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Presentation at Illinois Reading Council regarding how we use technology in our classroom. Specifically focused on technology in the reading and writing workshop.

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IRC presentation

  1. 1. Becoming Literate in the Language of Technology: What Works in Our ClassroomsClay Dunker, Katherine Sokolowski, Wendy Stokowski Monticello School District
  2. 2. Find our presentation or
  3. 3. Twitter (Conference hashtag - #IRC13)● Follow us:->@katsok->@stokowskiwe
  4. 4. WORDLE or TAGXEDO● vocabulary words - synonyms, antonyms, related words● find main idea of a large text● compare main ideas/themes of related texts● create character trait poster for character in a book theyre reading
  5. 5. State of the Union Address
  6. 6. GOP Response
  8. 8. ConferencesEvernote (free and premium)
  9. 9. AccessoriesLivescribe PenMagic Wand
  11. 11. STRIP GENERATOR● account vs no account ○ saving vs taking a screenshot/printing to PDF● comics on landing page ○ kids not necessarily target audience ○ I use to help● YouTube tutorial ○ skip first 10 seconds
  12. 12. WonderopolisGreat to use forreading.Use Readability
  13. 13. GOOGLEApps For Education Appser For Google Docs App for iPad
  14. 14. GOOGLE DOCS (applications) ● peer editing/proofreading ● have a text that you share with studentsMy○best advice: Play around in text features and they leave comments on certain Google Docs knowthey highlight text excerpts that can want the kids ○ what it can do. Any way you be used as evidence in their writingto manipulate the text, there is probably a way to ● have a document that you share with do it with Google Docs. students containing two texts ○ use the same color to highlight similarities between the texts
  15. 15. Pages App Can I use it in my classroom? Whether it’s used by studentscreating documents, or teachersreviewing them, Pages is perfect.
  16. 16. Biblionasium - Goodreads forkids
  17. 17. Edmodo
  18. 18. AUDIOBOO● Website or Application● Create podcasts● Very simple to use● Great to connect with QR codes
  19. 19. Audioboo Activities● Oral Review of Books● Oral reading of their writing● Tour of school through the eyes of students● Podcasts for any topic
  21. 21. Skype
  22. 22. Skype visits resourceCheck out Kate Messners blog for a list ofauthors that are willing to Skype -
  23. 23. SonicPics App Another Tool For Digital Story TellingGIVE A VOICE TO YOUR PICTURES!!
  24. 24. App for iPad
  25. 25. AURASMA● augmented reality app● seems to have been created for interactive advertising, but has educational applications● can be created two ways ○ teacher created using the online studio ■ can be viewed on any iOS device that is subscribed to that channel ○ teacher or student created using the iOS device ■ can be viewed only on the iOS device it was created on
  26. 26. AURASMAGreat possibilities to make reading a moreinteractive experience.● building background knowledge● making and sharing predictions● questioning● turn the book into a read aloud● lots of possibilities in other content areas, as well