible from all pages once logged in
  9. 9. Admin home: Overview Goals: - Bring to the forefront immediate tasks requiring attention - Improve access to general administrative functions (2-click max) - Simplify member management - Give administrators and overall view of organization activity
  10. 10. Admin home: Overview
  11. 11. Admin home: Overview Current and overdue administrative tasks display on Admin Home page
  12. 12. Admin home: Overview Core management functions all available on one centralized page