Hitch Hikers Guide to the Drupalverse


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Short talk about the community behind the Drupal Project prepared for "What Do You Know Melbourne?" 4 April 2013

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Hitch Hikers Guide to the Drupalverse

  1. 1. Hitch Hikers Guide to the DrupalverseDonna Benjamin @kattekrab
  2. 2. Depends on Communities
  3. 3. Bacon
  4. 4. Babies.
  5. 5. Community brings people together
  6. 6. At meetups
  7. 7. Melbourne meetupSecond Tuesday of the month (next week!)
  8. 8. At DrupalCons
  9. 9. Theres videos
  10. 10. ...and podcasts
  11. 11. planet.drupal.org
  12. 12. Participate
  13. 13. IRC
  14. 14. Issue Queues
  15. 15. Groups.drupal.org
  16. 16. the Drupal Associationfosters and supportsthe Drupal software projectthe community and its growth
  17. 17. foster?
  18. 18. encouragecultivatepromotenurturecherishraise
  19. 19. grow
  20. 20. protecting the GPLsource code of theDrupal project and itscommunity contributions
  21. 21. protecting the Drupal projectand community throughlegal work and advocacy
  22. 22. maintaining the hardwareServers and software infrastructure of Drupal.org and other community sites http://drupal.org/node/155850
  23. 23. organizingand promotingworldwide events
  24. 24. communicating thebenefits of theDrupal software
  25. 25. Empowering the Drupalcommunity to participate inand contribute to the project
  26. 26. Come forthe code
  27. 27. Stay for thecommunity
  28. 28. Hitch Hikers Guide to the DrupalverseDonna Benjamin @kattekrab
  29. 29. Hitch Hikers Guide to the Drupalverse Donna Benjamin @kattekrabIntro
  30. 30. Open Source technologies
  31. 31. Depends on Communities… are created by communitiesThis talk isnt about the technologyIts about the community
  32. 32. The Drupal community is global and diverse and a little bit crazy
  33. 33. There are drupal cakes
  34. 34. BaconDrupal soup
  35. 35. A druplicon made from bacon
  36. 36. People with drupal tattoos
  37. 37. Babies.And even drupal babies
  38. 38. Community brings people together
  39. 39. At meetupsAll over the world. This is a great website – created by some random community members that aggregates event data from different sources... etcDrupical.com
  40. 40. Melbourne meetup Second Tuesday of the month (next week!)The melbourne meetup is next week...And also 3rd sat of the month – mentoring... for helping people build their skills
  41. 41. But also camps... we had one here in Melbourne last year
  42. 42. But theyre happening all the timeAll over the world
  43. 43. And next year – theres going to be one in wellington nz
  44. 44. At DrupalConsAnd then theres DrupalconWe just had the first drupalcon in the southern hemisphere in Sydney in February.
  45. 45. The next ones on next month - in Portland Oregon USA
  46. 46. And the one after that will be in Prague in SeptemberThey bring the community together to share what they know... and move the project forward
  47. 47. Drupal has a notoriously challenging learning curveBut theres lots of help out there in the community.
  48. 48. Theres videoshttp://drupalize.me
  49. 49. http://buildamodule.com
  50. 50. http://www.youtube.com/user/DrupalAssociation
  51. 51. http://drupal.org/books
  52. 52. ...and podcasts
  53. 53. planet.drupal.org
  54. 54. Participate
  55. 55. IRChttp://drupal.org/irc
  56. 56. Issue Queues
  57. 57. Groups.drupal.org
  58. 58. the Drupal Associationfosters and supportsthe Drupal software projectthe community and its growth
  59. 59. foster?
  60. 60. encouragecultivatepromotenurturecherishraise
  61. 61. grow
  62. 62. protecting the GPL source code of the Drupal project and its community contributionsthe Drupal Association assumes the responsibility for pursuing GPL violators and enforcing the legal agreement that is invoked whenever you use GPLed software.http://drupal.org/licensing/faq/
  63. 63. protecting the Drupal project and community through legal work and advocacyDoing legal work and advocacy is a proactive way to reduce the misuse and abuse of open source software and licenses. It demonstrates how the Drupal Association cares about making a healthy legal environment for Drupal software development to happen.
  64. 64. maintaining the hardwareServers and software infrastructure of Drupal.org and other community sites http://drupal.org/node/155850
  65. 65. organizing and promoting worldwide eventsEvents are a big part of Drupal, and one of the biggest functions of the Drupal Association to date. We have been producing two DrupalCons a year, and we plan to add a third as early as 2012. The Drupal Association is also interested in the success of DrupalCamps and other events including sprints, and plans to increase support for those events.
  66. 66. communicating the benefits of the Drupal softwareThe Drupal Association takes it upon itself to talk about why Drupal is good software. Marketing Drupal and promoting its use, as well as the use of free and open-source software in general, is one of our paramount roles.
  67. 67. Empowering the Drupal community to participate in and contribute to the projectThe Drupal community: Come for the software, stay for the community. While the software project must always clearly come first, as without it there would be no Drupal, we see the Drupal community as a unique and precious aspect of the Drupal project. The communitys participation and contributions are what we want to foster and nurture in this case.Ref: https://association.drupal.org/node/669
  68. 68. Come forthe code
  69. 69. Stay for thecommunity
  70. 70. Hitch Hikers Guide to the DrupalverseDonna Benjamin @kattekrab