KQA Karnatak Quiz III Edition April 13 2014


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Third edition of the KQA Karnataka Quiz, also known as "Shankar poLe, Poli Shankara and Kampni"
Questions researched by Varun Shenoy, Lingaraj and self.

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KQA Karnatak Quiz III Edition April 13 2014

  1. 1. Ibrahim Adilshah II is remembered for trying to bring in cultural harmony through music and other fine arts. His book, “Kitab-E-Navras” in the Dakhani language is a collection of 59 poems and seventeen couplets. According to his court poet Zuhuri, the book was written to introduce the theory of nine rasas to people who had only a Persian background. The book starts with a prayer to __________ . Identify bhaka nyari nyari bhava ek kaha turuk kaha barahaman nouras soor juga joti ani saroguni yusat _____ mata ibrahim parasada bhayi dooni 1
  2. 2. Saraswati
  3. 3. 2 • 2014 - Nandan Nilekani • 2009 - Deepak Bharadwaj • 2004 - ??
  4. 4. • Srikantadatta Narasimha Raja Wodeyar . Richest contestants of the Lok Sabha elections
  5. 5. 3 • What much-in-the-news institute's 50 year celebrations included this Indianized version of the song Summer of 69? It was sung and composed by then relatively unknown artists X and Y, respectively. Name them.
  6. 6. • Manipal University • Raghu Dixit • Ricky Kej
  7. 7. This writer, born Venkatalakshmi, was a doctor and published several books like “Vadhuvigondu Kivimaatu” for young women on health and social issues. Identify this author who has an award named after her, instituted by the Government of Karnataka, for medical literature in Kannada. Her body of work comprises of 20 novels, 8 collections of short stories. 4
  8. 8. Anupama Niranjana of Dinakkondu KathE fame
  9. 9. 5 Connect
  10. 10. Gokak
  11. 11. 6 • In the year 1947 the Residency ceased to exist and the premises of Residency in Bangalore therefore came to be called 'Raj Bhavan'. However the residency was vacant till 1964. Why ?
  12. 12. • The Maharaja JCW, the first governor, stayed in the Bangalore Palace
  13. 13. The first-ever Kannada audio tape released in 1978 was titled “X”. The cassette(album, if you will) was a run away hit and the title song is still popular . The lyrics of the title track is written by the Poet Y, who is a Geologist by profession and is famous for his bhaavageethEs. Identify X and Y 7
  14. 14. X- Nithyotsava Y- K S Nisar Ahmed
  15. 15. Identify the 2 institutions associated with these people 8
  16. 16. Rangayana – the theater institute from Mysore Ninasam - Nilakanteshwara NAtyaseva SAMgha, an organisation dedicated to the dissemination of Theatre and Culture in Heggodu
  17. 17. • This is one of the notable film roles of a popular television/theater actor from his younger days. Identify the actor. A lesser known fact about him is that up until the release of Ramachari, he had worked on every Ravichandran film rendering a specific service. In what capacity did he work in these movies? 9
  18. 18. • Srinivas Prabhu, dubbed the voice of Ravichandran. Ravi mama didn't speak Kannada all that well (still doesn't)
  19. 19. • Of the 10 new districts added to Karnataka since 1997, only one was carved out of three different districts (rest were all created from one each). Contextually speaking, if Shimoga and Bellary are lesser known of the three, name the third as well as the new district thus formed. 10
  20. 20. • Chitradurga, Davanagere
  21. 21. • 11
  22. 22. • Maravante
  23. 23. Rashtrakavi M. Govindapai is the author of the following poems(khanda kaavyas)- the theme of each of these poems dealt with the last day(s) of 3 proponents of peace. 1. X– Last Days of ___ 2. Vaishaka - Last Days of ____ 3. Dehali - Last Days of ______. Fill in the three blanks. No need to identify X 12.
  24. 24. Christ Buddha Gandhi X - Golgota
  25. 25. • Identify this place with a sad history that has today become a tourist spot 13
  26. 26. • Saat Kabr – 60 graves of Bijapur chieften Afzal Khan’s wives
  27. 27. • Excerpt from a newspaper article • “An avid football fanatic, he owes his broken nose to the game, dating back to his college days. "The ball directly hit his face while playing on the college ground. His nose is still not fixed. Even today his hand inadvertently reaches out to the nose whenever he remembers college" recollects MS Karuna, a friend from college. ” • Who are we talking about who coincidentally goes by the nickname Tipu? 14
  28. 28. • Akhilesh Yadav
  29. 29. • Whose name is a reference to his being quarter over one (1+1/4) in talent to the man in picture? 15
  30. 30. • Sawai Gandharva • Man in picture Bal Gandharva, the Marathi performer
  31. 31. Identify the 2 missing sub-groups. NO PART POINTS 16
  32. 32. Tulu and Kodava
  33. 33. The following is taken from an interview of Poet X, where he talks about his conversation with Director Y Y says “Kannada language has lots of limitations, it is a 'daridra' language, one cannot express certain words/phrases in Kannada as in Urdu; E.g., look at the phrase 'Magar yoonhi' from Kabhi Kabhie Mere Dil Mein, one cannot write Magar Yunhi in Kannada. The Ghazal feel of Urdu cannot be recreated in Kannada”. What song did X write to prove Y wrong? 17
  34. 34. Anisutide yaako indu, neenenE nannavaLendu X- Jayant Kaikini Y- Yograj Bhat
  35. 35. The National award winning Marathi film Jogwa deals with the Devadasis belonging to the ____ cult of Karnataka. The people of this cult are followers of a deity, popularly believed to be sage Jamadagni‟s wife, whose name translates to “mother of all”. Identify the cult.(the deity has several alternate names, but only the answer fitting with the above description is accepted as the right answer) 18
  36. 36. Yellamma- Yellaa amma, mother of all
  37. 37. • Id the singer singing at Manfest in IIM-Lucknow 19
  38. 38. • Manjunath Shanmugham, slain IOCL officer
  39. 39. • Name the blanked out taluk • Who is it named after or Who founded it? 20
  40. 40. • Virajpet • Dodda Veera Rajendra
  41. 41. Set-up in 2007, the Nrupatunga Award carries a purse of seven lakh one rupees (five lakh one rupees at its inception) along with a citation and is awarded to eminent writers from the state. Past winners have included, Sara Aboobacar, Bargur Ramachandrappa, G S Shivarudrappa, Kalburgi etc. Question: Who sponsors the award money and why is the extra one rupee added to the amount? 21
  42. 42. • BMTC • One more than Jnanapitha Award • But it has been playing catch-up ever since its inception. By the time the award was instituted, the Jnanpitha award amount had been increased to 7 lakh, and now when Nrupathunga increased their purse, Jnanpitha award amount has gone up to rupees 11 lakh 
  43. 43. • Sources – http://archive.deccanherald.com/Content/Nov112007/district2007 111135107.asp – http://www.mangalorean.com/news.php?newstype=broadcast&br oadcastid=356351 – http://books.google.co.in/books?id=3k18k7iKDhwC&pg=PT30&lpg =PT30&dq=jnanpith+five+lakh+rupees&source=bl&ots=QN3Y- e2Wlm&sig=hdeN8PAADkeG_357_dEjvI1P028&hl=en&sa=X&ei=Ym xLU_b_KoPr2AW44YHQDQ&ved=0CFQQ6AEwAzgK#v=onepage&q= jnanpith%20five%20lakh%20rupees&f=false – http://www.jagranjosh.com/current-affairs/pratibha-ray-conferred- with-the-47th-jnanpith-award-for-the-year-2011-1369294592-1 – http://www.indiancinemagallery.com/kannada/news/prof- baraguru-ramachandrappa-donates-his-cash-award-to-sundarnath- suvarnas-family.html – http://www.indiaglitz.com/baraguru-received-nadoja-kannada- news-99853
  44. 44. The image show artist‟s depiction of what is touted(by a few followers) as the world‟s first parliament. This parliament criticized the meaningless differentiation of human beings as high or low based on birth/occupation. The “parliament” finds mention in the 12th century works of this philosopher(identify) and believe that this place popularised the idea of dasoha(eating together). Name the parliament and the saint/philosopher and identify the lady. 22
  45. 45. Anubhava Mantapa Basavanna Akkamahadevi
  46. 46. Praja Paksha was founded by X and Shri Deshamudra Mallappa in 1930 and demanded responsible government under the aegis of Maharaja of Mysore. Later, the party merged with another similar organization to form the Praja Samyukta party - which famously dubbed the Congress as a “Party of Brahmins”. Funnily, In 1932 the party merged with the Mysore State Congress and widened the social base of the Congress. Identify X who later went onto become the governor of MP and famously administered the oath of acting Governor for 15 days to Chief Justice Shri Dixit in order to avoid speaking in Hindi during the address at the Legislative Assembly. 23
  47. 47. K. C. Reddy, First CM Of Mysore State
  48. 48. • Connect the following (far from exhaustive list) to a semi-nomadic community in Karnataka. 24 • Coffee • English • Japan • Vidhana Soudha • Sonali Bendre • Mysore Pak • Juhi Chawla • Elizabeth Rani • High Court • One By Two • Dollar • Aramane • Jilebi • Congress • Janata Dala • Jackie Shroff • America • Love You • Post Office • Deluxe Express • Protest
  49. 49. • Names of members of the Hakki-Pikki (hunting gathering) nomadic tribe. People are named after things from daily life - objects around them, places they visit, or anything that catches their fancy.
  50. 50. • Sources – http://week.manoramaonline.com/cgi- bin/MMOnline.dll/portal/ep/theWeekContent.do?contentId=14 371438&programId=1073755753&tabId=9&BV_ID=@@@&cate goryId=-203181 – http://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-features/tp- districtplus/out-of-the-forests-but-stuck-in-a- village/article568953.ece – http://www.deccanherald.com/content/148894/man-lived- tribes.html – http://epaper.timesofindia.com/Default/Layout/Includes/TOINE W/ArtWin.asp?From=Archive&Source=Page&Skin=TOINEW&Bas eHref=TOIM%2F2011%2F01%2F03&ViewMode=HTML&GZ=T&P ageLabel=1&EntityId=Ar00105&AppName=1
  51. 51. • The town of X, in Karnataka, was a typical poor town before 1983 when the existence of granite was first discovered in the mountains adjacent to it. The mountains have ruby red coloured granite which is now known as X granite. This has led to its becoming a major mining and quarrying center today. Prior to this discovery, what was the town's only claim to fame and also one of its major sources of income? It still is what the town is most popularly associated with. 25
  52. 52. • Ilkal Saree
  53. 53. • According to legend, what was given as gifts/dowry to each of his two daughters by legendary chieftan from Sakrepatna, Rukmangada Raya? 26
  54. 54. Hiremaglur, chikkamaglur
  55. 55. What’s happening?27
  56. 56. • One of Dr M.C. Modi’s (of the eye hospital fame) free eye treatment camps
  57. 57. Who? Where? 28
  58. 58. The said person also inaugurated the memorial built for S Nijalingappa in Chitradurga.
  59. 59. • Dalai Lama at Bylakuppe
  60. 60. • Whose cameo? 29
  61. 61. • Usha Navarathnaram, the author on whose work the film is based
  62. 62. The Dharam Singh government constituted the Prof. Shivarudrappa Committee, which was forced to choose between C Ashwath‟s and Mysooru Ananthaswamy‟s work. The committee chose Mysooru Ananthaswamy (and everyone forgot about Huligol Narayana Rao) What are we talking about? Why is H Narayana mentioned here? 30
  63. 63. The tune for the Karnataka State song, Jayabharata Jananiya ThanuhjaathE H. Narayana Rao penned Udayavagli Namma Cheluva Kannada Nadu, the song considered as the „original‟ state song
  64. 64. Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary in Bellary was formed in 1994 for preservation of Indian Sloth Bears. A British Government notification way back in 1885 had named a hillock in the present Daroji Bear sanctuary area Karadikallu Gudda or the hillock of the bears. The santuary is spread over Billikallu reserve forest area, a place always known for bears. Local legends however go back a few thousand years and associate the presence of bears in the area to a mythical deity. Id the deity 31
  65. 65. Jaambavantha
  66. 66. Avatar Prabhu‟s first work is a first person narrative and is organised into in four parts named after the 4 Vedic qualities associated with the stages of life. 1. The Beginings of Wisdom, or, Encounters with Dharma 2. Turning Away the Dogs of God, or, in the Time of Artha 3. Delicious Undertakings, or, the Rule of Kama 4. Endless Laughter, or, The Moksha Express The book according to a Publisher‟s Weekly review is an account of Vijay‟s single minded pursuit of sex and is more often fueled by apolitical lust. ID the book and how do we better know the author? 32
  67. 67. The Revised KamaSutra by Richard Crasta
  68. 68. Id both 33
  69. 69. Gurudutt and the ace cinematographer V K MUrthy
  70. 70. Vaddaraadhane by Shivakotiacharya in AD 920 is the first available prose work in Kannada. It contains nineteen stories which gives a detailed description of the life of Bhadrabahu and other Jain Acharyas. Of these, one story deals with a list of eighteen items served to a brahmachari who visits the home of a lady. This story is often cited as evidence in the settling of a longstanding South Indian debate as it contains the oldest known written record of something. What? 34
  71. 71. • Idly • Appears as Iddalige • Also.. Idly nammadu 
  72. 72. Cover of the English translation of a Kannada book. a) Name the book 35
  73. 73. • Aavarana/ S L Bhyrappa
  74. 74. The first Kannada film to have been shot entirely on location was based on a short story, Vayyari, by Goruru Ramaswamy Iyengar and released in 1974. Name the movie 36
  75. 75. • Bhootayyana Maga Aiyyu
  76. 76. • The priests at X – Brahmins from coastal Karnataka. – Known as Bhattas. – Head priest is Mula Bhatta – Current head priest is Sri Mahabaleshwara Bhatta – For a brief period in 2009, came under attack from Maoists, were paraded naked in the streets • Priests at Y – Belong to Veerashaiva Jangam community – Known as Lingacharyas – Head priest given the title Rawal – Current Rawal Sri Vageesha Lingacharya from Harihara – In June 2013, there were concerns among the priests’ families regarding their safety – they were all found to be safe 37
  77. 77. • X – Pashupathinath in Nepal • Y – Kedarnath in U.P
  78. 78. These are heavy metallic anklets worn by the performers of a folk dance that is primarily a form of spirit worship. It has a close resemblance to Theyyam, a ritual form of worship common among Keralites of North Malabar. Name the ritual/dance form Name the anklets 38
  79. 79. • Bhoota Kola, Gaggara
  80. 80. List it • 5 places in Karnataka have a monolith statue of Gommateshwara (min 20 feet high) • Name them all
  81. 81. • Venur • Karkala • Dharmastala • Shravanabelagola • Gommatagiri, Hunsur (in Mysore district)
  82. 82. Image credits: Krishan Chaitanya http://www.trick-of-the-light.com/