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Target audience


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Target audience

  1. 1. Target Audience Questions<br />
  2. 2. What age group does your media product target?<br />Our audience demographic is 17-24. The reason we have chose this range as our target because they are mature enough to fully understand the subject matter, but also young enough to appreciate the youth of the characters. <br />Which BBFC rating will you apply to your film?<br />We have decided to categorise our film as a 12A. There is no violence, little strong language, and few scenes of a sexual nature. However the language will negate it being above a PG, and the subject matter is inappropriate for young ages. The film ‘My Sister’s Keeper’ is also categorised as a 12A, and the BBFC classification was given for ‘themes of terminal illness’ – which our film also includes. I also looked to the film ‘The Last Holiday’, where the film is a 12A. The trailer however, is a PG – which is the same as our film, as the trailer does not show that parts of our film that would need the higher classification.<br />Does your film appeal diversely to all ethnic groups?<br />Whilst our film is not necessarily directed at any ethnic group in particular, it should appeal diversely to all groups. It contains a mainly white British cast, however it is not exclusively aimed at this group. It will therefore hopefully still appeal to all.<br />
  3. 3. How does your film represent gender? <br />The concept of ‘Male Gaze’ is not really applicable to our film. As the characters are young, and the subject matter is terminal illness, a sexualised approach to the film would have been inappropriate. The film therefore represents both genres as equal – Lizzie leans on Barry for support during the illness, but he also leans on his friends for their support – showing neither gender is interdependent.<br />Which Socio-Economic Groupings are most likely to be targeted? <br />The cast and character of our film are split into two socio-economic groups – working and middle class. We used the two different demographics in order to create a film in which most audience members are able to identify with at least some of the character. The target audience therefore follows this – mainly, but not exclusively targeting working and middle class young adults.<br />Who would distribute your film? <br />Columbia pictures would be the distribution company for our film. Whilst Columbia Pictures distributes indie style films, it also (as part of Sony) distributes bigger blockbuster films. The Girl with the Dragon tattoo will be released by Columbia in December 2011, and is an example of a niche market film being released on a wide scale.<br />