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Software list

  1. 1. Photoshop -Photoshop will be used to edit any images that are taken. This will mainly beused when we conduct our individual tasks whether it is to design a poster for the film ora double page film review that would feature in a magazine. Photoshop was chosen aswe feel it offers the most advanced tools which will allow us to create a professionallooking product.Soundtrack Pro – Soundtrack Pro will be used when we are in the process of editing ourshort film. The majority of editing will take place on a mac; we therefore felt that thiswas the best software to use. As it not only offers free soundtracks and sound affects butalso enables us to upload our own.Final Cut Pro – We will use final cut during post production, we have chosen finalcut as it enables us to edit our footage and pick shot by shot the running of ourfilm. As well as edit the colour, frame and sequence using the timeline.Word 2011 – We shall be using Microsoft word to type up our plans, research andany planning that we conduct including our letter of permission form. We will alsobe able to use Microsoft word to create our pre and post questionnaires.Scribd – We will use the online software of Scribd to upload any documentscreated on Microsoft word. Scribd allows us to present our work on the webquickly and easily.Photobucket –Any photographs that we take will be uploaded toPhotobucket before being edited this allows us to keep a record of ourimages. We will also be uploading any evidence of work to – This online software will allow us to create detailed brainstormsfor our planning and research such as mise-en-scene and genre research.
  2. 2. Sildeshare – slide share will be used to upload presentations on our target audienceand our graphs for post and pre questionnaire results. Sildeshare was chosen as itquick and efficient and also has a direct link to blogger allowing us to upload ourwork to our blog in a matter of minutes.Blogger – Blogger was chosen as each candidate within the group has previousexperience of the software from their foundation portfolio’s it was thereforedecided that we would use it again to keep record o. our project. It also allows us toupload work from various other sites such as PhotobucketExcel 2011 – Microsoft excel will allow us to enter our results from both the pre andpost questionnaire using a spread sheet which can then easily be converted into agraph or chart to clearly show our results.Google – This will allow us to access websites such as blogger. It will also enable usto conduct key research into other products and let us compare ours to another.YouTube – Though youtube we will be able to upload our first, second and finaldrafts of our short film and be able to view comments on how to improve our filmand what the viewers liked and disliked.