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  1. 1. PLAGIARISM Discuss how to avoid/prevent“An act of fraud which involves both stealing someone elses work and lying about it afterwards.” -
  2. 2. PLAGIARISM What is it? Plagiarism-as many people think is not only copying others work or borrowing someones ideas. According to the merriam-webster online dictionary, “toplagiarize means” to steal and pass off the ideas or words of others as ones own without crediting the source.It is an“an act of fraud which involves both stealingsomeone elses work and lying about it afterwards.”
  3. 3. PLAGIARISM Plagiarism can be: What is it?1.turning in someone else work as your own.2.copying words or ideas from someone elsewithout giving credit.3.failing to put quotation in quotation incorrect information about source ofquotation5.changing words but copying structure withoutgiving credit PLAGIARISM
  4. 4. PLAGIARISM Types of plagiarism : Source not citedThe ghost writer: word to word copy and pretendsit is real work of writerPhotocopy:word to word or significant points ofothers and without any change writer give itsname as sourcePort luck paper: data is collected from differentsources and merge different things to form singleline and writer says it is a new thing Hmmmm......... THE GHOST WRITER!
  5. 5. PLAGIARISM Types of plagiarism Sources not cited:The poor disgiuse :in this the writer writeseverything as it is and change the basic things likefont,color or designsLabour of laziness: writer does lot of hardork tocollect information from different pages,convert itin own words,rearrange them and come up withthe product. WHAT THE HELL HE IS TALKINGLOOK I MADE THISPERIODIC TABLE
  6. 6. PLAGIARISM Types of plagiarism Sources cited:Self stealer:the person makes some changes inhis older real work and say it is new and uniquework.Forgotten footnote:writer mentions authors namefor source but neglects to inform correct name ofsourceMisinformer:writes name of writer and location butboth are wrong ILL SAY THE people THAT THIS IS MY NEW BOOK
  7. 7. PLAGIARISM Types of plagiarism Sources cited: Two perfect paraphrase:properly cited source and location but forgets to put quotation in quotation marks. The resouceful citer:the writer writes correct source but all the work is from outside. The writer do nothing! But mention his nameLOLZ!! U I SAY THAT IT ISSTUPID EASYTO HATERESOURCEF- BUT HEALTHYUL CITER TO LOVE
  8. 8. PLAGIARISM Types of plagiarism Sources cited:The perfect crime:we know that the perfect crimedoesnt exist.llly,the writer here also leaves writes source correctly and putquotation in quotation marks but sometimes writerpasses a line or paragraph as its own. STUPID PERFECT I DID PERFECT CRIME DOESNT CRIME IN EXIST!!!! PLAGIARISM
  9. 9. PLAGIARISM Reasons behind plagiarismPlagiarism is becoming more and more popular today.thstudents have found a quick fix cure for academicheadacheson the internet.In a wonderful world ofwebsites on internet.the plagiarism is on its top level.Today following are the reasonsbehind plagiarism:
  10. 10. PLAGIARISM Reasons behind plagiarism1.ACADEMIC HELP:today most of the childrendo plagiarise just for completing toughassignments or for completing hw 2.JUST DO PLAGIARISM UNKNOWINGLY:yes, it isabsolutely right that most of the people dont know about theplagiarism. Through my personal research I got a conclusionthat about1/4 of the people dont know about plagiarism. What is plagiarism? Completing Such a difficult assignment Using net is so simple What is plagiarism? Tell us?
  11. 11. PLAGIARISM Types of plagiarismS.NO AGE GROUPS % AGE PLAGIARISM AMONG DIFFERENT AGE GROUPS by my own research1 4-6 YRS 22 7-9 YRS 113 9-13 YRS 184 14-16 YRS 45 16-23 YRS 416 23-45 YRS 147 45 YRS ABOVE 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  12. 12. PLAGIARISM Role of teachersTeachers give tough homeworks and assign :and even dont bother to ask how students Why did you copy The work fromcomplete their work! scold the students for using inte-rnet,due to which the students dont mentionthe source! okay...next3.they are responsible for time time Ill not Ill not mention thekeeping the base of plagiarism source!!!!the mention source!!Among students
  13. 13. PLAGIARISM Role of studentsYes,: the students are also equally responsible for commiting plagiarism.i agree the teachers are responsible forkeeping base of plagiarism ?Among students but when ? ?students cometo know about the plagiarism theymust avoid it.1.The children above 14yrs of ageknowingly commit plagiarism
  14. 14. PLAGIARISM : Role of students I think copying From internet Is not cheating2.the students regard it as “techie” Its our RIGHTculture and victimless crime3. the students dont consider it cheating because according to them it is their right to gaininformation
  15. 15. PLAGIARISM : Plagiarism detection servicesGLATT PLAGIARISM: the glatt plagiarism works like this:1.The company eliminates every fifth word from the students paper2.And ask them to fill those up,and judge the uniqueness of paper by correct responsesand time takenTURNITIN.COM:This works like search engine and compares students paperwith public and intellectual portions of internet.2.Then they prepare the list of sites student used for making that paper
  16. 16. PLAGIARISM Do teachers need plagiarism : detection services NO ABSOLUTELY NOT Should I use plagiarism detectionNO the teachers should not use such services or not? plagiarism detction services as it createsatmosphere of distrust among teachersand students.How will te trust built upif we know we are victim ofsomeones doubt of theft in our work?
  17. 17. PLAGIARISM Do teachers need plagiarism : detection services“simple classrooms discussions and teacher studentinteraction is enough to uproot this evil of fraud at highschools and collages”( mr navdeep singh HOD dcs/it gma)NO PLAGIARISM DETECTION SERVICES
  18. 18. PLAGIARISM : checklist to avoid plagiarism1. Educate and inform students 1.Shall not do the h.w with support of about ill-effectof plagiarism elders.and leave it undone and tell2.Converse with students about the teacher reality it is tough for you! is the best way for tyracher 2.Mention the source of anything to interact. copied 3Discuss with teacher about any3.Avoid tough assignments difficulty4.Maintain faith among students 4 .IF you dont understand anything. that you know about students Leave it! Dont use online websites for not to plagiarize. task completion
  19. 19. PLAGIARISM Conclusion“The Internet plagiarism is becoming moredangerous then we realize”Ellen lairdyes,it is `100% correct that plagiarism is :increasing very much these days. The highestrate of plagiarism is noted among high schoolstudents some measures need to be taken at atime to avoid plagiarism
  20. 20. So lets take pledge to avoid plagiarism!
  21. 21. Sources srcs:-Www.catroonista.comWww.3dwallpapers/ from mr navdeep singh