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Britannia's Distribution & Supply Chain Management


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Britannia's Distribution & Supply Chain Management

  1. 1. Supply chain & Distribution of Britannia Biscuit Industry Team Members : Subhadeep Bhattacharya Kaushik Maitra Justin Mathew
  2. 2. Britannia• Set up in 1892• HQ : Kolkata• Key people - Nusli Wadia, (Chairman) Vinita Bali, (MD)• Key Products – Biscuits, dairy products, cakes, breads
  3. 3. The Biscuit Segment• Main Products : VitaMarieGold, Tiger, Nutrichoice Junior,Good day, 50 50, Treat, Pure Magic, Milk Bikis, Good Morning, Bourbon, Thin Arrowroot, Nice, Little Hearts
  4. 4. Material Flow Diagram
  5. 5. Back End Supply Chain Vendors• Raw Material Suppliers• Wheat Flour Krishna Flour Mill, BTS roller flour mill, Bansal, BTS, Geetha Sugar (white) crystal KP sugar mill, JB traders sugar mill Full Cream condensed milk Nestle Soya lecithin
  6. 6. Raw Materials & Suppliers Baking Soda Butter Nandini Edible Vegetable Oil Ruchi , AWL Skim milk powder Salt Essence And flavor(food grade)
  7. 7. Back end supply channel -Wheat Flour• India is an exporter of wheat. It almost contributes 12% of total wheat production in the world.. the second largest wheat producer in the whole world. Wheat is cultivated in the winter season(Dara Wheat) - Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Bihar Harvested Wheat is milled in the flour mills Flour Mill to respective industry who have a requirement for wheat flour
  8. 8. Back end supply channel -Sugar• India is an 2nd largest exporter of Sugar after Brazil. India also imports sugar used in biscuits from brazil and is refined in sugar refineries such as JB traders , JP sugar mills at Bangalore Sugarcane extract juices extracted and crystallized to refined sugar Large Quantities of Sugar used to make invert syrups and sucrose to make sweet doughs to be baked into sweet biscuits Very fined particle size sucrose used to make filling creams of biscuits
  9. 9. Plant Machinery Dough Mixers(Prima New,Robinson,APV,3SK) Dough Truck Force Molding Rollers & cutters- Stanzy food tech Laminator Machine - Stanzy food tech Disc Sprayers Baking Oven(MK II,APV,RP)-AR Enterprises Mumbai Cooling conveyor, stacking Machine Packing Machines(VFC,FP7,FP2 Multipack M/C )
  10. 10. Packaging Material Suppliers Primary packing-Laminated Rolls Mycoplast, Chennai Secondary Packaging- CBBs(Cardboard Boxes) J Tech Pack, Bangalore Unikube kartons , Bangalore
  11. 11. Front end : Diff Types of Trade• General Trade Kirana & Provisional Stores , Standalone shops• Modern Trade Food Bazaar , Food World, Reliance Fresh (national tie-up)• Institutional Trade Hotels , Airlines, IRCTC
  12. 12. Front End Distribution Infrastructure
  13. 13. Distribution Network Configuration Britannia ITC Parle UNIBIC (Sunfeast)Production 75 14 85 1FacilitiesDistribution 49 75 51 8Centers(CFA)Customer 3.5Million 1.8million 3.3Million 66000Reach(outlets)Number Of 110 100 90 18SKUs
  14. 14. Tie-ups with various coffee/tea outlets…
  15. 15. Thank You!