The Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures, ch. 13


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The Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures, ch. 13

  1. 1. Dear reader, welcome to chapter 13 of The Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures! A large house stood alone at the outskirts of Alphabetia, where sims rarely wandered. It was nighttime.
  2. 2. Suddenly, three characters appeared to view and approached the house. The vampire spoke: "This is it, the perfect hiding place I've found. It has all modern conveniences, and a very efficient security system on top of that. Intruders will not be a problem." "So this is our new house?" asked the little girl in a yellow t-shirt. "Yes, dear Marsha. And wait until you see the inside. Let's go."
  3. 3. "So, do you like it?" asked Salahuddin Chamcha. "It's amazing", spoke his son, Aadam, "How do you find these places?" "Well, it does take some skill and connections", said Salahuddin, smiling, "and fortunately, I have both. What about you, Marsha?" Marsha couldn't even speak. She was too busy admiring the shiny floors, the beautiful fireplace, the piano against the wall, everything. Salahuddin smiled even more widely. "Come, Marsha dear. I have yet something to show you. Something very special."
  4. 4. Salahuddin took them to the next room, the perfect little girl's room, with beautiful pink colours, a desk and shiny new toys, including a real little oven. "Well, Marsha, this is going to be your room. I thought it would be nice to have the kind of a room that is entirely your own, and one that is actually meant for a you girl such as yourself." "Dad, this room is really nice", said Aadam, impressed. "Did you decorate this yourself?" "Well, I had some help, but well, yes. I chose the colors, as Marsha here told me she likes pink. Marsha, what do you think? Would it be nice to live here?"
  5. 5. For the first time, Marsha spoke: "I love it!" she said smiling from ear to ear.
  6. 6. "Thank you, mr. Chamcha! I've never had a real room of my own, and I love it!" "You are welcome, Marsha dear. Now isn't it about bedtime, young lady? Tomorrow is a school day, after all." "Yes sir, mr. Chamcha! I'm going straight to bed!" "Very well. Goodnight then, Marsha." "Goodnight, mr. Chamcha! Goodnight, Aadam!" "Goodnight."
  7. 7. "So, Aadam, this would be your room then, Aadam. It may not be as fancy as Marsha's, but I hope you don't mind." "Well, it's a room, and that's alright. But I don't think there's going to be room in here for two, though." "For two? What do you mean, son?"
  8. 8. "Well, you see, Dad, I'd like to have my girlfriend living with us, if you don't mind. I'm sorry, I should have brought it up earlier, but somehow I forgot." "Ah, the charming young Rebecca. I remember her, yes. I suppose it is me who should be sorry, son. I should have taken into account that you will of course want to share your life with such a charming young lady. However, I..." "Umm... Dad? About that..." "Yes?" "This young lady... It's not Rebecca."
  9. 9. "What do you mean?" "Dad, me and Rebecca decided to not go back together in college. We just felt that we wouldn't make a very good match in the end. We, well, I guess we broke up." "I am sorry to hear that, son. You should have told me." "I know I should have, but I suppose it was a bit embarrassing for me. Anyway, what I meant to tell you is that I'm now seeing someone else." "Really?" "Yes. Her name is Joy, and she is a wonderful girl. I met her in my final years in college. You really should meet her, Dad. She truly is amazing." "I'm glad to hear that, Aadam, I truly am. But..." "But what?"
  10. 10. "Aren't you a littly hasty here? I mean, can this young lady be trusted?" "I trust her completely." "I believe that, Aadam. And I do not mean to insult her. I simply mean that..."
  11. 11. "That what? You are trying to tell me that I cannot trust my girlfriend?" "No, Aadam, that isn't what I am saying at all. I just mean that maybe you are being hasty in your decisions. Maybe you should wait a little before inviting her move in, to get to know her better. After all, you have just been treated badly by someone, so don't you think you are maybe trusting this new girl a little too much a little too soon?" "Dad! Rebecca didn't treat me badly, we just decided not to date anymore. And even if she did, why should I blame Joy for her mistakes?" "But, Aadam, you are just denying things here. I understand that you want to believe that everything is alright, that you have parted in full agreement, believe me, I do. But I can see from you that it isn't really the truth." "But Dad..."
  12. 12. "Listen to me, son. I am very sorry that you did not tell me this sooner. I could easily have dealt with this young lady. No one hurts my son without penalty!" "Dad, that is not necessary! Everything's fine! And besides, this wasn't about Rebecca, this was about Joy!"
  13. 13. "You are right, Aadam. Let us not discuss her treachery now. What matters right now is that you have found new happiness with this young lady. So you say her name is Joy? It would be charming to meet her soon." Aadam was slightly struck about his father's change of tone. "Oh. Yeah. Well, I guess I could invite her over soon, so you get to meet each other." "Splendid, Aadam. I am looking forward to that."
  14. 14. Back in the legacy household, things are good. Adrian, our current heir, teaches his half alien son to use words to get what he wants. "Bill hungwy." "Very good, son! How about I'll get you a bottle of milk now? Would you like some cheese in it?" Adrian, no! "Aww, C, why not?" He's going to get enough cheese when he grows up, with you in the house.
  15. 15. Our current spouse, Nicole, does some bonding with the old lady of the house, Author. And generally my sims pillow fight a lot.
  16. 16. They also have some more serious things to do: Author needs to transfer her business perks to someone in the bloodline so that they don't go to waste. As a fortune sim, Nicole was the perfect target. If someone else needs the perks, she can then transfer them in turn.
  17. 17. Speaking of businesses. It's time to move the Bookacy Family Bakery to its next owner. "Adrian, I'd like you to have the bakery. I want it to go from heir to heir and stay in this family, and I think it's time for you to take the responsibility over it."
  18. 18. "Thanks, Mom. Don't worry, the bakery is in good hands, as is this family. I will do my best to run both, and in time I will transfer the ownership to the next heir or heiress." "Very good, dear."
  19. 19. The Clown in a Box made by Nicole seems to draw the attention of the little ones of the family rather easily. ... yeah, I know. in reality, this is just a pointless cute picture.
  20. 20. Here's the oldest of generation B, Beth, bonding with the family simnoid, George. Oh, and since you last saw her, I've given Beth a makeover, to make her look more like her name is Beth. And yep, that's Adrian in the background. His days mostly consist of eating grilled cheese sandwiches and working out.
  21. 21. And yet again, I love George! What more needs to be said?
  22. 22. Nicole finally got the chance to open that business she bought way back in college, now that she has the family money to spend on the essentials. Oh, and one thing I absolutely have to boast about: she gained the gold sales badge literally overnight! Well, she has almost maxed skills, so I guess she is a fast badge builder in everything, then. I'm so proud of her. I might even try to get her all the badges while I'm at it – it's one point you know.
  23. 23. So, this time I'm trying out a venue. It's kinda nice, mostly what Nicole needs to do is to sell the tickets, and then she can hang out with the customers, who stay for ages, thanks to the snapdragons she made for the business.
  24. 24. Had to record my first customer loyalty star. Thanks, Rebecca!
  25. 25. Or, alternatively to hanging out with the customers, Nicole can spend her time in the backroom badge building. Finally the gold toy badge!
  26. 26. See that guy in the red shirt? He is the reporter. How can I tell? He purchased a ticket without having to be persuaded at all. He just walked straight to the ticket machine and bought a ticket. I'm sure he must be the reporter.
  27. 27. The stars go flying! Well, it still takes time, but yes, it seems that running a venue is way way way easier than running a store – let alone a bakery. My choice for family business was probably a slightly bad one, but whatever. In Alphabet rules, it only matters what the rank is in the end, so I can build it as slowly as I like.
  28. 28. Haha! The reporter is winning. Going well, Nicole! "I know. I'm letting him win a bit."
  29. 29. What did I tell you. He is the reporter!
  30. 30. And he is liking the business!
  31. 31. And this is the result: the best of the best award, yay! Too bad that this isn't the family business. I think an award like this is worth five points or something, if I remember right. Oh well, there's plenty of time to snatch it for the bakery, too.
  32. 32. And next Nicole moves to robot making. I keep one talent bench in the back room all the time, so Nicole can work on her badges, but I don't spend too much on extra benches. I always sell the previous one away when she reaches gold. Now she's got sales, flower arranging, and toys, and she's working on the robots one. Bronze already!
  33. 33. Hmm... I suppose making money in my business makes happy customers. Right, mrs. Jacquet?
  34. 34. Back at home again. This is for DrSupremeNerd. I thought Beth maybe has the Stabby Death Nose*, but now that I look at the picture, I think that's Adrian's nose. Which he inherited from Curty. *The Stabby Death Nose, the nose that haunts the Prettacy line of the Vetinary Dualegacy, written by DrSupremeNerd.
  35. 35. While Beth watches TV with her friend from school, Author does some serious work for me: she finishes the portrait of Adrian and Nicole. An aww cute one. Thanks, Author! "No problem. Anything else?" Well, now that you mention it...
  36. 36. George has been hardworking as well. He tops the culinary career. Not that it actually was so much work – he inherited not only Author's personality and aspiration, but also her skillpoints. Which just happened to match those of the culinary career. Figures.
  37. 37. And George is in tip-top shape, too. "But nobody can tell, because I'm a servo!" Yeah. That's too bad.
  38. 38. Thank goodness for George, and for the elders! "Come to gramps, Baudolino, you can do it!" "Grampa Curty!" "Yes, that's it, kid. Now come to grampa, okay?"
  39. 39. And what do the elders do, besides take care of the kids? Well, the instruments always draw them.
  40. 40. And well, this, occasionally. "Privacy, please?" Okay. Have fun.
  41. 41. Beth takes after her mother in playfulness a lot. When left on her on, she's always playing on the computer or the console, jumping on the couch or such. And Nicole always loves a game too.
  42. 42. See? She loves the computer and the console.
  43. 43. Despite the constant playing, Nicole manages to top the Athletic career. Her second lifetime want is done. Wow, that was fast. What do you want now? "Well, I'd like to have 5 top ranked businesses." We'll see about that. It would be worth a point, but I don't know whether I'll have the energy to pull that. Anyway, good work, enjoy the double platinumness!
  44. 44. Adrian, when he isn't eating grilled cheese or working out to get rid of the tummy, has been working on his charisma. And finally he maxes it, so he can top the show business career. Oh, and I found Author in the basement like that. She was listening to him give the speech – another little thing I didn't know was possible.
  45. 45. Meanwhile, in Salahuddin's new residence. "Goodness, Joy, it's good to see you! I'm so glad you made it today. You see, my father has been insisting to meet you for ages." "He has? Wow. Sure, it would be great to meet him. You haven't spoken much about your family, you know."
  46. 46. "Yeah, I guess I haven't... So, all the more reason. Dad, would you please come here?"
  47. 47. "Dad, this is my girlfriend, Joy Mendoza. She just recently "Excellent, my dear! My son will help you with the move, and I will graduated from college." naturally do what I can to get you settled here." "Good evening, miss Joy. It is a pleasure to meet you, finally. Aadam was still struck about his father's rapid change of mind, but Aadam has talked so much about you." couldn't but mumble: "Yeah, of course I will." "Nice to meet you too, sir." "So, I hope I am not too forward, but has Aadam already talked to you about our plans of having you live here?" Aadam couldn't but stare. "Live here?" Joy asked, "No, he hasn't. Well, I haven't found a place to live in yet, and I do love your son..."
  48. 48. Back in the Bookacy residence, it's time for a double birthday. Even though originally a day younger, Bill is up first. Goodbye toddlerhood and diaper duty!
  49. 49. Hello childhood! I bet you're happy George? No more diaper duty for Bill? "Most certainly, miss Creator. More time for blowing bubbles and jumping on couches." Right you are, George.
  50. 50. Aha. Bill is still a cutie.
  51. 51. Alright, Baudolino, your turn. Seems that now Mommy made it to watch, too.
  52. 52. Not that she is watching you, but anyway. "Oh hi, Bill. So you already grew up?" "Yep. You just barely missed it." "I'm sorry about that. Urgent business in the bathroom you see."
  53. 53. "Hey, I've got fingers!" Yes you do. Nice looking fingers, may I add. Very good, Baudolino.
  54. 54. So, kiddo's. In this house childhood means you have to hit the books. "But we want to jump on the couch and pillow fight!" Now that your fun is full? I don't think so. Later, boys.
  55. 55. And well, in this house childhood also means the start of a grilled cheese treatment. "It's funny, isn't it?" "What's funny, dear?"
  56. 56. "That we're here, eating grilled cheese sandwiches" "What do you mean?" "Well, daddy is the one who wants those, right?" "That's right, Bill." "Well, isn't it a bit funny that we're eating the sandwiches here, and daddy is all alone in the corner working out, when what he'd really really want is a sandwich?" Well, that is kind of funny, yes.
  57. 57. Here's I guess proof that I'm not cruel – the kids get to pillow fight too. And Bill gets to clean up the plates. But he did it on his own!
  58. 58. Poor little ones. It's so tiring to study and pillow fight all day long. It's really tough to keep the kids going the whole day, their energy drains so fast.
  59. 59. And Nicole keeps making progress on all those badges. She really might even make them all.
  60. 60. Now that the kids were growing up so fast, knowing her own time was very limited indeed, Author invited an old friend over. "I'm so glad you could make it, Sunny. Thank you for coming." "Of course, Author dear. When a good friend like you calls for help, I do whatever I can. So, what can I do to help you?"
  61. 61. "Sunny, I asked for you to come tonight, because my time is nearing its end, and I want to make sure that doesn't mean the end of this family. I want my grandchildren to be safe." "So you have thought about the magical protection I talked to you about?" "Yes, we have discussed it with my husband, I think it will be necessary to put in place. This family is a Legacy, and as you said, there is some very deep magic bound into that. Magic that will last until the very last generation." "Yes, that is indeed the case. And that magic shouldn't be messed with, as I said on the phone." "So the danger is even greater than we originally thought. Not only are the living members of the family be in danger because of Salahuddin's actions, but also if my final rest is disturbed, that will break some of the deepest laws of Legacy magic. Am I right?"
  62. 62. "Yes, Author, unfortunately you are very, very right with that. You are the founder of this Legacy, and if you don't rest in peace, then all of this Legacy will be in a horrible danger." "I am certain that Sal will not understand to let me rest in peace. He has passed some invisible limit, a long time ago. So, I suppose we have to cast the spell to keep us all safe." "Yes, I suppose you are right. But do remember that there are drawbacks in this, too. It may, in the worst case, mean the destruction of the family, seeing that this man will certainly not leave the family alone after you have gone. And certainly it cannot prevent the family from experiencing great losses." "I understand. I am sorry for the situation I've put the family in, and there is no easy way out. The spell should at least make survival possible. Without it, Salahuddin has a clear way to destroying all of us once me and Count Curtis have gone." "Very well, if you are certain." "I am."
  63. 63. "Very well. Ready, my dear?" "I th-think so." The old gypsy nodded. With a clear voice she went on, without moving a muscle, with an absent look on her face: "This house is the home of the Bookacy Family Alphabet Legacy. Under this spell shall it be, for its generations to come. No outsider shall disturb the peace of the dead of this house, not until this spell is broken from inside the family. Is one not given the protective Aura of Heir or Spouse, when one leaves, one leaves, and leaves for good. There is no coming back, not in one's full form. After a Heir or Spouse has been named, the Aura can never return to its previous holder. In this house, decisions are final." After a moment of silence, Author dared to speak again: "Did it work?" The old gypsy nodded once again. "Oh yes. The spell is in place now."
  64. 64. "Now listen carefully, Author. This is a very powerful spell, and I have set it so that only a member of your and Count Curtis' bloodline will be able to break it. Once broken by someone in the bloodline, it cannot protect the family anymore. Salahuddin will have direct access to you again. So the spell should only be broken in an extreme emergency, and even then after careful consideration" "I understand." "Also, I may be able to give the family additional protection in the generations to come, but certainly not tonight. I have used a great portion of my powers, and I need to rest. Make sure that future generations know that I am at your service, and may be able to provide them with more protection." "Okay. I will let my daughter-in-law know right away. She is very bright, and will be able to handle these sort of things." "Excellent. Two more things. It is essential that future generations know about the spell, so that it will not be broken accidentally, but telling outsiders would naturally be unwise."
  65. 65. "This is also for the protection of the family. You will probably recognize this potion, Author?" "Yes, it is the potion I had to drink to cure my vampirism, isn't it?" "Yes, it is. Only a stronger mix just to be sure. Here, take it."
  66. 66. "Thank you, Sunny. I suppose it is good to have in the house. I will put this in a safe place and let my daughter-in-law know." "Very good, my dear. I do believe that now that Salahuddin has found a way to make himself a vampire, he shall use the advantages it gives him. Probably not only in this most obvious way, but at least you will have some protection if he does try that." "Thank you, Sunny. How can you thank you enough?"
  67. 67. "It has been no trouble at all, dearie. Just try to keep your family safe. Now I need some rest." "I will. Thank you, Sunny, for everything."
  68. 68. And so Author told Nicole everything she needed to know, and placed the tiny bottle on a table in the corner of the master bedroom. She could only hope that it would help when it was needed...
  69. 69. So, what's funny, Author?
  70. 70. "You put the clown painting I made next to our portrait!" Well, I thought it was somehow fitting - don't you agree? And, you provided me with the painting. "Yeah, I guess so."
  71. 71. Count Curtis has something important to do. Drink some elixir, that is. To fulfill a promise to Author, a promise to stay behind and take care of his family. "Great, honey. Now you've taken that last bit of elixir, as planned. Now you'll be sure to stay behind me for a while. How are you feeling?"
  72. 72. "Truly rejuvenated! Come hell, high water or Salahuddin, and I'll be ready for them!"
  73. 73. You made it to Idol then, Adrian? Congratulations! "Thanks, C. How about a grilled cheese sandwich now?" Several, if you wish. And then some exercise
  74. 74. Legacy kids have to study hard. Well, mine generally do, anyway. And grandparents are for diaper duty and homework help. Thanks Curty, for helping Bill! "No problem, Creator. So, Bill, think of them as, say, bubble blowers and it's easier. How many bubble blowers is two bubble blowers plus three bubble blowers?"
  75. 75. Some breakfast grilled cheese again, Adrian? (Breakfast, lunch and dinner to be exact) Isn't everyone else tired of the eternal sandwiches already? "What do you mean? Who would ever get enough of grilled cheese sandwiches?"
  76. 76. In the afternoon: "Dad! Look! I got an A+!" "That's great, Baudolino. Now would you like a nice grilled cheese sandwich for a reward? Daddy has just made some."
  77. 77. "Daddy, I got an A+, too!" "Very good, Bill. You must be hungry, eh? Grab a sandwich" Adson must be sorry for the kids, or what?
  78. 78. Well hello, Nicole. Welcome home. Is that a "Made 100 000 simoleans" marker I see up there? "Yes it is, Creator." Excellent, Nicole! One point for me, then. I'm sorry, I tried to get you roll the actual want, but didn't succeed. Well, I suppose you have plenty of aspiration points anyway. Right? "Well, I have quite some. Except that you tend to spend them on elixir. But if you want to make it up... You could always give me those five top ranked businesses, you know." Well, I'll think about that. How about a skill badge for now? "Well, that goes too, I suppose."
  79. 79. "Hi Mom! Guess what! I got an A+ today!" "That's great, dear." "Aunty C says you made lots of money at work." "Well yes, I did, honey." "Like, this much?" Baudolino spread his arms open wide. "Well, I suppose something like that", Nicole replied smiling. "How many bubble blowers does it make?"
  80. 80. So Beth, time to grow up already? "Yep." So the time flies.
  81. 81. Alright then. Just do the spin.
  82. 82. "Ooh. Shiny." "That's just Beth, silly." "Bummer. I don't remember Beth being shiny before, though."
  83. 83. "The shiny is gone!" "But I'm not! I'm all grown up! Well, almost."
  84. 84. So, here's Beth. And uncle Adson there in the background, watching his niece grow up. What can I say, wow. Beth is one of my best looking sims ever, I think. "Thanks, Creator." She rolled the Popularity aspiration, and her lifetime want is to be Mayor. Taking after your grandfather there, are you? "Well, I always thought grandpa was cool when he was wearing that Mayor suit and got to go to work with a helicopter. Besides, Mayors have power." Well, you have a point there I guess.
  85. 85. Speaking of grandfathers, what are you doing on the floor, Curty? "Err... Well, I was heading for my bed but couldn't quite make it." Sigh. Very well. New try? "New try."
  86. 86. "Adrian, honey. I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you. I think you're doing great as the heir."
  87. 87. "I am? Thanks Mom!" "Absolutely! And keep up the good work with your cheesy goal, too. You can do anything if you just want it enough. Just remember that."
  88. 88. "Morning, Mom!" "Morning, Adrian!" "Don't you strangely feel like we've just recently seen each other?" "What? But Adrian, don't be silly, of course not!"
  89. 89. One beautiful morning... "Author dear, would you go on a date with me?"
  90. 90. "A date? But of course! We haven't been on a date in forever, Curty darling! What do you have in mind?" "Well, nothing too pompous. I just felt a date would be nice. Just us two, here in our home, doing the things we like best."
  91. 91. "Author darling. I am the luckiest man in Alphabetia, for having found you. You know that, right?" "Oh Curty..." "I hope you're not overly worried about the future, are you?"
  92. 92. "Well, of course I am a bit worried, after all the trouble I've caused "And?" to the family already... And I know it will only get worse..." "And... Well, there is a new law coming up in Alphabetia soon. My "I know. But if it hadn't been you, someone else would still have successor arranged it. Certain priviledges will be reserved to our done something stupid. With guys like Salahuddin around, family." something is always bound to happen." Curtis smiled and whispered something in Author's ear. "I guess so." "That's very clever, honey! I know he won't be pleased, but at least "And, just so you know, and possibly worry less, I've now done it should definately slow him down." something that should slow him down." "Really? What?" "Well, let's say I pulled some strings in the Mayor's office. I still have friends around there you know."
  93. 93. "So, just don't worry about anything, honey, okay?" "With you I've never had to worry."
  94. 94. "I love you Author." "I love you too, Curtis."
  95. 95. "What a wonderful time we've had together! Don't you agree, Creator?" I do. I definitely do. It's been lots of fun.
  96. 96. Back in the Chamcha residence, where Joy has settled in. "Joy, honey, I'd have a favor to ask you." "Yes, dear?"
  97. 97. "I'd need you to watch over Marsha tonight. Me and my father... well, we have somewhere to be." "Oh. I had kind of been planning that perhaps we could have a nice family night tonight or something... You know, a nice dinner, perhaps a movie..." "I'm sorry, honey. Dad says this can't wait."
  98. 98. "What excactly is 'this'?" Joy asked, crossing her arms. She had a feeling that Aadam was not telling her everything. "Err... Honey, look. Dad insists we keep it secret, he has this thing about his work..." "It's his day off! He shouldn't be sacrificing his free time for those Criminal things. Everyone needs some rest, even your father." "I know, Joy, but he insists. He is very determined about those things. So can you please watch over Marsha? Both me and Dad would be very grateful."
  99. 99. "Oh alright, I'll look after her. I should get to know her better anyway. She seems like such a nice girl and all." "Thanks, honey! Dad asked me to thank you for him, too." "No problem, I guess. But I want that family dinner later, okay? How long will you be gone?" "Sure, sure, we'll do that later, promise. Dad says it'll be several hours, but he doesn't think it'll be longer than tonight." "Okay, good. I'll watch Marsha. You two just be careful, then."
  100. 100. And so Joy stood on the porch, watching the love of her life and his father disappear into the darkening evening. She had the feeling that Aadam was keeping something important from her, but she couldn't figure out what he would possibly be doing that for. She shook the feeling off and went back in to be with Marsha.
  101. 101. "So, I guess tonight it's just us two then, Marsha. How about we watch a movie and have a girls' night? I could maybe give you a new hairdo if you like, just for fun." "Okay, miss Joy! I've never had a girls' night before!" "You haven't? Well, in that case we absolutely have to! Let's go see, I think there should be some ice cream in the fridge."
  102. 102. Meanwhile, on the other side of Alphabetia. Kendra Patch had just returned from work, and it was almost bedtime for little Bianca. She was just about to grab her and take her for her evening bath, when the phone rang. Her husband, Abraham, nodded to her that he would take care of Bianca instead. Kendra picked up the phone. "Hello?" ... "Yes, speaking." ... "Oh, hello, Count Curtis. I didn't recognize you at first. How are you?"
  103. 103. "Just a moment. Abraham, honey, remember to give Bianca her bath duck, she won't sit still otherwise, okay? Sorry about that. I'm listening."
  104. 104. "What? Who, Adson? But..." ... "But of course he is. Anyone would panic. When did he last see her?" ... "Okay. Has he tried to reach her from work?"
  105. 105. "What, there has? Don't say..." Abraham was already up and had started walking towards Bianca, but now he'd stopped to listen to his wife's side of the conversation. "So it's him, isn't it?" ... "Alright. I'll call Arthur as soon as we get off the phone, and then we'll wait for you here. Try to stay calm, sir, alright?"
  106. 106. Kendra gave Arthur a quick call while Abraham bathed little Bianca and put her to bed. After that Abraham insisted to know what it was all about. "Well, it was Count Curtis. He is coming over soon with Adson and Barry. And Arthur said he'd be right over as well." "But what's happened? I don't suppose Dad just wants to have a family reunion at this hour." "It's Rebecca. She's missing."
  107. 107. "Missing?" "Yeah. Count Curtis said it was difficult to get anything reasonable out of Adson, but it seems that she never came back from work today." "But couldn't she just have gone... I don't know, shopping or something?" "That's what I thought too. But Adson has received a phone call. Count Curtis said Adson gets even more unclear when it comes to that, but apparently someone wants a ransom. Needless to say, Count Curtis thinks it's his wife's old boyfriend." "Wow, that sounds bad." "Tell me about it. And understandably, Count Curtis doesn't want the police officially involved unless absolutely necessary, so he contacted me instead, as me and Arthur are the cops in the family."
  108. 108. "What are you planning to do, then?" "Well, as I said, Count Curtis is now with Adson and Barry, they're coming over shortly. We'll try to get Adson to calm down and tell us what's happened. He can leave Barry here with you and Bianca – you can watch over two for the night, right?" "Sure. No problem." "Good. So we'll leave the kids here for you to watch. And then, well then we'll simply have to get to the bottom of this." Guess what? I've used up all the space already, so this is exactly where I'm going to leave you this time! So, thanks again for reading, and stay tuned for the next chapter in The Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures. Happy simming!