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No more fear from Injections! Discover it now!
Felt nostalgic when Business Today published an article regarding the necessity and usefulness of Needlefree injections. Most probably it was published on May 10, 2013. He is the link:

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Needle free injection-ppt

  1. 1. NEEDLE FREEINJECTIONByKaushik BandopadhyayNSEC, BME
  2. 2. CLASSIFICATIONNeedle free Injections can be classifiedinto two types based on their mechanismof drug delivery:1) Nano-Patch2) Jet Pressure Needle free Injection
  3. 3. NANO-PATCHThe most modern form of drug deliverythrough needle free system.As the name suggests, this is a smallsized device having the size of a stampwhich has about 20,000 micro-projectionsper square cm on its surface.
  4. 4. Application MethodsDrug delivery through Nano-Patch is done intwo ways:1) Sand paper aided delivery2) Iontophoresis enabled delivery
  5. 5. Sand paper aided delivery
  6. 6. Mechanism of OperationThe micro-projections containingdrug/vaccine delivers the drug/vaccine intothe epidermis.The epidermis is rich of Langerhans cellswhich are members of our ImmunesystemThese cells move to the nearest Lymphnode and display the antigen to the T-cells
  7. 7. T-cells specifically recognizes one type ofantigen and creates a corresponding antibody.Once this recognition procedure is completed theantibodies will provide immediate protection andthese cells will protect from getting the samedisease twice. Thereby providing life term ofprotection.
  8. 8. Jet Pressured Needle free InjectionDevised in the year 2001 by The MedicalHouse and Bioject. This device has aspecialized nozzle through which the drugis delivered.A three component system comprising aninjection device, specially desgned nozzleand air cartridge is present.
  9. 9. Mechanism of OperationInstead of creating a puncture on the skinsurface, this device forces the drugthrough skin pores by the help of airpressure, thereby effectively delivering thedrug without the help of needle.
  10. 10. Advantages of using thistechnology Painless procedure Relief to patients who have to be inoculatedmany times in a day Efficient use of Vaccine Pandemic effective Zero contamination Better drug diffusion Zero disposal Hazard Ideal for developing countries
  11. 11. Popular Brands presentInternationally Biojectorr 2000 Vitajet 3 Cool click Serojet Iject Biovalve’s Miniject
  12. 12. Limitation of this technologyHigh pressure enabled delivery of drugsby the Jet Pressured Needle free Injectioncan damage fragile molecules beneathour skin surface, especially theMonoclonal antibodies.
  13. 13. ConclusionIs the future Needle-free?Developed countries have a Yes for thisquestion while from developing countriesthe answer is not clear. Although thistechnology is designed for such nations,until a big pharmaceutical orbiotechnology company adopts it here, itwill continue to remain as a dream.
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