The Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures, ch. 2


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The Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures, ch. 2

  1. 1. Welcome, dear reader, to the second chapter of the Bookacy family saga. Now, if you haven't read chapter one, I strongly advice you to do so - there will be no time for recapping. And now, on with the story! Wonder who's living in this... umm... incredibly fancy house?
  2. 2. But of course, it must be the forever date aspiring Author Bookacy...
  3. 3. ... and her vampire husband, Count Curtis Bookacy (formerly Barthelet). "With thee in mind, I shall lay myself to rest."
  4. 4. Do you mind? Author is trying to have her tenth first date there, okay? She doesn't need any matchmaker to babysit her. Neither does she need anyone's face stuck in the back of her head.
  5. 5. And do you mind, Prof whatever-your-name-was? "What?"
  6. 6. You're waking her husband up! "She has a husband?!" Yes, she does, and he is a vampire. "A v-v-vampire?" Oh yes she does. And he's going to... *Scream* I was going to say "to say goodbye to you".
  7. 7. Okay, Curty. Check the paper again, and hope for political career. "There is one." Excellent! Then take it! ... There might be one problem though. "What do you mean?" You're a vampire. This is a day job. "What? A day job? But I thought all politicians were on the dark side?"
  8. 8. This picture was originally intended to show how funny a vampire is in pajamas and a thinking cap, but then I got impressed by the floating cap in the mirror instead.
  9. 9. Okay, Curty, time to, err... adjust your preferences a bit. I want to see if that gets you to three bolts.
  10. 10. "Hey, can I have some attention here?" No, not really. Your husband is simply so entertaining. What is it?
  11. 11. "My tummy got bigger again." Oh. That. Well, I've seen that now. Please carry on.
  12. 12. It's aspiration boost time again... And time to tell dirty jokes about diagrams.
  13. 13. Time to make out...
  14. 14. Time to eat mac and cheese in your underwear... Wouldn't you just love a date like this?
  15. 15. Time to talk to the belly... Please don't scare the baby, okay?
  16. 16. And yes, the date was a success.
  17. 17. Oh, and Author here seems to have an admirer. The professor, whatever his name was. The one the woke Curty up. Better not let Curty see that, Author.
  18. 18. So, getting out of bed before dawn? That can only mean one thing...
  19. 19. Yes, it's baby time!
  20. 20. Why do they always go next to a wall to give birth? Yeah, try and take pictures of them...
  21. 21. "The baby is coming. They must not see that their mother hadn't made the bed."
  22. 22. Hey, wait a minute! How did this happen? You obviously haven't always been a vampire, have you Curty? I think I'll have to see your skincolor with my own two eyes. But anyway, welcome to the family, Adrian Bookacy. You were named after Adrian Leverkuhn in Thomas Mann's "Doctor Faustus". Adrian Leverkuhn was a talented German composer who eventually became a faustian character – made a deal with the Devil in order to create great music. Hence the name of the book.
  23. 23. "Hooray, a baby!"
  24. 24. He just looks so adorable, no other reason for this picture. No, not the baby, I'm talking about Curty. Oh alright, Adrian's cute too. But Curty is cuter.
  25. 25. Now Curty, go have a nice first day at work!
  26. 26. And please hurry, you're smoking already!
  27. 27. Excellent work with the promotion there, thank you. Now please go for the coffin, fast!
  28. 28. Anyone fancy a game of "let's overfeed the baby"? Author seems to, anyway.
  29. 29. Now that Curty's mind has been modified a bit, I'm giving Author her makeup back. This is what she thinks about that. Sorry, girl, it's staying. I happen to like it. And so does your husband, now that I've told him to.
  30. 30. These two are having a date again. And well, this is what Curty decided to do on his own. I knew it would only be a question of time before I'd have two vampires instead of one, and actually liked the idea. And well, to be honest with you, I think I would have had the time to stop him, had I wanted to.
  31. 31. Author? Author, are you paying attention? "Pretty purple light..."
  32. 32. No, doesn't seem that you were. Oh well.
  33. 33. Author? Author!
  34. 34. "Bleh right back at ya, darling!"
  35. 35. "Congratulations for coming over to the dark side, dear."
  36. 36. Oh, I've forgotten to mention: they both wanted a car, so I bought one. This, err, beautiful vehicle is theirs. Being pleasure sims, I doubt they'll ever use it for driving, though.
  37. 37. Another successful date, thanks to the dating-purposes-only car. Now please hurry up, Curty...
  38. 38. ... and go change the nappy already. Poor little one is screaming his lungs out.
  39. 39. Curty? You know you look a bit scary with that look on your face. As if you were going to eat the baby for breakfast instead of feeding it a bottle for breakfast. And well, stuffing his head through your arm also looks a bit scary.
  40. 40. Simultaneous bedtime for the vampires. The coffins are in the living room only for the time being, as we can't afford to build a crypt quite yet. Well, at least there is no one to come and watch tv this time... Stupid professor...
  41. 41. Am I cruel for making them go to work smoking?
  42. 42. Please Curty, hurry! Author is at work and the baby needs you! I know it is sunny out there, it always is. Just please be quick and please don't die because of this...
  43. 43. Ah, made it to the fridge. Little Adrian seems to be very very tired, as he's asleep even as he's being fed.
  44. 44. Oh yes, Author does spend some time with her son, too. It's just that I adore her husband and take loads of pictures of him.
  45. 45. Okay, you two. The rules say at least three children per generation, which means we're two short. Do something about it. "Woohoo time, hooray!"
  46. 46. I like the fact that vampires' needs never drop during the night. They can woohoo and skill constantly. I actually first thought that I'd gotten Curty glitched as his mood wasn't dropping, but when Author got bitten, I got a tip from the game and it said it was supposed to happen. Only then I fully realized the possibilities of being a vampire.
  47. 47. It seems that the second try for baby number two has worked.
  48. 48. I decided that now that we'll soon have two little ones in the house, it's too risky to have both parents as vampires. I got so nervous when I had to get Curty out of the coffin for a dirty nappy that I decided it's time to get rid of vampirism. Besides, Author wants to. Umm, Author? You may want to check the what it says on the bottle. Those things are usually for oral use only, you know.
  49. 49. Author? You're all gray... Is everything alright?
  50. 50. Seems so. Author, dearie, it's over. No need to fear the sun anymore, and no need to try to hide under the counter, either. I don't think you'd fit there.
  51. 51. "One more for my husband, please." Okay, I'm curious what Count Curtis really looks like.
  52. 52. ... and you can probably guess what happens next.
  53. 53. "Oh sure I have a husband, mrs. Matchmaker. If he should ask, we've never met, alright?" And no need to tell you what happens after that... Moving on.
  54. 54. Curty here seems to have read the instructions more carefully than his wife.
  55. 55. All the same, it looks rather painful.
  56. 56. So *that* is what you really look like. You must be the first black vampire I've ever seen. And absolutely a very handsome one. Yes, you may now shower.
  57. 57. Umm... Curty dear? No need to cover your face like that. You're not a vampire anymore. "I will always be the Grand Vampire at heart." And it seams that he will. He keeps walking like that, with his face covered.
  58. 58. Finally, birthday time!
  59. 59. Here he goes!
  60. 60. Do you dare to look behind the confetti?
  61. 61. No worries, the boy is a cutie! Adrian's statistics are as follows: 2/8/5/5/7. Quite a sweetie, that is.
  62. 62. And yes, it's also baby bump time.
  63. 63. Like that.
  64. 64. So, in the Bookacy family everything is nice and peaceful. Count Curtis enjoys his bubble baths...
  65. 65. Little Adrian enjoys the tunes... "Actually, lady, I'm developing a revolutionary new tune system." Following in the footsteps of your namesake, then? I wouldn't recommend that path, dear. And I'm discussing with a toddler, who can't even speak yet. I did tell you I am crazy, didn't I?
  66. 66. Where was I? Oh yes, everything is nice and peaceful and that stuff. Curty bathing, Adrian inventing a tune system, and Author, now pregnant with her second child, dating everything that moves (like Sandy here, because she can up Author's first date count without having to pay the matchmaker).
  67. 67. What is the word you're now all expecting to hear? Yes, that word is "until". Until, one sunny day, Author takes a walk around the neighborhood, and ends up on a lot that has been empty for all eternity. And meets a stranger. A mysterious, handsome stranger with a suit and a top hat. Oh yes, this is actually a plot Legacy. And oh yes, I'm cruel enough to leave you right here. So, until next time, and happy simming!