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Titian Presentation

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Titian Presentation

  1. 1. Titian Tiziano Vecelli (c. 1488-1576) K atherine Tsen
  2. 2. B rief B iography ►Y oung apprentice: Giovanni B ellini ►began commissions for churches ►Fame spread- portraits for rich ►Traveled to paint- commissions, portraits ► 1576, died of plague in V enice buried in the church of S ta. M aria dei Frari
  3. 3. Titian ► Greatest painter of the V enetian school ► “ thesun amidst small stars not only among the Italians but all the painters of the world.” ► V ersatilepainter: portraits, landscape, religious compositions, mythological pictures
  4. 4. A ssumption (A ssunta) Medieval art Titian’s art
  5. 5. Portrait of Isabella D’ Este ► beauty ► the quot;idealquot; character of a haughty and intelligent loveliness
  6. 6. Change ► handling of color ► composition and brushwork ► realistic ► Personality in paintings
  7. 7. B ibliography Pictures: 2. http:/ elf-Portrait-c.-1562-large.html / S 3. http:/ ssumption-of-the-V irgin-1516-18-large.html / A 4. http:/ Leonardo/ / sln/ PaintingB eforetheRen.html 5. http:/ / en/ wikipedia/ thumb/ 11/ 1/ Isabella_d'Este.jpg/210px-Isabella_d'Este.jpg Information (MLA format): 10. quot;Titian.quot; Compton's by B ritannica . 2008. Encyclopædia B ritannica Online School Edition. 2 Dec.  2008  <>. 11. quot;Titian.quot; Encyclopædia B ritannica. 2008. Encyclopædia B ritannica Online S chool Edition. 7  Dec.  2008  <http:/ article-15799>. / eb/ 12. The New Y ork Times Company, comp. quot;Titian (Tiziano V ecellio).quot; A rt History . 2008. 31 Nov. 2008 <http:/ namestt/ titian.htm>. / cs/ p/