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Gifted Education PowerPoint to staff


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Gifted Education PowerPoint to staff

  1. 1. Strawberry Hill ElementaryExtended Learning Program Mrs. Kash Teacher Meeting August 2012
  2. 2. Extended Learning ProgramThe basis of the ELP Program is to provideservices to students who require their learningenriched to meet their academic needs. Thesestudent’s needs are not being met within theclassroom or outside of the school hours. Allstudents who qualify are provided withapproximately 1/2 hour a day of differentiatedand/or accelerated coursework.
  3. 3. Definition of GiftednessGifted students demonstrate educational needs that can only be met by the provisions of special or modified curriculum.
  4. 4. A Great Quote:The principal goal of education is tocreate men & women who are capableof doing new things, not simplyrepeating what the past generationhas done. –Jean Piaget
  5. 5. ELP Identification Process MAP scores grades 2-12th - 2x’s a year High-Above Average Score in reading or math. Cognitive Ability Test 3rd grade and some repeated or new students in 5th grade. 220/120+ in reading or math K – 3rd grade BRI and DIBELS 2x’s a year for Early Childhood Literacy testing. High score for class average. K- 12th grade is tested on the Iowa Assessment formallyknown as the ITBS. 90% or higher in National Percentile Ranking Composite. *Students may also be nominated by teachers, self, and staff.
  6. 6. Gifted and Bright ChildrenBright GiftedLearns new information quickly Already knows the informationand efficiently. 1 repetition for new skill mastery6-8 repetition for new skill Questions authoritymastery Thinks outside the boxRarely questions authority Questions rules and finds loopFollows the rules (always) holes.Gets along with others easily Social-Emotional issuesHas many friends Does not enjoy age level peers, hangs with the teachers or older students.
  7. 7. Parent InvolvementAll parents are given the opportunity to be involved withtheir child’s progress in the ELP program with updatestwo times a year (Parent/Teacher Conferences) and uponrequest. Any parents ideas are appreciated!They also receive Permission Forms, Parent, Student, andTeacher Contracts and an overview of the program once ayear.Parents are also invited to be involved in the ELP Parentsand Friends group.
  8. 8. IDM in your school• Instructional Decision Making :Three categories core, supplemental, and intensive. Strawberry Hill implementation for the ELP program is an intensive program with the development of a supplemental program.