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Short term joint staff training event in Adana, Turkey


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Erasmus+ Project "Developing pupils' skills"

Published in: Education
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Short term joint staff training event in Adana, Turkey

  1. 1. Erasmus + project “Developing pupils’ skills” 2018 – 2020 2018-1-IS01-KA229-03​8819_2 SHORT TERM JOINT STAFF TRAINING EVENT MEETING IN ADANA,TURKEY MARCH 18 -22, 2019
  2. 2. Number of the Lithuanian teachers 5 Number of the participants 20 Topic “Legends, myths and fairy tales” Objectives To present the partner institutions to students, families, school staff and representatives of the local community To discuss the project activities To organize the workshops Stories Arts & Crafts To elaborate the multilingual dictionary To present the national fairy tales, legends, myths and stories To promote the national cultural heritage To develop knowledge among students and teachers of the diversity of European cultures and languages and its values
  3. 3. All together moment
  4. 4. All together moment
  5. 5. All together moment
  6. 6. Traditional arts and crafts
  7. 7. Traditional arts and crafts
  8. 8. Presentations of the legends
  9. 9. Traditional arts and crafts
  10. 10. Historical and cultural sites
  11. 11. Historical and cultural sites
  12. 12. Historical and cultural sites
  13. 13. Historical and cultural sites
  14. 14. Disscusions about the project acivities