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Trainingwheels - Learning and Teaching Drupal


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Training Wheels
Learning and Teaching Drupal

Come along to discuss the state of Drupal training.

Let's explore questions like:
- Who needs training? users? designers? developers? usability experts? security specialists? sys-admins?
- What does best practice look like?
- When will the Acquia / Drupal Association certification program be ready?
- Where are the resources? Can we share them? Can we build on them?
- How can we work together to train our users and colleagues, and extend our own skills and knowledge?
- Can we all help build a resource bank of training materials available under an open license so the community can contribute and develop a collaborative and modular course design that's flexible and adaptable, and able to be freely translated into other languages?
- What does the Drupal learning curve look like? What skills do people need? Can they adapt skills from other CMS's?
- Can we develop comparison rubrics so people can map their existing knowledge against the Drupal skill set?

This won't be a 'sage on the stage' presentation, because I'm no expert. Instead, I aim to facilitate an interactive discussion and invite all attendees to contribute their thoughts, experience and wisdom. We'll use some form of knowledge capture during the session to record and summarise the conversation so a post event report can be generated and shared with the Drupal community.

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Trainingwheels - Learning and Teaching Drupal

  1. 1. Training Wheels Teaching and Learning Drupal Donna Benjamin Creative Contingencies
  2. 2. so... Training?
  3. 3. so... Training? … what does “Training” mean to you?
  4. 4. so... Training?
  5. 5. Teaching and Learning?
  6. 6. Education and Pedagogy
  7. 7. Certification
  8. 8. Making Money?
  9. 9. Questions? Comments!