Game Social Story


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Game Social Story

  1. 1. Playing a Game
  2. 2. Hi! I’m Jennie!
  3. 3. I like to play games with other kids.
  4. 4. Sometimes I get to go first. Sometimes I don’t. Iknow my friends also like a turn to go first.
  5. 5. Sometimes when I play games I win. That makesme have happy thoughts.
  6. 6. Sometimes I lose. I might have a boo-boothought, but then I take a deep breath and think“Oh well. I hope I win another time.”
  7. 7. Then I say “Great job!” to the winner and smile.This gives my friend a happy thought about me.
  8. 8. Other children like playing games with mebecause I’m such a good sport.