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The Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures, ch. 4


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The Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures, ch. 4

  1. 1. Welcome to the fourth installment of the Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures! If you haven't read the three previous chapters, now is the perfect time! No no, I can wait. ... Done? Excellent! Now back to the Bookacy family house. In the yard we find a stack of overdue bills. And, a little less surprisingly, Author Bookacy, who is, even less surprisingly, pregnant. She is going to have her sixth child in a couple of days, so she is quite used to pregnancies. It's just that there is something unusual about this one. Something deeply worrying.
  2. 2. Meanwhile, in Downtown. It's about time to start looking for a girlfriend for Adrian, who, as a romance sim, craves for one of course. Or to be exact, several. You may also notice that I'm checking out service sims, and if you are good at deducting, you might guess that I'm strongly considering making Adrian the heir. Why? Well, I just somehow like him. Plus, he's the only one with more than three nice points.
  3. 3. Well, Adrian certainly approves of this young lady here. He happens to like brown hair. And no, I don't remember her name. Deal with it.
  4. 4. This one I do remember. Her name is Nicole, and in my opinion she is prettier than... umm... the other one. Adrian, naturally, disagrees. And judging by that look, Nicole isn't too impressed either.
  5. 5. Around those times, when Author was pregnant with her sixth child, a familiar figure would pass by the house from time to time, but no one seemed to want to greet him. Author seemed to know Salahuddin was there, but she was the most careful to stay inside when he stopped by.
  6. 6. This lady here (whose name I don't recall either) has come from work with Count Curtis three times now. He's always been too busy to socialize with her, but has just said goodbye right away. This third time it seems they've made friends. Well, I certainly don't mind making a friend with absolutely zero effort.
  7. 7. Curty? I don't think your wife is terribly excited about hats right now. She is focused on eating and sleeping at the same time. Sorry.
  8. 8. Oh yes, there is a baby in the house already. This, as you may remember, is Aurora Bookacy, who is just being tossed into toddlerhood by Adrian.
  9. 9. There she goes. And what does she look like? Drumroll, please...
  10. 10. *Drumroll*
  11. 11. There. Quite adorable. I was quite pleased to have a girl after all those boys, and as a bonus she is a sweetie, too. Her statistics are: 7/4/9/4/3. The three nice points from Curty dominate again.
  12. 12. The life in the house goes on as normal. And for the umpteenth time, I love having a teenager in the house. Adrian does a lot of child caring because there is simply too much to do for two. So thanks again, Adrian!
  13. 13. Now that Adrian is a teen, and now that there's a spot where he has time, we could change his looks a bit. Being able to tell the kids apart isn't the smallest of the reasons, certainly. Adrian seems to approve.
  14. 14. Author? Don't look so excited. For one, I know you can't be, as you are a pleasure sim. And secondly, that pregnancy means trouble, remember?
  15. 15. The family tends to empty the fridge quite often. I don't even bother to order food every time, I just replace the empty fridge with a full one. But sometimes I do order groceries - to meet the delivery people, of course.
  16. 16. Sneaking off bed at odd hours, Author? That might be a smart solution in this case. Don't wake Curty up.
  17. 17. Yes, I thought so. Now please don't yell everyone awake okay?
  18. 18. ...
  19. 19. And in the dead of the night Author gave birth to a little boy in the bathroom. Quietly he came to this world, and from the beginning there was something unique about him. Welcome to the family, Aadam Bookacy. You were named after Aadam Aziz in Salman Rushdie's "Midnight's Children". (Can anyone tell I'm a big Salman Rushdie fan?) Aadam Aziz was the grandfather of Saleem Siinai, who in turn was the protagonist of the story. The tale begun with Aadam, as he hit his nose on the ground while trying to pray, and that started a long chain of events, of which also Saleem became part. I have the feeling that also Aadam here is the starter of a long chain of events, and not only pleasant ones at that. He must be something quite special, as he is the son of two extraordinary sims.
  20. 20. Poor Curty slept through the birth, and he has no recollection of it whatsoever. Maybe it is the best for him that way.
  21. 21. In the morning all the children were wondering about the newborn baby in the house.
  22. 22. In the breakfast table Author took the matter up, as carefully as she could. She actually even paid attention to the fact how different the child looked from the others, and made up a story how she must have genes she knew nothing of, genes for pale skin and black hair. Cold sweat streamed down her skin, but bravely she went on and introduced Curty to "his son". For one reason or another, Curty bought the story. Maybe he just blindly trusts his wife, or maybe he simply doesn't want to know. All the same, both me and Author let out a sigh of relief that morning, when there was no explosion.
  23. 23. While the new baby is getting everyone else's attention, Adrian gets down to business with the girl he found so attractive.
  24. 24. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to go too well.
  25. 25. Actually, not well at all. "What, play red hands? What kind of a girl do you think I am?" Oh yes, I am aware that this is a Legacy story cliche. But one is allowed to use cliches, if one shows that they're aware of them. Isn't that the rule, right? Right?
  26. 26. "No way, I'm not doing that dirty stuff with him. Playing red hands, in his dreams! Oh, he is so attractive!"
  27. 27. So that didn't go too well for some reason, even though they are supposed to have one lightning bolt and all. Oh well, that doesn't mean they're meant for each other. Adrian, would you mind getting over the burglary? It happened at least two chapters ago!
  28. 28. Curty gets to know little Aadam, having no idea of his true identity... If he knew, what would he do?
  29. 29. Judging by that look, you'd think he knows.
  30. 30. But on the other hand, that is the look he had with all the other kids as well. In reality he is taking good care of the little one.
  31. 31. Author has her hands full with little Aurora. Amongst all the dating the little one needs care and training as well.
  32. 32. See? Also pleasure sims can make decent parents – at lest if you make them. Author and Curty both tend to play and snuggle autonomously, too, at times. And of course when it comes to babies, they love feeding them too much. Don't all sims?
  33. 33. Ha, another potential girlfriend for Adrian just came with him from school! ... no wait. The first thing she does is tease him.
  34. 34. Now look at what you did, stupid girl. Made poor Adrian cry.
  35. 35. And what does she do next? Marches into the kitchen and grabs a sandwich. What is it with these sims? Adrian, kick her bum out of the house!
  36. 36. Author is still spending quite some money on the matchmaker. Only 37 simoleans at the time of course - it seems the smallest amount you can pay depends on your networth or something - but all those dates make up a big sum in the end.
  37. 37. Oops! Fast, cancel, cancel! ... Oh. It wasn't Curty coming home after all. That was the carpool for Author herself, actually. I forgot she has a job, too. How embarrassing
  38. 38. "Hello, Adrian! I was just, err... having a chat with mrs Sunny Straight here. Oh yes, just a chat."
  39. 39. Nicole here is my next try to get Adrian a girlfriend. At least they seem to like pillow fighting together.
  40. 40. Finally. Time for Adson, too, to leave childhood!
  41. 41. Nobody is around, as Adson quietly celebrates his birthday by spinning around and transforming.
  42. 42. There you go. Adson rolled romance as well, and his lifetime want is to woohoo 20 different sims. Romance doesn't quite fit your namesake either, Adson. The real Adson of Melk was a monk. The dice seems to have something against my idea of having aspirations matching the names.
  43. 43. Also little Aurora is about to grow up. And of course her mother had to bring her big bum right in front of the kid. Hence the bad picture.
  44. 44. And so she does the demonic move...
  45. 45. ... and is absolutely shocked about her brother for some reason. Most likely Adson has rushed from the shower naked.
  46. 46. Alright, Adrian. Now that the birthdays are done with for a while, we can work on your relationship with Nicole. A date should help with that. And pillow fighting, of course.
  47. 47. He wanted to take a picture with Nicole, so I gave him that. I tend to spoil my sims a bit.
  48. 48. After that the charming seemed to work...
  49. 49. ... and Adrian was on cloud nine already, for all that romantic activity. And hearts were flying. Pink ones at least.
  50. 50. And only a few moments later also Nicole gave in and had a crush on Adrian.
  51. 51. Oh yes. I missed their first kiss. Bummer. So far I haven't figured how to turn off the cinematics. ... not that I've tried all that much, either. They are so cute, even though they prevent taking pictures.
  52. 52. So, to make it up, here's a re-take for you.
  53. 53. "Hey, Nicole, where did you go? I thought we were having a great time and you wanted to dine out with me!" "Call me back in the morning. I'm trying to sleep here, jerk!" Great. It seems changing locations doesn't work all neatly. Nicole seems to have walked home just like that in the middle of a great date - and Adrian doesn't even have a memory of the date being great.
  54. 54. Hey, where are you running?
  55. 55. To prove another example of the cinematics preventing picture taking, of course. Adrian became my first abduction in this Legacy, then. I kind of wish it would have been Curty... But on the other hand, no I don't. Six children are quite enough, thank you. And now Adrian gets the abduction scholarship as well.
  56. 56. Author and Curty seem pretty unbothered by the recent turn of events - they happily continue their date by gossiping about Aurora.
  57. 57. And then by making out.
  58. 58. Car woohoo seems to be their favorite way to forget that their son is currently being examined by aliens.
  59. 59. Thankfully, the aliens also return my potential heir. As good as new, only with a potential trauma hanging over his head.
  60. 60. And his first order of business is of course to let college know about the happy event. "Happy? Happy? Can you see the color of the marker? Do you know what the red color there means? Any idea?" Yeah yeah. But you were happy to get the scholarship, weren't you?
  61. 61. Little Aurora is catching up with the news... now wait, kids of that age aren't supposed to be interested in newspapers! "I'm not, I'm just reading the comics." Oh, comics. It would have been another cliche had you been making secret plans to take over the world or something. So it's good you're not.
  62. 62. Author has a first date with the big cheeked mail carrier, who thinks about college. Although in reality he's never gone to one.
  63. 63. And next, some blonde guy. Who of course has to drop right in front of the door, so that the teens can't get inside with their homework.
  64. 64. Somewhat surprisingly, Adson seems to have a problem with his mother's adultery. He actually threw a fit about it. Adson hey, you're a romance sim, remember? "That is completely different! My Mother greeted another man, on a date!" Oh, that must be horrible, completely unbearable. "She is my Mother!" Oh well. At times understanding a sim is not possible.
  65. 65. ... but then again, it may be that these kids' brains are damaged in a way that explains all kinds of peculiar behaviour. Who knows.
  66. 66. Even little Aadam doesn't stay a baby forever. Here his half brother Adson helps him to toddlerhood.
  67. 67. Aadam grows up in style - complete with a pink tuxedo.
  68. 68. Here he is. There is something honestly scary looking about that child. It is hard to define, but it is there. That has to come from his father. Aadam's statistics are 6/9/6/3/4, which means he is actually slightly nicer than most of his step siblings. Not that he looks like that.
  69. 69. Adrian! How many times do I have to tell you not to think that way of your own Mom? And right after helping his half brother grow up - a half brother he doesn't know is a half brother. How messed up is this family? Luckily Dad doesn't notice a thing, he is so concentrated on his newest promotion.
  70. 70. Otherwise all goes on in the normal way. Or as normal as it can in a family like this. Poor Aadam suffers from the condition where his teeth got in the wrong end of his lower chin. As if an illegitimate child didn't have enough worries without that.
  71. 71. Author doesn't seem to have cared about Adson's hurt feelings, but she goes on working on her lifetime want any time she can.
  72. 72. And what does her husband do meanwhile? He teaches her illegitimate son to walk. Poor man. He doesn't seem to have a clue.
  73. 73. Outside Author finally reaches the important goal of 30 first dates. We're more than half way through!
  74. 74. Arthur, in turn, shows he's a talented kid. In the same way I am talented. At breaking objects.
  75. 75. And Adson wins the award for the first Bookacy family member to be caught playing in the tub.
  76. 76. In addition to his work, Count Curtis keeps up with his important job in raising his children. From now on Aurora gets her homework done with less effort and suffers less fun drain.
  77. 77. No, this isn't Komei Tellerman sneaking to steal our paper.
  78. 78. It is a townie who looks much like Komei Tellerman, sneaking to bring Author a Wroom Master remote control car. Thanks, townie who looks much like Komei Tellerman. It will be put to good use – to increase our bank account saldo. All it did to make the date be that good was that it was Author's thirtieth first date. Which was nice. We got a remote control car.
  79. 79. Also Adson finally has the time to get a makeover. He seems to be pleased with it.
  80. 80. As little Aadam grew bigger, it became all the more obvious that he wasn't a child of Count Curtis. But Author still refused to tell her husband the truth. I had the feeling that she was lulling herself into a false sense of security, because Count Curtis hadn't seemed to notice anything peculiar. But nothing I said would turn her head. She argued that telling would just hurt her husband in vain. I was powerless against her will, and poor Count Curtis stayed oblivious.
  81. 81. Curty was still concentrating hard on his career. Sometimes too hard to break free from it for a minute to give little Aurora some attention. Sometimes it made me think that he was maybe escaping the truth that way.
  82. 82. Next thing we knew was that the twins' birthday came around. First up this time was Arthur.
  83. 83. And there he goes, spinning while his family is distracted, Abraham by the burglary on the night the twins were born, and Adson by something else.
  84. 84. Arthur becomes a teen alright, and he rolls family. His lifetime want is to be Captain Hero. Curty seems to be overflowingly pleased with the birthday. No wonder Adson is a bit distracted.
  85. 85. Also Abraham grows up the same night - naturally, as they are twins.
  86. 86. His choice of the spot to grow up is not the best possible for pictures, though.
  87. 87. Thanks, Adrian, for that. Thanks a lot. Oh, and that must be Daddy on his way there on the left. Always true to his ways.
  88. 88. Yes, that was Daddy.
  89. 89. So there is Abraham, now covering the doorway from others in turn. He rolled knowledge, and his lifetime want is to become Mad Scientist. Not bad, but it doesn't really matter, because I'm already so heavily favoring Adrian. Sorry, kid. You don't stand a chance.
  90. 90. Around that time me and Author agreed that even if she couldn't tell the truth to Curty, she should at least contact Salahuddin and make it clear that she couldn't go on like she had. She was a married woman, and it would have to end. Picking up the phone was hard, but finally Author could bring herself to do it.
  91. 91. Poor Salahuddin came over unsuspecting, happy to see his love again.
  92. 92. "Listen, Sal. I've got something important to tell you." "Oh, what is it, honey? Have you found us the perfect getaway flight? Or a cosy cottage under a palm tree?" "No, I'm sorry. It's nothing like that."
  93. 93. "It isn't? What do you mean? Don't... don't say..." "I'm sorry, Sal, but that's excactly what I'm saying. We're over." "But... We can't be. Can't. All those plans we made that night..." "Excactly, 'that night'. We were one night, Sal, nothing more. I am a married woman, and you knew that all along. I should never have done what I did, and that is all. I'm sorry that I hurt you, but the truth is that I will hurt my husband even more if I go on with this. I love him, and I simply can't do it." "But..." "No buts." "But... What about us?" "Sal, listen to me when I say: there is no us, there never was!"
  94. 94. "So you've just toyed with me all the time? Your intentions were never honorable, you never really loved me!" "No, that's not what I'm saying!" "Yes it is!" "It was never my intention to hurt anyone, but I did. I already said I was sorry, but if that's not enough, there's not much I can do about it. This is a matter between me and Creator." Hey, don't pull me into this! "You, shut up! I'm not talking to you. Sal, as I said, this is an agreement between me and her. I can't do this any other way. Make what you will of it."
  95. 95. "So you are the one behind this. I knew it." I told Author not to pull me into this! "I knew it. All you care about is this family. You just want to go through that stupid challenge thing, you don't care about my feelings at all!" Salahuddin, that is not true! "Prove it. Let me have Author." I'm sorry, but I can't do that. I just can't. "I knew it."
  96. 96. "Fine, let's do this your way then, Author. Go back to that husband of yours, pretend that we never existed, that what we did never happened! Go back to cheating him with numerous men, keep lying to him, to your kids, whatever. Just know one thing: this isn't over yet."
  97. 97. And that was the last of him Author saw for a long time. This concludes the fourth chapter of The Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures. I hope you have been enjoying your ride, and please join us next time in chapter five. Until then, happy simming!