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Open Education Practices at Universities in Hokkaido


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Open Education Practices at Universities in Hokkaido

  1. 1. Open Education Practices at universities in Hokkaido Katsusuke Shigeta Information Initiative Center, Hokkaido University
  2. 2. Overview • Current status of open education projects at Hokkaido University • Ongoing OER project at Hokkaido University – ACE (Academic Commons for Education) • Prospective outcomes
  3. 3. HU-OCW • Course materials and videos • Extension lectures
  4. 4. Hokkaido Univ. iTunes U • Video materials from HU-OCW
  5. 5. OER project around Hokkaido university • Create liberal arts courses for university-wide education program on 7 public universities at Hokkaido area – Utilize videoconferencing system connects 7 universities – Funded by Ministry of Education • Develop education methods to utilize OER on campus education to improve student engagement and learning outcomes – Flipped classroom and active learning
  6. 6. Backgrounds(1) Challenges in Hokkaido area • Diversify liberal arts education for cooperation of universities in Hokkaido – Specializing universities (agriculture, engineering) • Difficulty to support variety of liberal arts education on each universities – Second language courses • Realize opportunities for students to learn diverse courses – Utilize distinctive features of universities
  7. 7. Backgrounds(2) Improvement of education using OER • Improvement in quality for OER – Share and reuse learning materials in community – cf. Project Kaleidoscope • Faculty development – Continuous collaboration of faculty to develop OER • Student participation for development – Learning opportunity for coming faculty – cf. dScribe on Michigan U.
  8. 8. Backgrounds(3) Improve learning outcomes using OER • Flipped classroom – Using learning materials for preparation – Activity to “use” knowledge in classroom – Effects to improve student outcomes and reduce drop-out rate The Flipped Classroom: Turning the Traditional Classroom on its Head -
  9. 9. Cooperation of universities in Hokkaido • Utilize distance learning – Videoconferencing system – Special classroom for active learning • Improve student outcomes – Overcome challenges to increase effectiveness of distance learning Introduce active learning 18th century 20th century
  10. 10. Our plan (FY 2013-) • Create “OER Repository” to share course materials – Video materials, e-textbooks, quizzes, etc. – Based on Open edX with localization – Create model courses (4 courses / year)
  11. 11. Our plan (FY 2014-) • Learning materials (MOOC-type contents) – Applied ethics / Earth and space science / Digital Literacy / Environmental radioactivity – Made by Hokkaido Univ. in 2013, by other univ. after 2014 • Pilot courses from 2nd semester 2014 – Introduce flipped classroom and active learning • Support materials for faculty (website) – Create start-up guide for faculty – Guide for flipped classroom and active learning
  12. 12. Planning of OER • “MOOC-type” learning materials – Short videos + quizzes – Structured materials based on instructional design • Use in classroom – Materials for flipped classroom – Supplement materials for unprepared students
  13. 13. Production of OER • Studio production • Teaching Assistant support – as Subject Matter Experts • Professionals – Instructional designer – Video producer – Copyright clearance • Creative commons license – CC-BY-NC
  14. 14. Our plan (FY 2015-) • Open OERs as MOOC courses and OCW – Select superior courses from developed courses
  15. 15. OER Repository • Academic For Education (ACE) – Open April 2014 • Open edX based platform – Advantages of “portability” – Link to SSO system on campus
  16. 16. Prospective Outcomes • Realize diversity of liberal arts education • Improve effectiveness of distance learning among universities • Dissemination of open educational resources • Increase learning opportunities to open MOOC • Promotion and internationalization – Open moocs in English
  17. 17. Open Education Practices at universities in Hokkaido Katsusuke Shigeta Information Initiative Center, Hokkaido University