The Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures, ch. 7


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The Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures, ch. 7

  1. 1. Dear reader, welcome to chapter 7 of the Bookacy Family Alphabet adventures! This is where we left off last time: the six Bookacy children from generation A were all grown up and ready to go to college. There they march, towards their new life, and after a few collisions, their dorm rooms.
  2. 2. The first few days in the dorm go... erm... slowly. Everybody is busy doing different things, and I'm busy controlling them. Adrian is busy discussing extramarital affairs with Abraham. Oh, and I'm busy also losing my mind.
  3. 3. Here's a money tip for you, if you send sims to live in dorms. Give them a musical instrument as soon as you can. The dormies are always in the need of fun, and they line up to play. They always perform, not practice, and they also tip each other autonomously. Guess who gets the money when they check the tip jars? Oh yes, you do. Neat, isn't it? Well, in my case, it didn't go that well in the end. The Bookacies didn't live in the dorm very long, so the dormies didn't have time to play very much. And on top of it all, I forgot to pack the guitar with the kids when they left the dorm. So a word of warning: that is not the correct way to do it.
  4. 4. So what do the Bookacy kids spend their days doing? Well, they go to class... And they smustle. Those being the two most important bits I suppose.
  5. 5. So, late one evening, not long after college had started, the kids had wandered into the dorm living room to watch TV and to chat. It was Nicole, Adrian's high school sweetheart, who started the discussion. "It's a crime that we have to live like this, cramped together in this dorm. Nobody ever really gets to do anything fun or reasonable here."
  6. 6. "Oh yeah, I agree", said Arthur, "I think we'd all be a lot happier if we got separated in some way. Seven controllable sims in the same dorm... Well, it's a mess, for both us and the Creator." Hear, hear! "And well, I've kind of promised Meadow... That she could come live with me in college. So, no offense, but you guys are kind of in the way."
  7. 7. "Just what I meant. It's criminal! So. Who's for splitting into separate households? I know I am!" All the siblings seemed to agree with Nicole's thoughts. All there was to do, was to decide, who would live with whom. In the end they came to the conclusion that it would be best if the household was split into three. Arthur and Abraham would live together as they were twins, and Arthur's girlfriend, Meadow Thayer, could join them. Also, as Aadam and Adson were very close since childhood, they would also live together, and Aadam's gilfriend Rebecca could join them. Adrian would be staying with Nicole and Aurora, and Aurora's boyfriend Andrew could join the trio.
  8. 8. When all was settled, two cabs were ordered, and the siblings were separated. And the Creator let out a sigh of relief.
  9. 9. The first thing Nicole wants to do is to purchase a community lot. I grant her that, we have some money. And well, I like her.
  10. 10. About the second order of business for me is to go grab Andrew by the sleeve and get him live with Adrian, Nicole and Aurora. And the third one is to get rid of that weird hair, Andrew. Where on Earth did you get that? Your teen hair was cute.
  11. 11. Much better, hun. You're cute.
  12. 12. Morning, Adrian. Cool PJs. *giggle* Nothing says "hot romance sim" quite like light green pajamas with tiny smiley squares on them.
  13. 13. A normal day in the Bookacy dorm – first class, then kicky bag with a random dormie (who looks like Komei Tellerman).
  14. 14. "Oh, Adrian is so hot. Can't you decide already whether I can be his spouse or not?" Ummm... Yeah, I suppose I could do that.
  15. 15. Oh yes. I gave in and gave the two a date. Nicole has wanted to fall for Adrian ever since they first hit the dorm, and now he wants to fall her, too. (Not that it would mean much, as he is romance, but anyway.) Alright, Nicole, you can be the spouse. "Yay!" "Hey, what about me and Andrew? Can we have a date too?" Alright, let's make it a double date, then.
  16. 16. It doesn't take long until I officially give in. They're in love - there's no way back really. "Oh yes there is, I'm a romance sim, remember?" Hnngh.
  17. 17. I'll have to have a chat with Adrian about that. But anyway, also the youngsters seem to be enjoying their date.
  18. 18. And yes, love it is, for them too.
  19. 19. This is a true double date. They even make out simultaneously.
  20. 20. Hey, do you mind? I'm trying to have a double date outside!
  21. 21. Ha, school grant time! And time to get out of the dorm, finally!
  22. 22. So, this is it. The Bookacy Greek House. Aren't I great with inventing names? Oh, and trust me, it's the outside that is fancier here. "Hey, we don't even have wallpaper inside!" Shush, Nicole. I'll get to it when we have money. We sort of... well, ran out of money. And it was you who wanted to buy the community lot.
  23. 23. Well, now that we're settled, Adrian, would you mind applying for the charter? Now that you're officially the heir and everything. We want to get the Greek House established. "Sure thing, C." C? "C, as in Creator." Alright, then. Go make the call.
  24. 24. They get settled pretty fast, and pretty well. Even too well, this young lady might think. Andrew, she's trying to study. "And I'm trying to get aspiration points!"
  25. 25. Oh, where did this come from? Oh yeah, it must have been Nicole. She went to visit campus, and came back not with a pizza box, but a plastic bag. She walked in and the bag disappeared, so I thought that whatever she was carrying must have vanished into thin air. But it must have been that I had walls down and didn't see that she did have something to bring home after all. Cool. And to think I've always spent good simoleans on those things.
  26. 26. Why the grin, Adrian? Feeling lucky, maybe?
  27. 27. "Oh yeah baby!"
  28. 28. Alright then. I think I'll just leave you two to it, then. I think I'll go see Aurora and Andrew instead. "Mmmmpphhmmmpphhh." I suppose that I have the permission to leave.
  29. 29. Of course. I should have known it. "Known what?" Never mind, Andrew. Never mind.
  30. 30. It seems they don't have any room for me here, either. I think I'll go see if there's something entertaining going on downstairs. Like, umm, the pizza rotting, or maybe even the cooking channel lady catching fire on TV, if I'm lucky. "Sounds good, please do!" I'm going, I'm going.
  31. 31. Why the grin, mr. mailman? No woohoo for you here. Sorry.
  32. 32. Hey, pretty streaker! Someone go talk to her!
  33. 33. Nope, too late. She got away. But we do have some pizza.
  34. 34. "Hi, bro! Cool to see you. Hey listen, now that you're here, would you mind writing my term paper?" "Not at all, sister dear. I mean, if you write mine when you visit our place." "Sure thing!" Now that they're all grown up, I kind of like having many siblings.
  35. 35. But hey! Who's that playing rock paper scissors with Nicole? Yep, that's me. I've wandered on the Bookacy Greek House lot. (Which may turn out to be a mistake, but anyhow.) You see, I'm a student too. Well, *krhm*, not exactly a freshman, but anyway. I am not an adult yet. No, no way.
  36. 36. Hey, random dormie. Do you mind? My heir and his spouse are trying to hang out with me.
  37. 37. See? Nobody gets off the lot without being exploited, at least a little. Not even me.
  38. 38. But I'm not cruel. I do let myself eat pizza when I'm done scrubbing the counters. I'm not sure if I should, though - if I really look like that when I'm eating, I think I should quit doing it altogether. I can tell you, it's really weird to see a little pixelated you scrub counters and eat pizza.
  39. 39. Not to mention use the bathroom and then sit down on the floor to do homework. Sure, I do it all the time! No wait.
  40. 40. Meanwhile, elsewhere. It's not only the Greek House kids who get played. Another household consists of Adson, Aadam, and Aadam's high school sweetheart, Rebecca.
  41. 41. The three also settle in their new home quite nicely, and get to know each other. "I love being shipped off to college, finally. Goodbye, eternal teenage and townieness! It's great being here with you guys."
  42. 42. There is something that I didn't take into account while planning the households, though. It's that no matter how close Adson and Aadam are, It's Adson and Rebecca who are romance, and Aadam is pleasure. Adson, can you please try to stop drooling over your brother's girlfriend while you're chatting up your grade? "Hey, they're not even together anymore, right?" Well, I suppose not... But still!
  43. 43. Oh dear. This can't mean anything good.
  44. 44. Despite the trouble looming in the horizon, I give the kids makeovers. Here's Rebecca.
  45. 45. Adson. I never realized that he was such a hottie before. Wow. "Thanks, C! I quite agree." Have you by any chance been talking to Adrian? "Sure. I want to chat with my siblings on the phone every day, you know." Oh yeah, forgot about that.
  46. 46. And here's Aadam. True to his colors again.
  47. 47. "Hi there Abraham. Listen, I suppose you aren't fed up with term papers yet?" "Of course not, I'm a knowledge sim you know." "Thought so. So, would you mind... I mean, mine is due tomorrow and it's... kind of... well, unstarted..." "Sure thing, bro! I can find my way to the computer!"
  48. 48. "Can I go to bed now?" Yes, you can. Your paper is about to finish itself, so you may sleep.
  49. 49. One day, as Adson goes out for the newspaper, he meets a fellow student on his yard. "Oh wow!"
  50. 50. "Can I can I can I?" Alright, go ahead.
  51. 51. Adson, if you want this girl, you have to concentrate! "But... Rebecca is hot!" And she has dated Aadam!
  52. 52. That's better. You concentrate on her. Ask her on a date, that's my boy.
  53. 53. The date is a success. They're both romance, so it suits.
  54. 54. Otherwise life goes on as normal. Siblings are for term paper help.
  55. 55. ... as are teachers.
  56. 56. But then, late one afternoon, just as Aadam happened to peek out the window... There was a pale man in a lab coat passing by their apartment. He looked strangely familiar to Aadam.
  57. 57. To his utter surprise, the man didn't pass by. He took a piece of paper out of his pocket, looked at it and came to ring the doorbell. Aadam was puzzled, but he went to open the door all the same. The man just looked at him in silence, smiling slightly. Aadam had already understood why the man looked so familiar: it felt like looking in a mirror. The man kept smiling and finally said to Aadam: "Hello, son."
  58. 58. Aadam stood dumbstruck on the porch. The sun was setting. He "Let us take a stroll in the yard, and I shall explain everything to stood there for a long time, and finally asked quietly: "S-son?" you, son." "Oh yes. The fact that I know you, doesn't necessarily entail that "Okay, umm... dad. I don't suppose my friends will need me inside you know me. Excuse me, I haven't introduced myself. I am for a while." Salahuddin Chamcha, your father." "Splendid!" "But how..." "Oh, I have my sources in this neighborhood Let us say that a little bird told me who you were and where you lived. You have had your doubts about your parentage, haven't you?" "I have. I look nothing like the man that I was told was my father. I always thought my mother wasn't being honest with me. And I do look a lot like you. But... I still don't understand."
  59. 59. And so they went, and they talked, for a long time. Salahuddin explained to Aadam everything he knew. It turned out that he had known to suspect Author's pregnancy, as she so strictly refused to see him after their romantic encounter. Salahuddin had contacts in the neighborhood, and one of them had confirmed that Author was indeed raising a pale skinned child, a child that looked nothing like her husband, Count Curtis. Salahuddin had done his homework, and known that he had a child, but had never gotten the chance to contact him earlier, as Author wouldn't even talk to him, let alone tell him where his son lived. "... so it took me quite some time, but in the end my sources gave me your address." Aadam was convinced. This man was telling the truth. It all finally made sense. He stood quietly for a while, letting it all sink in, and said: "Well, it was about time we met."
  60. 60. "Yes, indeed, son, about time. Son, have you been studying hard?" "Yes, dad, I have. I am a straight A student. Why?" Salahuddin smiled. "Well, I obviously want to be able to be proud of my son. I'm glad you haven't been neglecting your studies. Right now you may not know how important they might turn out later." That wasn't the clearest of answers, but Aadam didn't press it.
  61. 61. "It's really great to have finally met you, dad. I've always felt as if something was missing from my life." "I'm glad you're glad, son. An old man like me can never have too many friends, and I was delighted to know I actually have a son."
  62. 62. Into the night they talked. About Aadam's studies, Salahuddin's work, their future plans. Everything between Heaven and Earth, as only long lost friends can.
  63. 63. Finally, as it was quite late already, Aadam said: "Dad, there's someone I'd like you to meet." "Really? Who might that be." "My... err... well, my girlfriend Rebecca." "I'd love to meet her, of course."
  64. 64. "Dad, this is my friend Rebecca. Rebecca, this is my father, Salahuddin. And there comes also my bro... well, half brother I guess then, Adson." "Nice to meet you, sir", said Rebecca. Adson was puzzled. "Your father? Wow, I always thought we looked different, but it never occurred to me that... Wow. Well, nice to meet you, then, sir."
  65. 65. "It's my pleasure, miss Rebecca. It's always great to meet friends of my son's. And Adson, a pleasure. Your mother did mention you when... err... when you were quite a bit younger." "Hey, I've just finished fixing spaghetti for dinner, why don't we all sit down, have a proper meal and get to know each other better?" Adson suggested. "What an excellent idea. We visitors are always hungry, you know."
  66. 66. And so they sat down and talked. Aadam explained Rebecca and Adson how he'd come to find his father, or rather, how his father had come to find him. The discussion soon turned to something that was on the minds of all of the students frequently: what would happen after college. "... but whatever I'm going to do then, I know one thing", said Aadam, "I'd like to get to know my dad better. I'd want us to be best friends." "That is delightful, son. I would like that, too. You know, you might even consider coming to live with me when you move back to Alphabetia." Aadam didn't say anything, but just looked at his father with a wide smile on his face.
  67. 67. Evening turned to night. Rebecca had an exam in the morning, so she said good night and headed upstairs to bed. The men continued their discussion. Adson, who had been very insulted by his mother's adultery himself, was very understanding towards Salahuddin and his bitterness, even though it was his own mother. He had the feeling that Salahuddin wasn't sharing all his thoughts with neither him nor Aadam - and why would he, really? They'd after all, just met. He wondered how much the man would say if asked about his relationship to Author and his future plans about it. "Mr. Chamcha, I'm really sorry about what happened between you and my mom. It's her nature really - she is a pleasure sim, and that lifetime want of hers..." "It's alright, Adson. You don't have to apologize for your mother. I know it is in her nature to do as she did. As you said, she is a pleasure sim. I knew it all along, but... Well, I can't help but to feel a little bitter right now." "I understand completely, mr. Chamcha."
  68. 68. "But Adson, let's not be so pessimistic", said Aadam, "now that I've found my father, it may be that we can make everything right again. There are plenty of things we could do." Somehow Adson didn't have the courage to ask what those things were. To him that was the first sign that not everything was quite alright with his little brother. Brother, half brother, it didn't matter. He was worried. Salahuddin didn't say anything, he just kept on munching his food as if he hadn't seen food for weeks. Soon after that Adson said good night and left upstairs. Not that he was that tired really. He just needed time to think, and he felt that he wouldn't really be missed in the reunion of father and son.
  69. 69. After the dinner Aadam and Salahuddin were the only ones awake. They sat down in the living room. As excited as he was about having suddenly got a father, something made Aadam a bit cautious. "Dad?" "Yes, son?" "You are going to try and set things straight with mom, aren't you? I mean, a peaceful coexistence of some sort would be nice."
  70. 70. "Oh yes, son. I'd like to have things settled as much as you would. Believe me, I would. And I will do my best to settle things peacefully. But I'm afraid we might be past that point already. I really don't know. Time will show, son." That answer seemed to be enough for Aadam, he was content. As for me, it made me nervous.
  71. 71. "Don't worry about any of that right now, son. You've got school to attend to, and do take care that you attend to it well. I'll take care of these issues between me and your mother. There are some measures that I will take as soon as possible, but it will take some time." "Okay, dad."
  72. 72. It was getting late, and it was time for Salahuddin to leave. "Dad, there's something I have to say. It's been wonderful to meet you and see what a great, nice personality you are, not to mention brilliant knowledge sim. I know that as late as we may have met, you're going to be a great father to me." I understood Adson's worries about Aadam perfectly well.
  73. 73. "Thank you son. And you are going to be a wonderful son to me. Now, just concentrate on school and that charming young lady friend of yours." "I will. If you need me to do anything, just call." "I will. We'll keep in touch."
  74. 74. Meanwhile, in the Greek House, everything goes on as normal. Everybody is making new friends, and old friends are used as pledges. There are term papers to be written and toilets to be cleaned, you know.
  75. 75. Lots of term papers and toilets, that is.
  76. 76. Hey! Just because Andrew asked you to pledge, it doesn't mean you may swoon over his girlfriend! Sorry about the bad picture quality here. I seem to have forgotten the basics of picture taking yet again. Sigh.
  77. 77. Oh yes, it's toga party time. Adrian wanted one, so who am I to say no? This is a Greek House, after all.
  78. 78. The siblings love to pillow fight - and well, it does go together with the bed sheets. Please carry on.
  79. 79. Nothing beats smustling on the porch.
  80. 80. Except maybe smustling on an all too small porch. And remote control cars.
  81. 81. Poor Nicole almost missed the party - she had class. But, she can still join the others on the porch and cause everyone to wave around, stomp the ground and complain about not being able to smustle. Good times.
  82. 82. Nicole is a hardworking sim by the way. Here she maximizes creativity, as you might guess. "And the stupid lama still won't tip me." Indeed. I'd want the money too, Nicole.
  83. 83. Oh yeah. Now the lama gets tipped. Where was everybody when Nicole was playing? "Yeah, thanks a lot!"
  84. 84. Now, this is a guessing game. Who is having a fight here?
  85. 85. Okay, who guessed? What is a Greek House without the cow starting fights all over the place?
  86. 86. ... and getting her, or in this case, his butt kicked. Way to go, Colin the lama!
  87. 87. We need more pledges, so Adrian asks Laura the cheerleader to join. Most likely there is a term paper with her name on it somewhere. Or, actually, his name. But it's not going to be him who writes it.
  88. 88. Well, no other reason for this picture than the obvious one. Proof that being Creator makes you hot. Thank you, Adrian.
  89. 89. Oh yes, and that was Adrian going shopping for clothes, so it's finally makeover time in the Greek House. This is Nicole.
  90. 90. And Adrian gets a makeover as well.
  91. 91. Andrew decides to celebrate the brand new wallpapers and propose to Aurora.
  92. 92. "Aurora Bookacy, will you marry me?" "Oooh, shiney..." Aurora, drop the cliches and say yes already.
  93. 93. "Shiney... Pretty shiney..." Aurora! "What? Oh, yeah, right."
  94. 94. "Of course I will, silly!"
  95. 95. And the newly engaged couple celebrate by... going to class. Romantic, huh? Notice platinum plumbob. (To me it just means it's a great time to go to class.)
  96. 96. That's Ashley Pitts running with our invisible newspaper. Every Legacy has to have at least one shot of a paper being stolen. So, I can check that in my list.
  97. 97. Nicole spends her time well. Painting masterpieces and earning money. For the Greek House, of course, but let's not tell that to Nicole.
  98. 98. She and Adrian also get a date every now and then. Here Nicole seems to have stepped on Adrian's foot. Which I, of course, found hilarious.
  99. 99. Mostly the diet for these kids consists of pizza, pizza and pizza. Well, it's free.
  100. 100. Just a regular day in the Greek House: Nicole paints, Aurora and Andrew are having a date, and the lama is hanging out, most likely with Adrian.
  101. 101. Back on the other side of the campus, things haven't changed much. Aadam is still swooning over his high school sweetheart. Hey Aadam, are you sure that is smart? "What do you mean?" Well, she might not be interested any more. And you know it. You didn't dare to use the word girlfriend in front of her the other night. You knew she might not quite agree, didn't you? *grumble*
  102. 102. Honestly. I sense trouble.
  103. 103. However, Rebecca wasn't all that Aadam had in mind. He worked hard on school and kept in touch with his father. He also seemed to be doing some kind of research that Salahuddin had asked him to do, and making mysterious phone calls Hey, whatcha doing? "Mind your own business, C." Sigh. Nobody tells me anything anymore.
  104. 104. Some days later, a part of Aadam's mysterious plans came to sunlight. He was standing in the yard face to face with an old friend. "Hello, Marsha. Glad you could make it." "It's good to see you, too, Aadam. It's been a while."
  105. 105. "So is this it? Is it finally time that our plans start rolling?" asked Marsha. "I believe it may well be. We have talked about this all since I was a kid. It may finally come true, with the help of my father." What may come true? "C..." I know, I know. Not telling.
  106. 106. "My father should be here soon, so why don't we go inside and grab a soda and maybe a sandwich. I think my brother Adson is making some as we speak."
  107. 107. The meal was rather quiet. Aadam and Marsha were both too excited to speak much, and Adson was deep in his thoughts. He didn't know much, but he was worried.
  108. 108. "Hi dad. Good to see you." "Likewise, son. Let us go straight inside, so that she doesn't have to wait."
  109. 109. "Alright then. Dad, this is Marsha, Marsha, dad." What is it that you two want? "It's a pleasure", said Salahuddin and made a small bow. *silence* "Nice to meet you too, sir." Marsha was quiet for a moment, then Alright then. No answers. So, this is where I have to leave you this looked at Salahuddin and asked, unable to hide her curiosity: "So time. Make sure to tune in for chapter 8 in The Bookacy Family you're the one Aadam has talked about so much. Can you do it? Alphabet Adventures. Thanks for reading, and happy simming! Can you get me what I want?" Salahuddin smiled. "Getting right to business, aren't you? You seem like a smart girl, Marsha. Well, I think I might well be able to help you get what you want. And you may well be able to help me get what I want."