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21st Century Skills

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. GLOBALIZATION Amanda Rowe Ashley Dunham Hope Jones Katy Spry
  2. 2. WHAT IS GLOBALIZATION? “…a process of interaction and integration among the people, companies, and governments of different nations…” when something covers, involves or affects the whole world
  3. 3. GLOBALIZATION’S IMPORTANCE & ROLE IN EDUCATION The United States is falling behind in education, globalization can help the United States rebuild it’s failing education system by taking ideas from other countries Learn from experiences in other parts of the world Allows us to teach different perspectives and views Enables us to compare local events to global events Needed to prepare students for jobs that require new skill sets To compete globally
  4. 4. TECHNOLOGY & GLOBALIZATION Desktop Publishing: creating a wiki could allow communication and sharing of information between your students and students across the globe Facebook: another way for your students to communicate with students in other countries Digital Imaging: creating images which allow your students to see different global landmarks Robots: create a robot that represents a particular country other than the United States YouTube & Storytelling: create a class video to send to a classroom across the world and ask for one in return TOOLS WHICH COULD BE USED TO PROMOTE THE PILLAR
  5. 5. USING TECHNOLOGY TO PROMOTE GLOBALIZATION SKYPE  We will be using Skype to contact other classrooms around the world. We will learn about their culture and classrooms. We will send emails and pictures throughout the year to stay in contact.  School lunch around the world.  Explore 6 other countries using the internet, books and magazines to see what types of food they eat.  Display the countries on the bulletin board with a sample of what their lunch tray might look like.
  6. 6. WORKS CITED your-food-from/ Gallery-Steven-Stern