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Trends In India 2009


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a presentation from INgene presenting a vast overview of happening trends in Indian subcontinent.

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Trends In India 2009

  1. 1. a n Indi Presented by Kaustav Sengupta & INgene team n ds i Tre EATING LOW CALORIE / FAT FREE FOOD SNEHA AGARWAL
  2. 2. a in In d i d s T ren • Unlike our older generations, who believed that the richer the food, the healthier it is, We believe that the lesser the calories, the trendier it is. • Nowadays, there is a trend of eating food that is low on fat, calories and even sugar. • People nowadays don’t mind spending a few extra money just to get such low calorie food/drinks
  3. 3. a In d i T ren d s in WHY??? • It is interesting to know that, the reason behind everyone’s sudden preference for diet food has nothing to do with their concern about one’s health.It has more to do with the fact that, they think that eating such diet food is cool. • They try to give the impression that just because they are eating low calorie food, they are concerned about their health (which is not true).
  4. 4. a in In d i d s T ren Resorting to alternative and complimentary medicines PREETHI R
  5. 5. a in In d i d s T ren Acupuncture • Anthroposophic medicine • Ayurveda • Chiropractic • Herbalism • Homeopathy • Naturopathy • Osteopathy • Traditional medicine (Chinese • Tibetan)… Whole range of alternative treatments are becoming COOL to Indian Youth…this is to differentiate themselves from the rest of the grassroots… The consciousness of health and hazards are also an important cause Of growing popularity of desi and exotic treatments…
  6. 6. a In d i T ren d s in LMAN S EX UA ETRO TH EM KANUPRIYA RASTOGI
  7. 7. In d i a CH OP” nds i n THE Tre “FACE g the body untin ITY and nsidered fla ULIN DIA NS co gth, MASC Initially IN gn of stren ance. w a s a si domin e and hair chang en eed to the n re wom f ienced ty …!! Mo ark o have exper xuali is a m men Now n to MET RO se aved look n. an sh o ope that the cle nd sophisti catio t b elieve YGIENE a H
  8. 8. en, in aved m e ean sh d ia i n In Trend s refer cl . in front of th g men p 20min of wo pendin 80% spend men s In d ia men parison to wo irror in com 18mins. m hair on their en had ginning of hen m the be re the days w marks Gone a A man. .the n ew ER of the Indian c hest… w AV A T AR the ne
  9. 9. k…what a In d i in nds the masc uline loo Tre rted hich the ctors spo al look w films. Ye steryear a e n ew M etro sexu pcoming now is th in their u is IN sporting ew ag e a ctors are n look are the clean shaved porting Hasino, Akshay lebrities that are s achna Ae , Amir Ce poor in B aqht Ishq Ra nbir Ka ing a nd Kamb and Love ar for S ingh is K li Khan in Race Ku m Ghajni and Saif A cchan in Raavan. Khan in ishek Ba Aaj Kal, Abh
  10. 10. a in In d i d s T ren N OF AVED MA N SH CLEA INDIA DIG ITAL NEW THE THE
  11. 11. a in In d i d s T ren Going GREEN  SUHANI GUPTA
  12. 12. a in In d i d s T ren
  13. 13. nds in In d i a I AM Tre GREEN !!!!!!!!!!!
  14. 14. a In d i Tre nd s in WHY IS IT POPULAR??? • Global warming is the current hot topic… • Celebrities do it for publicity. • Some people are concerned about the issue and want to do something about it… • Some people wants to show off that they are aware of the issue and they support it…to be cool • People like green as it is a cool colour and they can relate it with nature. • People may just like the things that are eco- friendly as they look very trendy.
  15. 15. a in In d i nd s Tre Bollywood movies are becoming REAL ! SONAL VERMA
  16. 16. a in In d i nd s Tre Are realistic movies becoming a trend in India? How? In Indian cinema, in the last five years realistic movies have become a growing trend. Every director wants to make at least realistic movie which is appreciated by the critics. Previously, movies which showed much reality were sure appreciated by the critics but it would not be liked by the masses. But today’s India has become more interested in realistic movies and so the movie makers are readily making such movies.
  17. 17. a in In d i nd s Tre Before 5 years in India, based on a survey people found that 72% of the Indians opted for out of the world movies which only showed stuff that never happened in real life. Because they knew those things won’t happen in real they loved watching it on the big screen. But now in India things have changed and less than 50% of the people like movies which are not realistic.
  18. 18. a Also, its not that only one kind of subject in In d i nd s is being liked. Movies today are trying to Tre show all aspects of life. Movies like Slum dog millionaire and traffic signal tried to show what all the poor and needy alum people go through. Dostana tried to highlight gayism which was not a topic in any of the previous movies even though it existed in India from a long time. Tahaan and New York showed how a normal man is coaxed to become a terrorist. And there are many others on the list like Rang de basanti, Gulaal, Fashion, Page 3, etc
  19. 19. a SOME OF n In d i THE n ds i Tre MOVIES….
  22. 22. a in In d i nd s Tre Trends in television RAJ SEKHAR & SHEFALI
  23. 23. a in In d i nd s Tre According to recent studies around 10 million viewers are regularly viewing TV serials in prime time slots i.e between 7:30 – 10:00 PM. Gone are the days when male protagonist used to be the key characters or central characters, today women have taken the lead and stories are more realistic to revolve around them, portraying both global and domestic Indian. the utopian families (who used to wear banarasi sarees at kitchen and sleep with lipsticks are gone…giving space to real world. the reality shows are high as well as the talent hunts… the latest trend being the on screen groom hunt for item girl Rakhi …
  24. 24. a in In d i nd s Tre
  25. 25. a in In d i nd s Tre
  26. 26. a in In d i nd s Tre
  27. 27. a in In d i nd s Tre Welcome to the new age reality shows which compete with each other for the "meanest" tag and where nothing is personal anymore. The latest trend in reality TV is that the shows are based on international formats and as the channels struggle to edge past in the war of TRPs!!!!!!!
  28. 28. a in In d i nd s Tre ADVERTISEMENT TREND Siddhi. S
  29. 29. a In d i Tre nd s in MORE Ads with kids Kids are doing advertisement with celebrities, even though it is not a kid’s product like electronic devices, mobile connections, banks….etc
  30. 30. a in In d i nd s Tre Dish TV Canon camera
  31. 31. a in In d i nd s Tre Airtel special 5 offer (Anna & her special 5)
  32. 32. a In d i Tre nd s in Vodafone happy to help Others… HDFC BANK, UNION BANK,REYNOLDS PEN…….
  33. 33. Kaustav SenGupta is the Associate Professor & IDC in National Institute of Fashion technology, India. He has established the Theory of Adopted Differentiation and socio-psycho segmentation of Indian youth. He is the founder moderator of first ever Indian youth trend research blog and heads the not for profit Indian youth research project INgene.