Social Media Week NYC (2014)


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  • Soldsie turns Facebook posts into virtual store fronts. Double whammy, you can pin these items on Pinterest.User social media to convert ‘discovery’ into purchases. On average 1-4 people who pin things buy that item within 2 weeks.Consumers are more protective of themselves and are less favorable of advertising on social networking sites.RiaTobaccowala of Google+ is introducing “Shoppable Hangouts” or social shopping
  • - Meet Bethany Mota, she is a YouTube sensation who makes half a million dollars a year She has over 5 mil followers, more than Lady Gaga, more Instagram followers than Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle, Glamour and Cosmo Magazine etc. combinedThrough social media, consumers still want advice and guidance on what to purchase and are empowered to teach and share with each otherGives shopping a human connection
  • One size fits all, to personalize and predictiveFoursquare’s newest update sends alerts to places nearby which are based on past check ins and social recommendations.Providing relevancy, email blasts spam. When you create relevancy on products in email can go up to 18-20% return on revenue.
  • - Through new technologies, retailers/brands are able to steal back the “amazon shoppers” or “review site shoppers” and provide relevant, contextual info to the shopper based on where they are in the shopping experience and where they are in the store.People check their phones 150 times a day, on average.Estimote uses micro-location to blast info in small spaces and provide discounts and readily available information on your phone about a product.
  • Social Media Week NYC (2014)

    1. 1. Social Media Week New York City, 2014 
    2. 2. What is #SMW?  SMW is a global platform that connects people, content, and conversation around emerging trends in social and mobile media.  It brings hundreds of thousands of people together every year through learning experiences that aim to advance our understanding of social media’s role in society.  Bangalore, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Lagos, Milan and New York participated in #SMW14.
    3. 3. PSFK Labs’ Future of Retail Showcase: Creating a Sustainable Instant Retail Model  Omni-Point of Purchase: Tapping into shopper impulses by converting every product interaction into a purchase opportunity.  Social and mobile technology gives retailers the ability to condense the path of ‘discovery’ to ‘checkout’. #futureofretail
    4. 4. Meet Bethany Mota #futureofretail
    5. 5. PSFK Labs’ Future of Retail Showcase: Creating a Sustainable Instant Retail Model  Adaptive Personalization: Developing contextual services to learn shopper preferences over time, generating tailored results and anticipating future needs.  Use data to create a better experience for the consumer. #futureofretail
    6. 6. PSFK Labs’ Future of Retail Showcase: Creating a Sustainable Instant Retail Model  Contextual Support: Serving up relevant information to shoppers when and where it’s needed most.  There is a fine line between welcome information and spam. #futureofretail
    7. 7. PSFK Labs’ Future of Retail Showcase: Creating a Sustainable Instant Retail Model  On Demand Delivery: Delivering on the need for convenience and immediacy by rolling out ‘buy it now, get it soon after’ services to get their shoppers their purchases more quickly.  It’s no longer where, but when you get it. #futureofretail
    8. 8. Fueling Social Fandom at MTV, VH1, and Comedy Central #smwfandom
    9. 9. Powering the Consumer Journey with Social Marketing #smwsociallayer
    10. 10. @celiehart People, including me, waited in line for the #SMWBuzzFeed panel for over an hour. The line was so long it had it’s own Foursquare check in.
    11. 11. Content is King, But Distribution is Queen #smwbuzzfeed
    12. 12. How to Be: An Internet Anthropologist #smwanthropology
    13. 13. Are Social Savvy Women Driving the Economy? #smwsocialsavvywomen
    14. 14. The State of Real-Time vs. Predictive Marketing in 2014 #smwrtm
    15. 15. Follow the conversation  #smwcontentmktg  #smwmovement  #smwtravel  #smwbuzzfeed  #smwbark  #smwhashtags