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The Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures, ch. 5


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The Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures, ch. 5

  1. 1. Welcome back to the Bookacy family saga. This is chapter five, so if you haven't read the four previous ones... You know what I'm going to suggest. In the Bookacy household, we find that there is a reading session going on. The youngest of six generation A children, Aadam, is currently a toddler, and my founder's spouse, Count Curtis (or Curty as I like to call him), is quite oblivious to the fact that little Aadam couldn't possibly look more different from him if he tried. He goes on, happily reading the young one stories about space ships. Which I don't mind at all. It is probably the best for everyone if things stay the way they are.
  2. 2. Every toddlerhood has to end some time, and now that time has come for Aadam.
  3. 3. Aadam's leap to childhood gathers the older kids to watch. On the left in a gray t-shirt is family sim Arthur, and on the right, with thumbs up, is Arthur's knowledge twin Abraham. Adson the romance sim is on the foreground, and behind Aadam is Aurora, the only girl in this generation. The only kid missing here is the to-be-heir, Adrian.
  4. 4. On the surface Aadam seems just like any other kid really, but as Creator I know better. He is the child of two extraordinary sims, and can't possibly be like any other kid. There is something scary about him, and nobody knows why. Least of all himself.
  5. 5. As heir, Adrian here is occupied with more important things than his brother's birthday. Like dining out with his store clerk girlfriend, Nicole.
  6. 6. And falling in love with her.
  7. 7. ... and surely Nicole can't resist my romance heir, either, especially when he offers her a backrub.
  8. 8. And it all leads to a make out session, of course. An excellent way to send a romance teen to platinum. Not that Adrian wasn't there already by now.
  9. 9. Well, as a result, the date was dreamy. I wonder what I'm going to do with all those bouquets.
  10. 10. Adrian isn't the only one getting to date. Guess who Arthur is getting to know here?
  11. 11. Oh yes, it's the infamous Meadow Thayer, whom Arthur has two bolt chemistry with. But what else is happening here, except that Meadow brings her butt into a picture she shouldn't be in?
  12. 12. As stated several times before, Aadam isn't like any kid. He is the child of Author Bookacy and the mysterious man next door, Salahuddin Chamcha. It's just that, well, his mother is married to another man. Nobody ever told little Aadam the his Daddy ain't his Daddy, but on some level he seemed to know it all the same... Aadam, what is it? "*Sob* I don't know! Mom is playing red hands with that, that, man over there, and *sob*, that upsets me so much!" It seems that red hands counts as cheating, if it happens on a date. And well, from little Aadam's point of view, I guess Author was cheating on his father with another man - even if in reality it was the other way around. I shooed the dating couple and Aadam into different rooms (not the easiest task while Aadam just kept crying and crying), but it was too late. Aadam's relationship to his mother was already damaged, and the worst part was, even Aadam didn't really understand why.
  13. 13. Meanwhile, Arthur and Meadow seem to be getting along very nicely, now that I get her outside, away from our family drama.
  14. 14. Also Adrian and Nicole are doing great. Which Nicole shows by leaving a piano on our porch. Not bad. We actually needed an efficient way of boosting creativity. I think we're keeping the piano.
  15. 15. It's makeover time again. First in turn is Arthur. He looks so much like his father, and is a family sim on top of it all. I adore him. And he seems to approve of his new look.
  16. 16. Also Abraham gets a makeover. He isn't the handsomest of kids, but not really ugly either. He is maybe a bit nerdy looking, but then again, it fits, as he's knowledge.
  17. 17. Also Adson is advancing in the girl front. He seems to come along with Sophie Miguel better than his brother did.
  18. 18. Eating Crepes Suzette seems to be the top priority here. Food is serious business, no time for interfering romance in here!
  19. 19. But after the dinner is a whole different thing!
  20. 20. Completely different. They now have a crush, and Adson got his first kiss when they were saying their goodbyes. Excellent.
  21. 21. So yes, I missed the first kiss again. This time not due to the cinematics, though. I forgot that a goodby first kiss also counts. I always find some way to screw up. don't I?
  22. 22. Sophie is so happy about the dream date that she absolutely has to bury her face into the bouquet.
  23. 23. Also Nicole and Adrian have been dating again, and Nicole has agreed to come back home with Adrian.
  24. 24. "Look at the time, I'd better go!" Hey, you just got here - and you forgot to give Adrian the dream date memory yet again! "I was distracted. He's soooo handsome."
  25. 25. The clock is ticking, but I'm not quite ready to let Adrian grow up yet, so he's getting a dose of elixir. There are scholarships to gain, you know!
  26. 26. So this is what he's spending his extra time on.
  27. 27. As is this. On the background you can see the reason he is up at this hour.
  28. 28. This picture is a rarity. Namely, Count Curtis seems to have a glitch that causes him not to be able to be told to clean up. As you can see, he can clean up on his own, though.
  29. 29. You might be wondering why Author hasn't had any face time on this chapter yet. Well, that is because she has been doing... the same old same old.
  30. 30. And she continues to do that. I apologize for the missing roof. That is one of the things I always tend to forget.
  31. 31. Same here, for both matters. And headmaster BJ Ryan doesn't seem to be attractive to Author.
  32. 32. And the same old same old goes on also in here. The matchmaker is quickly gotten rid of when the kids come back from school.
  33. 33. And when they do, it's time for them to work extra hard, as you can see. Yes, they're working. On the dancing scholarship.
  34. 34. And the pool one also. Not all of them may get those, but at least one can try, and up their fun at the same time.
  35. 35. Little Aadam seems to have found like-minded company in Marsha. In his childhood days, Adrian the demon kid brought her home, and now Aadam has done the same. How appropriate. And it seems that these two have big plans.
  36. 36. Oh, drop the attitude, Diva! Nobody asked you to show up. I certainly don't want the minus point, so you're never marrying in. I just brought Author Downtown... to do what? To find potential dates, of course.
  37. 37. And here's one, obviously: River Buckingham. Now just talk and get the relationship high enough so he accepts.
  38. 38. Oh yes. One date, free of charge. Thank you very much. Now goodbye. Yeah, it's free, but the effort is much bigger. It took Author several hours of today. Not that it matters as it was Downtown, but all the same... I doubt Author will not be dating much this way.
  39. 39. Back at home, what are the teens doing? Well, Arthur's thought bubble there tells you the essential parts. They're skilling, skilling and skilling.
  40. 40. And well, occasionally dating as well to get their aspirations up. Traditionally, I missed the first kiss yet again. But Arthur doesn't seem to mind.
  41. 41. "What, a recap? How boring!" Just do it, okay?
  42. 42. Thank you. It would be sweet if it didn't make them look like monkeys. ... well it does, just look at those lips!
  43. 43. Well well, someone's about to grow up! One more teen in the house.
  44. 44. There she goes. And what did I say just a few slides back about skilling? Well, there's proof.
  45. 45. Like that. Aurora seems to have picked up some tips on dressing up from her brother's girlfriend or something. And I'll get rid of that outfit as soon as I can. Aurora rolls pleasure, and her lifetime want is to become Professional Party Guest.
  46. 46. "Great playing there, prof." Yeah yeah. Just kick him out and ask for the next date. The time is limited you know.
  47. 47. The next date. Hey, where are you going? You're supposed to be on a date with Author, remember?
  48. 48. Oh, the pool table, of course. Alright, Author. Enough of this one as well.
  49. 49. All Curty thinks about is work, as usual. He's making good progress on his chosen career path, and has made quite some money as well. If I'm not completely mistaken, that marker was for 50,000 simoleans already.
  50. 50. ... and all that Author thinks about is blowing bubbles and dating and stuff. Definately not work. Poor Aadam, he's just trying to get some attention with that A+ he just got.
  51. 51. And poor Adrian. I'm sorry, it was my fault. I chose the unlucky chance card. I so wanted him to have a promotion, to reach the top for the scholarship. But it seems time is running out. What do you mean what career was he in? I haven't the slightest - it doesn't matter as he's going to college anyway.
  52. 52. Aadam got along with all his half siblings, it was just his mother who he had a problem with, without really understanding why. But it seemed that it was Adson who he was the closest with. Adson, who also had a problem with his mother's adultery. These two really seemed to have a connection. A connection that would last for time to come.
  53. 53. ... speaking of adultery. It just goes on and on, with a growing pace. Author is closing in on elderhood, and we want that lifetime want done with. Leo there is our next victim.
  54. 54. ... and a confused lama the one after that.
  55. 55. "Hello again, mrs. Bookacy. Time for some dates? I think I should give you a wholesale discount already."
  56. 56. "Oh, that is nice. How much is it?" "37 simoleans, please." "But I thought you said..." "Well, I said I *should* give you a wholesale discount, didn't I?"
  57. 57. And more. I guess at this point anything goes.
  58. 58. These kids are constantly checking themselves on the mirror. I'm sorry to burst that bubble, Arthur, but you have a huge zit on your forehead. If I was you, I'd rather put some acne cream on it and not boast at all.
  59. 59. Finally Aurora gets the chance to use the mirror for a makeover. (Meaning that I got her siblings shooed away from that particular mirror.) Not bad, I'd say. And she seems to agree.
  60. 60. Even though it's nighttime already, Author is still working hard. First dating isn't a child's play, Author. It's you who wants this, remember? Alright, say goodbye and you'll get to your bed.
  61. 61. Or, if you aren't fast enough, you'll get to the kitchen floor.
  62. 62. Despite all the dating and Curty's career ambitions, the two still find some time to keep up their relationship. This particular time by gossiping about their son.
  63. 63. It seems that someone is getting quite good at playing the piano. Must be Author, it's daytime and she's home alone so she can date away.
  64. 64. Another NPC - it's a bummer we've met this one already. Author now has quite a collection of potential future generation spouses in her phonebook. I think I should start calling them and transferring those acquaintances to someone younger.
  65. 65. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a historical moment. As you might guess from those points hanging over Author's head, she has just fulfilled a dream of a having 50 first dates. Permanent platinum, here we come! And not a moment too early.
  66. 66. "Goodbye dear. It has been nice doing business with you." I suppose so. You must have gained loads and loads of money from her.
  67. 67. As I said, not a moment too early. Author's birthday is here. And of course she has to transition in the bathroom. How traditional.
  68. 68. There she goes. Somehow the dress is rather appropriate... But then again, my nerves wouldn't take looking at it for too long, so I guess I should send her shopping.
  69. 69. Psst. Don't tell Curty that, but the love letter is actually to his wife. From her fiftieth first date. The date rating went up nicely, just because it was the fiftieth.
  70. 70. Now that Author has fulfilled her lifetime want, it is time for her to help her husband achieve his. So, he needs another friend for the last promotion. So, work on it, Author!
  71. 71. Oh, the matchmaker seems to have big plans as well. Oh yes, I am aware of the cliche. Trying to be smart there, you know?
  72. 72. I almost forgot to have a portrait painted of the founding generation, but luckily not quite. One of the teens did the actual work - don't remember which one. Aren't they sweet?
  73. 73. And the next day, Author's efforts pay off. Count Curtis becomes Mayor and thereby achieves his lifetime want. Hooray!
  74. 74. "Dad, congrats on that very first woohoo you had long before I was born." Hmm.
  75. 75. As in Author's case, Curty achieved his lifetime want not a moment too early. Birthday time!
  76. 76. Oh yes, he's still adorable! He doesn't even need a makeover, he's fine as he is.
  77. 77. And as if that wasn't enough, it's also time for Aadam to become a teen. So, please spin now that you're platinum!
  78. 78. There he goes, with the pretty sparkles.
  79. 79. And this is the result. Somehow the outfit seems very appropriate, I'll just need to get rid of the default hair. Aadam rolls pleasure, and also he wants to become a Professional Party Guest like his half sister.
  80. 80. The eventful night is not over yet. Adrian is very close to becoming an adult, so I give up on the rest of the scholarships and order a college cab. Adrian snatches all skill scholarships except for body, and in addition to them, dancing, pool and abduction. The last mentioned makes up for body and the job one, which means I get a half a point for Adrian's efforts.
  81. 81. Bye for now, Adrian. See you as soon as I can get the rest of the kids shipped to college as well.
  82. 82. Aww. Oh yes boys, you will get to go as well, just not quite yet.
  83. 83. There he is, all grown up in his new dorm. By the way, the cinematic for starting college is hilarious. It had Curty in it to show Adrian the dorm. They stood side by side, admiring the building. Then Adrian grew up, and Curty became all emotional and gave the confused Adrian a sudden hug. Then Adrian walked towards the dorm, turned back and waved, Curty still looking proud and moved. Right at that moment, the cow mascot ran through the lot right between them. Curty looked at the mascot, then buried his face in his hands in the sort of "what have I done" way. I think I laughed for several minutes. Sorry for rambling. I just had to tell you that.
  84. 84. Oh, and guess who's there as well? (And thinks Adrian is hot.)
  85. 85. Yes, it's Adrian's highschool sweetheart, Nicole. I liked her so I sent her to college with him. Nicole is a wealth sim with a lifetime want to become Business Tycoon. Not bad, especially as Adrian wants to become Hall of Famer. She is a funny sim. I've never, and I mean never, seen a townie or an NPC come with as many skillpoints as she did. Maxing her skills can be done in no time. She is a dreamspouse for a Legacy player: she has a nice aspiration (I don't have wealth sims that often, so I like that), a nice LTW and loads of skillpoints. There is only one but: her personality. Her statistics are 6/6/5/8/0. Yes, otherwise just fine, but... Zero nice points. Never before have I seen a sim with zero nice points either. Well, now I have. I'll have to think about that spouse deal still, Nicole. So no promises yet.
  86. 86. Back in the Chamcha residence, Salahuddin was going through a crisis. He had been denied the thing he wanted most: his love, Author. "Give her to me!" No. I'm sorry, Sal, but no. "Don't call me that! She is the only one to call me that!" I'm sorry. You must understand your relationship with her is over, and it's something that should never have happened. "I can't live without her!" Now now, don't be so dramatic. Of course you can, if you just try.
  87. 87. And Salahuddin tried. But it was much harder than I had thought. He was having grave difficulties. He tried to bury his sorrow and go on with his everyday life, but his mind wouldn't let him. It started making up things. And from there, things only got worse.
  88. 88. Even his imaginary companions mocked him in his misery.
  89. 89. One particular imaginary creature told him: "Are you just going to stand aside and watch while the 'Creator' makes your life miserable?" Hey! "Why don't you do something about it? Why don't you fight back?" Hey, you, Bunny! Don't put ideas into his head! "Don't listen to her, pal. There must be something you can do. You must be prepared to do something to win back your love, eh?"
  90. 90. And without another word, Salahuddin marched to the phone and dialed a number I didn't recognize. Salahuddin? Who are you calling? No answer. He begun a whispered conversation and ignored me completely.
  91. 91. "That's the spirit, pal! Don't let her get power over you!" What have you told him to do, you evil bunny? The bunny just laughed and went on cheering on Salahuddin. Answer me! *Puff*. He was gone. And this, my friends, concludes the fifth chapter of The Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures. Thank you for traveling with us, and welcome on board again. Happy simming!