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Kaushik rana appreciations_20100714

  1. 1. Appreciations @ Work<br />Kaushik Rana<br />14-July-2010<br />
  2. 2. Client Delivery<br />Kaushik was one of the most diligent team members, always submitting weekly updates on time. He interfaced very well with the client, and coordinated input across CDG, CFG, SaaS and Consulting in a way that ensured very high quality deliverables. Other tracks followed his example in this respect.<br />- Engagement Feedback (Apr, 2009)<br />Kaushik was the lone functional member in the team in the pre-requirement phase and he has worked well with the client from India to gain an overall understanding about client specifics from a domain/ requirement perspective.<br />He supported Project Management aspects and took the lead in functional interactions and product study phase.<br />- Engagement Feedback (Apr, 2010)<br />
  3. 3. Expertise<br />Kaushik is one of those individuals who tackles a new subject head on, and over the course of the project, ramped up from neophyte to social media maven very nicely. I would point anyone with questions about social media in MFG to Kaushik before anyone else I know. <br />- Engagement Feedback (Apr, 2009)<br />Kaushik came out strongly as a domain/ functional person of PWB in multiple cases such as the MS seminar at Delhi, Contract Adherence workshop support at GP (supported GV in conducting the workshop), putting up a maturity model (Contract Compliance) for GP etc.<br />-Engagement Feedback (Apr, 2010)<br />
  4. 4. Leadership<br />I have to commend Kaushik for really exceeding all expectations in taking full control of the MFG after Norris left the project. Following Norris' departure, he and I had a conversation about me really needing him to step up to ensure MFG didn't lose steam - not only did he meet my expectations, he completely blew them away. Frankly speaking, Kaushik excelled so well in his role as track lead that it retrospect it made Norris look bad. Combined with his diligence and high levels of personal effectiveness, I have to rate him as one our leading SA's. <br /> - Engagement Feedback (Apr, 2009)<br />Very strong project management skills <br /> - planning, monitoring, taking the team to task in case deliverables do not match expectation while ensuring softer aspects are taken care. Kaushik's meticulous planning and monitoring skills have provided the desired result when the team was struggling with an extended testing and UAT phase. <br />Has an innate ambition to socialize and take reviews for improvement.<br />- Engagement Feedback (Oct, 2009)<br />
  5. 5. Engagement outcome<br />Kaushik expanded the knowledge on product features from dedicated secondary research, webinars etc. and created a deck that was informative and a good reference for PWB future roadmap. He has also refined PWB 1.0 requirements in the light of GP project. Once transferred to the product PWB functional content hence is at a much higher level compared to what it was before.<br />His contribution was important to the pre-project phase with GP.<br />-Engagement Feedback (Apr, 2010)<br />Kaushik set the bar for the program by producing outcomes that were embraced by our customer more so than any of the other tracks. Not only did he produce the greatest number of usable deliverables in the way of scenarios, Kaushik also went above and beyond to create the marketing collateral - despite it being out of scope for the engagement - to support the scenarios because he anticipated they'd be required. And he was right. Sterling job. <br />-Engagement Feedback (Apr, 2009)<br />
  6. 6. Pre-sales and Marketing<br />Good work done Kaushik in the last cycle. He has great enthusiasm to take up bottom-line. All the best Kaushik for the next cycles. <br />-Reviewer comments during Appraisal 2008-09<br />Kaushik is an asset to the Pre-Sales Team. He is committed and dependable; always brings new ideas and enthusiasm; has contributed tremendously in KM, BSC, SMB template initiatives. His efforts have been well-appreciated by CSG. <br />- Appraiser comments during Appraisal 2007-08<br />
  7. 7. Internal Customer Feedback<br />I sincerely appreciate your effort to ensure the integrated version come up well.  You are one of the best coordinators I had seen.  You have lot of patience and perseverance.  Keep it up! I will look forward to work with you again. <br />– Group Project Manager comments for proposal (Feb-08)<br />...I have been extremely impressed with the quality of the deliverables created by the presales team especially .. Kaushik Rana. They have exceeded all expectations of effort and quality. Managing a project/task with tight deadlines to completion, understanding requirements and creating a deliverable that can be presented to the client without changes is absolutely delightful...<br />- Engagement Manager comments for Account plan (Jul-08)<br />
  8. 8. 360 degree feedback (2008)<br />Key areas of Strength<br />Manager<br /><ul><li>Able to take up initiatives and show case them well.
  9. 9. Kaushik sticks to his commitments and puts good ideas to execution</li></ul>Peer<br /><ul><li>Team work, Motivate the team
  10. 10. Full of energy, Hard working
  11. 11. High degree of enthusiasm and energy, a go getter once he accepts the goal</li></ul>Direct Reportees<br /><ul><li>Go getter, believes in discussion and view of the team and commitment is very strong, uses communication skills appropriately, knows how to get the work done, perseverance is a strong virtue.
  12. 12. An effective communicator with exceptional problem solving skills. Exposure in mapping business requirements and designing customized solutions with strong analytical skills.
  13. 13. Born Leader and know how to deal with people In Nutshell a great manager to work with.</li>