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Letter From DCF


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Letter From DCF

  1. 1. October 24, 2013 Dear ___: I am writing to make you aware of the latest information regarding the review of DCF’s association with the Wichitabased organization Faith Builders. I appreciate and share your concern for children who are in need of family preservation and foster care services. DCF staff was contacted in late August regarding concerns raised by Sen. Faust-Goudeau about Faith Builders. I instructed the DCF Office of General Counsel to begin looking into the issues raised. On Oct. 10, a DCF attorney provided me a preliminary review that advised of possible legal implications such as personnel conduct and other mandatory confidentiality requirements. Media reports have suggested that DCF is withholding information from the review that should be made public. That is simply not the case. That initial review is necessarily confidential due to a host of DCF privacy obligations, including protecting the identities of children. The initial review has prompted my request that additional work be done to address DCF’s association with Faith Builders. I want to assure you, we are quickly and thoroughly reviewing each and every DCF case in which Faith Builders has been involved. As soon as the thorough review is completed, information will be shared with you. In the meantime, as we continue our fact-finding efforts, I want you to be aware that in an abundance of caution, I have instructed our contractors and sub-contractors to do no further placements with homes associated with Faith Builders, until the review is complete. As you are aware, DCF is contracted with St. Francis in the Wichita Region to provide foster care and family preservation services. St. Francis contracts with DCCCA which works directly with Faith Builders. DCF does not have a contract with Faith Builders. I am making it a top priority to determine if DCF policies and procedures were violated. If that has occurred, appropriate action will be taken. This may include changes in staffing, training and policies. To be clear, we have received no allegations that any child currently in a home associated with Faith Builders is in danger of abuse or neglect. Again, I appreciate and share your concern. Approximately 6,000 Kansas children are in my care and I take that responsibility seriously. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Sincerely, Phyllis Gilmore Secretary, Kansas Department for Children and Families Strong Families Make a Strong Kansas