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The Future of Media


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A presentation given to teachers of high school English at the 2011 CITE conference at Ridley College in St. Catharine's, Ontario.

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The Future of Media

  1. 1. The Future of MediaKat Tancock | CITE 2011April 16, 2011
  2. 2. “If its called the USA Today, whyis all the news from yesterday?”– Stephen Colbert
  3. 3. 80% of Canadians aged 16+ used the internet for personal reasons in 2009. 96% of them went online from home. 75% of them went online every day.
  4. 4. 92% of Canadian home internet users accessed the internet through a high-speed connection.
  5. 5. Of Canadian home internet users: ✤ 70% searched for health information ✤ 68% viewed news or sports ✤ 50% ordered goods and services ✤ 32% listened to the radio ✤ 31% watched or downloaded TV or movies ✤ 27% contributed content by writing blogs, posting photographs or joining discussion groups
  6. 6. 59% of Americans get their daily news from a combination of offline and online sources.
  7. 7. 33% of cellphone owners access news from their cellphones.
  8. 8. 37% of internet users have contributed to the creation of news, commented about it, or shared it via social media.
  9. 9. 65% of U.S. internet users have paid for online content. But 81% of Canadians say they wont pay for online news.
  10. 10. The old way ofreading✤ Scarcity of information✤ Small number of gatekeepers✤ One thing at a time✤ Trusted expertise✤ Limited distractions✤ Physical objects
  11. 11. The new way ofreading✤ Infinite information✤ Infinite sources✤ Simultaneous consumption✤ Trusted "real people"✤ Constant distractions✤ Everything in your pocket
  12. 12. Expectations arehigh.✤ Portability across platforms✤ Immediacy and immersion✤ Sharing and conversation✤ Interactivity✤ Local relevance✤ Low (or no) cost
  13. 13. Trends to look out for
  14. 14. Interactivity
  15. 15. Crowdsourcing and UGC Vacations.html#25535129
  16. 16. Aggregation
  17. 17. Synchronous media usage
  18. 18. Location-aware mediahttp://geopollster-
  19. 19. High-speed interactions fairly.html
  20. 20. Emergence of new forms
  21. 21. Where do we go from here?
  22. 22. Dont assume the kids know what theyre doing online.
  23. 23. Read. Think. Write. Edit. Repeat.
  24. 24. Start a blog
  25. 25. Take pictures and shoot video
  26. 26. Use social media
  27. 27. Manage your search results
  28. 28. Reconsider J-school
  29. 29. Get experience
  30. 30. “The challenge for those who are, or who aim to be, journalists is to find a way to afford to do what you ought to do, what you want to do and what society desperately needs you to do.” – Alan D. Mutter