The Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures, ch. 8


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The Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures, ch. 8

  1. 1. Welcome to the 8th chapter of the Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures! This time we take off by doing a spare update of sorts. The spares in question are the generation A twins, Arthur and Abraham. They're living together with Arthur's girlfriend, Meadow Thayer. Their lives aren't terribly exciting, to tell you the truth. They study and they have the occasional party with their siblings. As in here, where Arthur is doing the school cheer with his heir brother, Adrian.
  2. 2. Also Adson joins them quite frequently, as does Arthur's teen friend Ricky Cormier. Maybe if he's lucky, he can go to college someday, too. I bet he's already excited about it. Don't get too excited, though, I can't promise you anything.
  3. 3. What is better party food than chef salad, eh? You might be able to guess from the plumbbob - it was Arthur who wanted this particular party.
  4. 4. It is in this particular party where Arthur and Meadow decide that they still want to be more than friends in young adulthood.
  5. 5. And the cheerleader decides they need the help of a cheer. Preferably cheered while stuck in a door.
  6. 6. And, with that, they fall in love, with Meadow thinking about Adrian, and with the cheerleader in the background. "Wow, that brother of yours sure is hot!" "Gerbits, gerbits, voooo gerbits!"
  7. 7. Later the same night the young couple retires to the bedroom to celebrate their reunion.
  8. 8. And well, celebrate they do.
  9. 9. Aurora dear, I don't think this is quite the time to wander in the bedroom. "What? I'm just gonna use the bathroom." And there's another route to it. Through the *empty* bedroom.
  10. 10. And I don't think Arthur and Meadow really need cheering either. Maybe later, okay?
  11. 11. Well, at least the party was a success.
  12. 12. "Hey listen Meadow, that last party here at your place was so great!"
  13. 13. "The one where you watched me and Arthur woohoo? Oh yeah, that sure was a blast!"
  14. 14. "Oh by the way, could you maybe write my term paper? I mean, you'd probably know a lot about, say, 'Woohoo habits of playables'."
  15. 15. "Hmm... Let's see. 'Woohoo habits of playables'. Good, that is a good title. Now I think I'd better start by defining 'woohoo'..."
  16. 16. "Hooray, term paper done! I'm going to do the 'term paper done' dance! Oooooops... "
  17. 17. Ouch. That must hurt.
  18. 18. But, aren't we forgetting someone here? Oh yes, there is the other twin, Abraham. Mostly he spends quite some time studying, so he doesn't get awfully much face time. That wouldn't be very interesting, would it?
  19. 19. Being in good terms with teachers is also important to him, as you can see.
  20. 20. In good terms, indeed! I'd actually forgotten that Abraham hadn't gotten his first kiss yet. Poor, deprived kid. Not that he really minded. He's knowledge, after all.
  21. 21. Now let us move back to the main house, The Bookacy Greek House. There Aadam appears to be visiting us. And having very inappropriate thoughts about his brother's girlfriend. Aadam, stop that right now!
  22. 22. Let's see. There's also our current heir, Adrian, working on a newly purchased flower arranging bench. I actually bought it for Nicole, but so far Adrian has had more time to work on it than she has. Oh well, she'll get her chances.
  23. 23. Oh, and Adrian is now majoring in philosophy. He didn't roll a want for any major, so the school picked for him.
  24. 24. Oopsie-daisy! It seems Adrian no longer desires multiple lovers...
  25. 25. He desires grilled cheese sandwiches. During college I decided I would reroll Adrian's aspiration when the time comes. I have nothing against romance sims as such, but somehow after the dating marathon with Author and all, I didn't feel ready for a full blown romance generation quite yet. Meaning, I would have kept Adrian devoted to just Nicole - and pretty much made him miserable. Well, he rerolled and the result from that was family. I wasn't quite happy with that either (I was kind of hoping for wealth or knowledge, so they'd be a good match with Nicole), so I decided it was time to try out the cheese option. So, Adrian became a grilled cheese sim.
  26. 26. And from then on, Adrian eats cheese, breathes cheese...
  27. 27. ... even dreams cheese.
  28. 28. ... While Nicole concentrates on earning badges and studying.
  29. 29. Even though very important, cheese doesn't seem to be the only thing Adrian has on the brain. I take this as a sign, and finally decide to make the big move. Nicole has been wanting this for ages.
  30. 30. So, it's time for a date downtown. This is one of my favorite locations, except that it's so big that keeping the sky out of pictures is practically impossible. I apologize in advance.
  31. 31. "Oh honey, I'm so happy that I have you by my side." "I love you too, pumpkin." I know, I know. Just a pointless cute picture.
  32. 32. "A toast to us, the next generation of the prestigious Bookacy family Legacy!" "To us." I don't know about the "prestigious" part really, but... Oh well, let the girl dream.
  33. 33. "Honey, you didn't order us grilled cheese, did you? Not that there's anything wrong with your favorite meal, no, absolutely nothing, dear, but... You know, I'd love to have some change every once in a while."
  34. 34. After the dinner, I give Adrian the permission to proceed with the night's main agenda. "Propose? Gee, that's cool."
  35. 35. "So Nicole, my dearest. I have an important question I've been wanting to ask you." "Yes, Adrian?"
  36. 36. ... "Oh Adrian! Is it what I think it is?" "Open it."
  37. 37. "It is! It is!" "Nicole Thompson, will you marry me?"
  38. 38. Who could say no to a diamond like that? Not a fortune sim, that's for sure.
  39. 39. "I will! I will! Of course I will! I've been wanting to get engaged to you for ever and ever!"
  40. 40. "So, honey. What would you say about some private celebration of our engagement?"
  41. 41. Well, it ended up not being so private after all. But they didn't mind, that's what matters.
  42. 42. Hey Benjamin. There hasn't been anyone in the photobooth at least in ten minutes. You're a bit on the slow side, aren't you?
  43. 43. Nicole wanted to have pictures of her and Adrian, so I give her that. I know, I do spoil them.
  44. 44. "So I hear there have been several engagements in the family recently. The campus is a huge love nest these days."
  45. 45. "Sure it is. Speaking of which, have you woohooed Meadow yet, bro?"
  46. 46. "Oh but absolutely, Aurora. We woohoo all the time. How's you and Andrew's woohoo life?"
  47. 47. Speaking of Andrew, he seems to be a bit fed up with the grilled cheese. When everyone else is away, he gets in the kitchen to eat some pizza.
  48. 48. Even Adrian doesn't just eat. See, here he maximizes cooking. "Oh yes. I'm perfecting my skills so I can make the most delicious grilled cheese sandwiches ever."
  49. 49. Uh oh. Just what we need. A burglar. And I've forgotten to give them an alarm.
  50. 50. Nicole, get your pretty butt out the bed and call the cops! Now lets see what the guy is up to... I hope he doesn't get our flower station or anything else expensive like that...
  51. 51. Oh wow. I've never seen the burglar taking aspiration rewards before. Well, I don't mind, as long as we can keep the flower station. Plus losing the reward was actually a pretty good deal - it was almost used up anyway, and we got more than 6,000 simoleans in insurance money for it. So thanks, mr. burglar.
  52. 52. Here comes the law. Phew. And the cow marches in.
  53. 53. ... and proceeds to flirt with the current spouse. Oh great.
  54. 54. But, luckily, Nicole isn't having any of it. "Move over, stupid cow!"
  55. 55. "I have a fight to watch!"
  56. 56. And as mentioned, the law was victorious, and we got a hefty sum in insurance money. Now I don't feel all that bad for having to kick Nicole out of bed.
  57. 57. The cow seems to have taken it pretty hard. He goes to our bubble blower for comfort.
  58. 58. "Well, Laura. It's quite straightforward really. As placeholder your job would be pretty much to sit around here in the Greek House... Well, for about a generation." Oh thanks, Adrian, for making it sound so tempting. I bet she simply can't wait to become placeholder now. I thought you wanted to get out of here? "Shush, C. I haven't gotten to the good part yet. Don't mind her, Laura. What I was going to say next is that after that you have the chance to get a life of your own. And, you are an NPC, so I'd say you have some chances when it comes to the picking of future spouses for this legacy." "Wow. Well, at least the 'life of my own' part sounds good."
  59. 59. So, I guess that was a yes of sorts. By the way, only now I realize that she actually looks quite a lot like Nicole. Not that it's necessarily a bad thing, I think she's quite pretty. On the other hand, I might want some variation in looks as well. We'll see how this turns out.
  60. 60. "Grr, here's for daring to look like me!" Sometimes I actually forget that you're an extremely mean sim, Nicole. Most of the time you don't really act like one. Again, it might be mostly because I tend to micromanage. All the same, I still like you.
  61. 61. "So it's a deal then? Welcome to the Greek House, Laura!" So, Laura Carlson agrees to be placeholder and moves in. She is a family sim with the lifetime want to become Captain Hero, and her stats are 1/5/6/2/8. I like her already. So many nice points and all!
  62. 62. Let's leave Laura to settle into the Greek House life, and have another peek at what the twins are up to. It seems to be makeover time for them. Abraham, stop looking so horrified. Your new look is so much better than the old one - you're really cute, in a geeky way.
  63. 63. Meadow seems quite happy with her new look. I didn't change much, just gave her the dress and tweaked her makeup a bit. She is, after all, quite pretty anyway.
  64. 64. Last but not least, Arthur. That outfit he had as a teenager was somehow so him that I put it back on him. He seems pleased as well.
  65. 65. Tips on getting your grades up, part one. Play kicky bag with the professor.
  66. 66. Tips on getting your grades up, part two. Chat up the professor. "My term paper? Oh, yes professor Tsirkunov, the cheer... I mean, I am working on it. Yes, I'm working on it."
  67. 67. "Hi Aurora, this is Abraham. Listen, I've just spun the want to join a Greek House, so would you send the initiation crew over?" "Would you like to join the Bookacy Greek House Greek House?" Umm, yeah. Well, I didn't take this into account when naming it. Well, Bookacy Greek House Greek House it is then.
  68. 68. Some members? Is this your understanding of "some members", Aurora? Yep, thanks a lot. Well, we'd better get started then, Abraham. Pick up the trashcan and go talk talk talk. The clock is ticking.
  69. 69. Arthur! What are you even doing outside? Now you have the flu from the roaches. Stop being a wuss and crying over a roach, and go inside to recover! Good girl, Aurora. Help spray the bugs while Abraham chats up the other members.
  70. 70. Oh, thanks for tipping Nicole, Laura. All donations are appreciated.
  71. 71. Obligatory Legacy shot of sims talking about handcuffs, check.
  72. 72. Last one Abraham! She's the most difficult one, too, as she has no nice points. But I suppose you can come along, as you only have three yourself. She seems to approve, so keep on this topic.
  73. 73. Phew, you did it! Congrats, that was a tough one. "Thanks. Can I write a term paper now?" Sure you can. So no more exciting wants? "Not for now. Maybe later."
  74. 74. Good boy, Arthur. Have you locked the door as well? "Yep." Good. we don't need an epidemic around here. Just keep laying down.
  75. 75. Poor thing. That's what you get for going near roaches, boys and girls.
  76. 76. After the hazard of infection is over, it's time to give the too family kids what they've been wanting for ages. "Meadow, the flu really put my life into perspective. Will you marry me?"
  77. 77. "But of course I will, pumpkin!" I just hope that they'll be able to get married normally when they become adults. I've heard of college causing problems with that, and for family sims it'd really be a bummer.
  78. 78. As time passes, it's also time to choose majors. The twins have career related lifetime wants, so I give them majors even though they don't roll relating wants. Abraham gets the physics major, as he wants to become a mad scientist.
  79. 79. And Arthur gets to study biology, as he wants to become Captain Hero. As seen previously, Meadow Majors in literature. She wants to reach her golden anniversary, and as she rolled the want to declare the literature major, I gave her that.
  80. 80. Again, we swap households and go see the Greek House kids. There we've gotten over the flu, which both Aurora and Adrian caught from the roaches at the twins'. They both had to lie down for a couple of days, and we blocked the stairs with a sofa, so the flu wouldn't spread. It didn't, and the kids recovered fine. Meanwhile Nicole got a gold flower arranging badge, and probably painted a couple of more masterpieces. Andrew blew bubbles, played with the remote control car and ate pizza. So, now we're just about caught up. What are you so excited about, Aurora?
  81. 81. "I get to mop up!" Wow, one of life's great pleasures. Well, consider yourself lucky, then. With our new placeholder in the house, you get to do that a lot.
  82. 82. But if you spend all your time mopping up after Laura, then we need someone to write your term papers. Go pledge the cow!
  83. 83. "Let's see. Title: 'Hwo to tpye wthi a cwo siut on, whituot fnigres'." Let's just hope the professor speaks fluent cow, then. "Argh. Stupid claws."
  84. 84. "My fiancee, Nicole, she is so hot. And she eats my grilled cheese sandwiches. She makes me so happy." This made me go "awwww".
  85. 85. On the other hand, this didn't.
  86. 86. I know, Andrew. Laura has been showering again. Otherwise her personality is just great, but the one neat point part not so much. Just get out of there, I bet your girlfriend will be more than happy to mop that up.
  87. 87. Toga Party time again! Not everyone necessarily wears a toga, though. The cow comes in his pajamas, and the streakers... Well, they're streakers. They like to streak.
  88. 88. Everyone is having a blast. Even the cow is enjoying himself, now that Aurora has made friends with him. At least for now he concentrates on dancing and not picking fights.
  89. 89. Oh yes. The pleasure sims have wanted a bowling alley again. And now it's being used by this young lady, who doesn't mind playing bowl in all her glory.
  90. 90. "Gerbits, gerbits, vooo gerbits!" "Oh dear, the streaker is naked!" Oh really? Smart boy, Andrew. "But she is!"
  91. 91. The party is over, and it's time to get back to work. There isn't really much time left. Again, proof that Adrian doesn't just eat all day. "Cool, now I can make the most imaginative grilled cheese sandviches... well, the most imaginative sandwiches imaginable."
  92. 92. "Get out of the way, I'm in a hurry!" Hey, where are you running? Did you smell grilled cheese somewhere? "No, it's my last final exam ever!" Oh. But it only starts in about an hour...
  93. 93. So you've graduated. Congrats on the summa cum laude, well done. One point for me: heir graduated summa cum laude. And no, he didn't care about graduating. He's just pretty much always in platinum - he gets a big boost every time anyone in the house even touches a grilled cheese sandwich. Which happens pretty often. I think the last time I've seen him drop into gold (and even then, just barely) was when he was quarantined upstairs and kept away from stuffing his and others' faces with cheese for days. He and Aurora lived on leftover pizza from his inventory. "Oh yeah. That was horrible."
  94. 94. "Hi Arthur. You know what? I've just graduated, made the Dean's List and everything!" ... "Thanks. Oh yeah, and you know what the best part is?" ... "Well, I now have six want slots, and one of them is for non-cheese related wants! C says she adores me for that. Makes me less boring or something." ... "Yeah, beats me. But at least I'm in her good books."
  95. 95. You can't really see it from this picture, but Aurora is running to her last final exam as well. Excited to graduate, huh?
  96. 96. In Nicole's case I kind of understand. She is a fortune sim, and wants to graduate with honors and all.
  97. 97. Meanwhile, dinnertime. "Wouldn't you like to eat some mac and cheese like the rest of us, Adrian?" "No thanks, I'm happy with my special diet. Hmm... Let's see... What would I want next? How about... Yeah, how about a grilled cheese sandwich?"
  98. 98. So yes. Both the girls graduate with honors. Nicole is on cloud nine, as she wanted both to graduate, and to graduate with honors.
  99. 99. "Nicole darling, tell me, what are we still doing here? Neither of us cares about throwing a graduation party or anything." "Well, we'd get going otherwise, but I've been working on a novel for days now, and Creator says we're not leaving campus until it's finished. She says the Greek House could use the money."
  100. 100. "Oh, okay then. By the way, I think our placeholder there is pretty hot." "Of course she is hot, darling. She looks just like me."
  101. 101. So, while Nicole sits at the computer typing away, Adrian works on his own goals.
  102. 102. And yes, also Andrew graduates with honors. Excluding Nicole, he is the only one who actually rolled the want to graduate. Hence the platinum plumbbob.
  103. 103. Good girl, Nicole. Now run downstairs, the phone is already ringing. It's amazing how you get your royals within minutes from completing the novel.
  104. 104. "Yes please! Now that I'm an accomplished author and all, I'd like to order a cab back to Alphabetia."
  105. 105. There you go, Nicole. Happy birthday, and see you back in the Legacy house.
  106. 106. "Bye honey. I'll miss you." You won't need to. Pick up the phone and go after her.
  107. 107. "Wow, I'm all grown up!" Yep. Nice sweatsuit.
  108. 108. Alright, just go already. See ya back home!
  109. 109. One dream date later... "And some great woohoo!" Yes, one dream date and some great woohoo later, also the pleasure couple is all ready to grow up and leave for Alphabetia.
  110. 110. There she goes! And yes, that's Andrew in the background, delivering the date bouquet.
  111. 111. And so. All grown up and ready to go. See you back in Alphabetia. "So we'll actually get played?" Well, when I feel like it, yes. No big promises, but you might. At least I'm giving you a house.
  112. 112. "Bye then, Andrew." "Bye, Laura. Take care of the Greek House for us." Yep, you'll be on your own now. Are you sure you can manage?
  113. 113. "Sure, sure. It's not like my job is gonna be hugely difficult or anything, right?" I suppose so. So, make yourself comfortable, watch some tv or something. And it seems the boys will be happy to keep you company for the next generation. "Okay, that's cool. But I'm off to watch TV now. Sim City Hospital is on." Alright then, do that. See you around. And so ends chapter eight of the Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures. Thanks for reading, and be sure to join us next time for some more Legacy living. Coming up at least: more engagements, some weddings, babies, general craziness, and of course more plotting by our oh so dear villain Salahuddin. So, until then, and happy simming!