2011.06.28 p pt on dark & light quotations


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2011.06.28 p pt on dark & light quotations

  1. 1. O M ce and M f i en Resour ce P O end of t he gr eat bar n w pi l ed hi gh w t h new hay and over t he pi l e hung t he f our -t al oned Jackson ne as if or k suspended f r omi t s pul l ey. They hay cam dow l i ke a m e n ount ai n sl ope t o t he ot her end of t he bar n, andt her e w a l evel pl ace as yet unf i l l ed w t h t he new cr op. At t he si des t he f eedi ng r acks w e vi si bl e, and as i erbet w een t he sl at s t he heads of hor ses coul d be seen. I t w Sunday af t er noon. The r est i ng hor ses ni bbl ed t he r em ni ng w sps of hay, and t hey st am as ai i pedt hei r f eet and t hey bi t t he w ood of t he m anger s and r at t l ed t he hal t er chai ns. The af t er noon sun sl i ced i nt hr ough t he cr acks of t he bar n w l s and l ay i n br i ght l i nes on t he hay. Ther e w t he buzz of f l i es i n t he al asai r , t he l azy af t er noon hum i ng. m Fr om out si de cam t he cl ang of hor se-shoes on t he pl ayi ng peg and t he shout s of m e en, pl ayi ng, encour agi ng, j eer i ng. But i n t he bar n i t w qui et and hum i ng and l azy and w m as m ar . Fr omout si de cam t he cl ang of hor se-shoes on t he i r on st ake, and t hen a l i t t l e chor us of cr i es. e Lenni e si ghed deepl y. Fr om out si de cam t he cl ang of a hor se-shoe on m al , and t hen a chor us of e etcheer s. Fr omout si de t he bar n cam a cr y of m and t he doubl e cl ang of shoes on m al . For t he f i r st t i m e en et eLenni e becam consci ous of t he out si de. e The sunst r eaks were high on the wall by now, and the light was growing soft in the barn. Curley’s w f e l ay on iher back, and she w hal f cover ed w t h hay. as i I t w ver y qui et i n t he bar n, and t he qui et of t he af t er noon w on t he r anch. Even t he cl ang of as aspi t ched shoes, even t he voi ces of t he m i n t he gam seem t o gr ow m e qui et . The ai r i n t he bar n w en e ed or asdusky i n advance of t he out si de day. A pi geon f l ew i n t hr ough t he open hay door and ci r cl ed and f l ew outagai n. Ar ound t he l ast st al l cam a shepher d bi t ch, l ean and long, with heavy, hanging dugs. Half-way to the epacking box where the puppies were, she caught the dead scent of Curley’s w f e, and t he hai r ar ose al ong her spi ne. iShe w m ed and cr i nged t o t he packi ng box, and j um i n am t he puppi es. hi per ped ong As som i m happens, a m ent set t l ed and hover ed and r em ned f or m m e t han a m ent . And sound et es om ai uch or omst opped and m ovem st opped f or m ent uch, m m e t han a m ent . uch or om Then gr adual l y t i m aw e akened agai n and moved sluggishly on. The horses stamped on the other side ofthe feeding racks and the halter chains clinked. Outside the men’s voi ces becam l ouder and cl ear er . e
  3. 3. OBJECTIVES• Show that you know the story well and understand the characters.• Show that you are aware of the Historical Background to this novel.• Show that you understand what themes are explored in this novel.• Show that you can FOCUS on the question you are being tested on.• Show that you can use short and effective QUOTES to support your POINTS.• Make sure you ANALYSE and EXPLAIN the point you are making.
  4. 4. Put the following events in the right order…1. George and Lennie arrive at the ranch to work.2. Slim walks away with George and tries to comfort him.3. Lennie and George were chased out of Weed for something Lennie did.4. The boss wonders why George is with Lennie.5. George shoots Lennie in the back of the head.6. George reminds Lennie of their dream.7. Curley tries to have a fight with Lennie.8. Old Candy’s dog is shot.9. Lennie and Candy go into Crooks’ room and they start to talk about the future.10. Lennie and Curley’s wife chat in the stable.11. Lennie is given a puppy.12. George and Lennie argue over Ketchup.
  5. 5. Match up the character with the adjectives….George Smart Streetwise Slow Caring Responsible Manipulative Optimistic Pessimistic OldLennie Worried Lonely Isolated Crippled Bitter Black Segregated Respected AuthoritativeCandy Sad Flirty Trouble-maker Gossip Trustworthy UntrustworthyCrooks Now add five more words to eachSlim character description and see if you can remember one thing they say….Curley’sWife
  6. 6. Complete the following sentences…• Curley’s Wife is lonely because…• The dream that George and Lennie share is to …• George and Lennie had to leave their last job because..• George and Lennie are working all over the country because..• Slim is respected because..• Candy’s dog is killed because..• Lennie is killed because…• Lennie makes George feel…• Crooks is bitter because…• Curley’s Wife’s dream is…• The shooting of the dog is prophetic because..• Steinbeck wrote this novel because..• Times were hard in the 1930s because..• This novel is like a play because…
  7. 7. Make notes on the following topics…• The Great Depression• Migrant Farm Workers• Civil Rights in the 1930s• Women’s Rights in the 1930s• Steinbeck’s language; poetic and realistic• The setting of the novel• Why the novel is like a play• Who is lonely and why
  8. 8. 1 “Although there was evening brightness showing through the windows of the bunkhouse, inside it was dusk”.
  9. 9. This shows that the light tries to get in butnever manages to penetrate the darkness.This is important to the themes of thestory because …
  10. 10. 2Crooks‟ eyes“lay deep in his head, and because of theirdepth seemed to glitter with intensity”.
  11. 11. The combination of darkness and light hereimplies …
  12. 12. “In the stable buck‟s room asmall electric globe threw ameagre yellow light”.
  13. 13. The light in Crooks‟ room is „meagre‟. Thissuggests …
  14. 14. When Curley‟s wife first appears in thebunkhouse, both Lennie and George noticethat the rectangle of sunshinein the doorway is cut off. This represents…
  15. 15. 5Just before Curley‟s wife dies“the sun streaks climbed up thewall”This suggests that …