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Scholastic Summit 2017


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Building audience for my students as readers and writers.

Published in: Education
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Scholastic Summit 2017

  1. 1. Info you might need… • Slideshare: • Twitter @katsok • Blog: Read Write Reflect
  2. 2. Audience Matters - Katherine Sokolowski #ReadingSummit
  3. 3. My favorite session ever…
  4. 4. Plan for today… How I got here Defining audience Tools I use Finding Our Voices
  5. 5. How I got here
  6. 6. What does an authentic audience for writing mean?
  7. 7. What does an authentic audience for reading mean?
  8. 8. Audience adds value. - Katie Muhtaris and Kristin Ziemke
  9. 9. A note on digital citizenship, or really, just citizenship. Otherwise known as what to do when they tweet the poop emoji…
  10. 10. What Makes an Audience?
  11. 11. Conferences
  12. 12. Book Talks
  13. 13. Studies confirm that more access to books and reading material in general results in more independent self- selected reading. More independent self-selected reading results in more literacy development. Krashen, S., Lee, SY, and McQuillan, J. 2010 School & Classroom Libraries
  14. 14. Kidblog $36 per teacher, per year Audience (reading & writing) - World
  15. 15. Teaching the Art of Blogging #sol17
  16. 16. Josh
  17. 17. Raegan
  18. 18. Max
  19. 19. Nerdy Book Club Free Audience (reading & writing) - World
  20. 20. Nerdy Book Club - Inspired by Kate Messner
  21. 21. Audience leads to empowerment
  22. 22. Skype Free Audience (reading & writing) - World
  23. 23. Skype ~ Possible Uses: • Mystery Skype • World Read Aloud Day • Global Read Aloud • March Book Madness • Mock Caldecott • Connect with an author -who-skype-with-classes-book-clubs- for-free/
  24. 24. Padlet Free or $5 per teacher, per month. Audience (reading & writing) - World
  25. 25. Padlet ~ Possible Uses: • Book Log • Research Curation • Exit Slips • Comprehension Checks • Backchannel *************** • Connecting Classrooms • It’s Monday! • Connecting outside of school
  26. 26. Padlet - Sister Classroom
  27. 27. Padlet - Reading Recommendations
  28. 28. Padlet – Classroom Community
  29. 29. Twitter Free My class account: @SagesHoots Audience (reading & writing) - World
  30. 30. Twitter ~ Possible Uses: • Tweet authors • Share blogs • Use hashtags - • It’s Monday - #IMWAYR • #readergrams • #writergrams • #gra17 • #sol17 • #2017MBM • Connecting Classrooms • Find experts
  31. 31. Kurt Stroh - @strohreads
  32. 32. Classroom Book a Day -#classroombookaday Jillian Heise - @heisereads
  33. 33. March Book Madness #2017MBM Tony Keefer @tonykeefer Scott Jones @escott818
  34. 34. Global Read Aloud #gra17 Pernille Ripp @pernilleripp
  35. 35. Instagram Class account: SagesHoots Free Audience (reading & writing) - World
  36. 36. Using stories or the regular feed, share book talks with the world. #15secbooktalks - Colby Sharp @colbysharp
  37. 37. Flipgrid Free (the version I use) Audience (reading & writing) - World
  38. 38. Finding Our Voices
  39. 39. What is an audience? World City/ Town School Community Classroom Community Conference Self
  40. 40. Community Reads
  41. 41. The ultimate goal in this work in creating audiences…
  42. 42. …is that by giving them an audience…
  43. 43. …they gain confidence in themselves…
  44. 44. …and begin to self identify as readers and writers.
  45. 45. That our classroom is the safe space…
  46. 46. …that allows them to figure out…
  47. 47. …how to navigate this world.
  48. 48. They just need to find their voice.
  49. 49. Lost Forever By: Joey Today I lost a friend. He was a hero, a heart warming, a goat. Some people say animals don’t have a soul, but I know they do. His soul is flying, flying in the sky, free running around. I hope God takes care of him. I lost a friend, that left. I yelled at him, to come back. He didn’t come. The thing I have in memory, is fur. A friend, is a friend. A human and a goat, made no difference. Beautiful possibilities…
  50. 50. Alison’s poem… He/Him He/Him Is what he wants to be. He/Him is hard to be. When there are people who don’t see. It’s who he needs to be. He tries to explain, but all he gets, Are the echoing screams of disgust. When we go to his house, She/her is what we are forced to say. I see the look in his dismal green eyes, He is in pain. He has such a kind heart, A smart, sharp mind. A smile that stretches longer than a mile. I love him so much, And he deserves all the love in the world. It’s hard for him to keep that beautiful smile, When all he wants in this entire world, Is to be, He/Him.
  51. 51. Our ultimate goal should be to create independent readers, writers, and thinkers who pick the level of audience needed when they need it. To create students who know how to navigate in this public space in the world and feel confident enough to do so.
  52. 52. Info you might need… • Slideshare: • Twitter @katsok • Blog: Read Write Reflect