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Material handling principles


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Presentation on Material handling principles

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Material handling principles

  2. 2.  All materials to be handled mechanically from the inbound raw materials stage to the outgoing finished goods stage
  3. 3.  Heavy loads must be handled mechanically
  4. 4.  Avoid mixing materials which require future sorting
  5. 5.  Transfer of material from one container to another should be done mechanically
  6. 6.  Hot and hazardous materials must be handled mechanically
  7. 7.  Unit load concept [Material should retain its original shape and size] must be followed. The larger the size of the unit load, the greater the economy.
  8. 8.  Use of overhead space for conveyers and for stocking materials to be stored must be encouraged.
  9. 9.  Materials are to be moved in a straight line to the extent possible. Minimum number of changes in the direction while moving materials is preferable.
  10. 10.  Avoiding floor contact of materials is preferable. Pallets [A flat transport structure that supports goods in a stable fashion. Most pallets are wooden, pallets also are made of plastic, metal, and paper] can be used for this purpose.
  11. 11.  Gravity feed must be taken into advantage wherever feasible.
  12. 12.  Pick and place of materials within operations and in transit should be infrequent.