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Media presentation energy drink


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Media presentation energy drink

  1. 1. Media Presentation By Katy, Hannah, Megan & Sereena
  2. 2. Brief… We have created a brand new energy drink that will be released as a support of the 2012 Olympics. Therefore when designing our product we had to ensure that we incorporated the theme of the Olympics. We are planning to promote our drink at the Olympic games and therefore have decided that our drink will be presented in a can as this is a fairly environmentally friendly approach. Baring in mind that many commuters will be travelling through London this would allow street cleaner to collect the waste more efficiently and melt it down to be reused again. We also have decided that we will supply ‘bank deposits’ in around the Stratford area where the Olympics will be taking place. These deposit banks will allow commuters to dispose of their waste while at the same time keeping the streets of London clean.
  3. 3. Our Target Audience… We have decided that our chosen target audience will be within the age range of sixteen to twenty. We have decided this as we believe those of this age would benefit from our product the most. Although we a releasing our product at the time of the Olympics our main aim is to provide a brand new and exciting energy drink to athletes. Although some energy drinks are in plastic bottles so that consumers such as runners can take the product with them while competing in sports. However our product has been designed to be used before physical exercise. This will give the athlete energy and get them ready to endure physical exercise.
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