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The Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures, ch. 12


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The Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures, ch. 12

  1. 1. Dear reader, welcome to The Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures, chapter 12! This time, we are going to do an Official Spare Update. Why? Because I have loads and loads pictures of my spares, and I want to show off my families, of course! Now, without further ado, off we go. Let's start with the Thayer family. One of my spares, Arthur, is a family sim, and he recently got married to Meadow Thayer, his high school sweetheart. And now, not long after the wedding, Meadow has announced that she is pregnant. And what would make two family sims happier than babies, babies, babies?
  2. 2. Arthur works for the Alphabetia police. He dreams of being Captain Hero one day, you know. Meadow is in the Artist career, but currently on maternity leave, of course.
  3. 3. And before we know it, it is time for Meadow to give birth. "I'll be right there, honey! I'll just make the bed first." Neat freaks. Hmph. "OWWWWWWWW!"
  4. 4. "See? I'm right here!" And being oh so helpful, as all sim males at birth.
  5. 5. This is Bonnie Thayer, the firstborn of Arthur and Meadow. Welcome to the family little one! And for those interested, no, I don't name children of my spares after book characters. I don't want to use up the good names, you know. I do try to keep the naming in the correct letter according to the generation, though, just for fun. So all of generation A's children will be given B-names.
  6. 6. Nothing interesting about baby years, so let's fast forward a bit. To Bonnie's birthday. Oh, and those allergic to birthdays: I think it's safest for you to stop reading here. This chapter has quite a few of them. Or maybe you can fast forward to the very end - that's where we meet Aadam. (He's a spare too, that's why.) No birthdays there, promise.
  7. 7. "Woo! Daddy's little girl is growing up!"
  8. 8. There she goes...
  9. 9. ... and here she comes. Pretty as what. If anyone cares for Bonnie's stat's, here goes: 7/10/8/6/3. So the Curty's 3 nice points still dominate.
  10. 10. Life went on as it always does. Little Bonnie practiced walking...
  11. 11. ... Meadow came home from work and felt marvelous..
  12. 12. ... Arthur got abducted by aliens...
  13. 13. Now wait. Arthur got abducted by aliens?!?! Hey, cool.
  14. 14. "Creator, HEEEELP!" Well, I can't really. Don't panic, they'll bring you back home in a couple of hours. And you know what this means for you. More kids! I bet you are actually doing this on purpose. "NOOOO, CREATOOOR!"
  15. 15. "Oh dear, Arthur, Arthur!" Don't worry, Meadow. Your husband will be back soon enough. As good as new. Better, kinda.
  16. 16. "Waaa! Aliens took my husband!"
  17. 17. "Momma! Momma! Alien take Dada!"
  18. 18. "I know, honey. Don't worry. We'll get Daddy back. Creator promised we will. And they brought your uncle Adrian back too, so I'm sure everything will be just fine..." "Unca Adwian!" "Yes, honey. And that makes me think... It might be that Daddy will have a little surprise for us when he gets back."
  19. 19. And this, my dear readers, is why I think Arthur got abducted on purpose. You see, I had just given in and decided to give the family sims a second child. You see, I have to limit children of spares in order to fit all those generations in the neighborhood, so I'm setting limits for child numbers. Generally I have a one child policy, and exceptions can be made for family sims, who can have two. And possibly more, if their LTW so requires. So the upper limit for these two was supposed to be two. And now we've got three coming. I don't know whether I should squeeze Arthur, because I love alien babies, or yell at him. Well, when he got taken, I kinda did. "ARTHUR! THIS IS A LEGACY, NOT POPULATION EXPLOSION!"
  20. 20. So, in time the flying saucer shows up...
  21. 21. ... and we have Arthur back.
  22. 22. "Ouch, that hurt. As if I was dropped from the sky."
  23. 23. ...
  24. 24. "Don't say... I *was* dropped from the sky?" Yes, Arthur, indeed you were. Welcome home. "So... Does this mean the same as it did to my brother?" Yep.
  25. 25. "Aargh! Aliens!" Don't be mad at them. They did what aliens do. Besides, as a family sim, you should thrilled about having babies! "But I'm a married man! What will Meadow say?" I'm sure she'll be just fine with it. Nicole was fine with Adrian's alien son – and Meadow has nice points.
  26. 26. "Waaa! I was abducted by aliens!" Don't be such a baby, Arthur. What will poor little Bonnie think? Just pick her up and put her to the crib already.
  27. 27. The next night. "Hey, look, I'm pregnant!" So, feeling better already? "Definitely!" Thought so.
  28. 28. "So what is it, bro? Your tummy is like a football! Aren't cops supposed to work out anymore?" "Well, it isn't that, Aurora. I'm pregnant." "Pregnant? But I kind of assumed that Meadow would take care of that part for you." "Well, she does. She is pregnant, too." "..."
  29. 29. Speaking of Meadow... Well, time to have the baby! Remember, it's you who wanted this.
  30. 30. There! Welcome to the family, Bill Thayer. Yes, there are now two Bill's in this generation. I couldn't think up a name, so I reused one. Sorry, kid.
  31. 31. "Babies, babies, I love babies!" Well, apparently. Seems you'll do anything to have more. By the way, you're done with stargazing. From now on, you'll be earning the logic points the hard way, with the chess board.
  32. 32. "Did she just fast forward again?" Well, just a bit. You aren't all *that* interesting, after all. Alright, Bonnie, you have my attention. Go on and grow up!
  33. 33. "Like this?" Yes, like that. Thank you. She's a pretty girl. And I think she's got a lot of the same looks as her cousin, Beth.
  34. 34. Well, during the next few days nothing much happens. Except that Arthur gets bigger again, and Bonnie meets her cousin Baudolino, when she brings him from school.
  35. 35. "So your Daddy has met aliens, too? Mine has, and he says that's why my little brother, Bill, is green, because he's an alien." "I have a little brother named Bill, too. He's not green, though. Yeah, I remember that Daddy was abducted by aliens when I was little. And he says I'm going to have another little brother or sister. And they'll probably be green." "Cool!"
  36. 36. So, in time... "OWWWWW!" "*yawn* Would you please give birth a little quieter, honey? I'm trying to sleep here." "MEADOOOOWW! HEEELP!" "Alright, alright, I'm getting up... Men."
  37. 37. Alright, welcome to the family, Bailey Thayer. I could come up with a new name this time. Yay for that. "He's green!" Yes, yay for that too.
  38. 38. Alright, let's leave Arthur and Meadow with their three small children, and go peak at Adson for a while. So, fresh from college, Adson easily peaks the Slacker career. But that is not his real goal in life. What he wants most is to woohoo 20 different sims, and he is slowly working towards that. Yes, I adore Adson, so I'm giving him what he wants.
  39. 39. Here's what slows Adson down a bit: his half-official girlfriend, Rebecca, who used to date Adsons half brother Aadam when they were teenagers. Rebecca and Aadam parted in college in good terms, and after college Rebecca moved in together with Adson. Rebecca is a fellow romance sim, but a little more career oriented at that. What she wants from life is to become Celebrity Chef. She needs to do a lot of skilling to get there, but eventually she will. So why she is slowing Adson down, is naturally that Adson doesn't want to get caught cheating her. She is well aware of his lifetime want, and as a fellow romancer is fully alright with it – she just doesn't want to see any of it happening. They have an open deal, so to say.
  40. 40. So, Adson continues his romantic pursuits, when Rebecca is at work.
  41. 41. You indeed are shameless, Adson.
  42. 42. "Alright, bye honey, have a nice day at work!"
  43. 43. One down yet again. How many are we at, Adson? "Would you please not interrupt, C? I'm kind of in the middle of something here." Okay. I've just lost count myself.
  44. 44. I think we're slowly closing in on ten or so. What do you think, Adson? "Mppffmmpffh."
  45. 45. Yeah, I think we're not too far from ten. "Do you mind?" Alright, alright, I'm going.
  46. 46. But wooing and hooing the ladies is not all Adson does. He also has more serious plans, as he told me in college. Then he wouldn't tell me what those were, except that it was something that would eventually benefit all romancers. I think he's about to let me know a bit more. "So, my idea is that romancers are not valued enough in today's sim society, Remington. We should stand up and get the respect that we deserve." "I absolutely agree with you, Adson. We deserve better. So, what are you planning to do about it?"
  47. 47. "Well, I would like to form a support group for romance sims. To give support to those who are treated wrongly, and to generally forward our goals." "And that would include rising our aspiration meters freely, as we should?" "Absolutely, Remington!" "Well, in that case, I'm all for it!"
  48. 48. "So, I hear you are college educated? I suppose that will give you some knowledge that will help us to form this group."
  49. 49. "Yes, you've heard right. And I think it will indeed help us forward. I did some studying about these matters in college, and it does seem that no such group currently exists. At least not anywhere close to Alphabetia. And I believe there are plenty of romancers here who would need our help." "Yes, I agree completely. We need to act, there are so many who would benefit. Not to mention ourselves!" "Exactly. Should we now enjoy the hot tub?"
  50. 50. "So, boys. How is this support group thing coming along?" "I believe very well, mrs. Bookacy. I think I've found a soulmate in your son, we agree in so many things." "Yeah, Mom, thanks for introducing us. I think Remington is going to be a big help when I start forming the support group."
  51. 51. "No problem, boys. It is a mother's job to help her son now, isn't it? Besides, being a pleasure sim myself, I have understanding for your goals perhaps a little more than many others would. I think you are doing the right thing there, Adson. Not everyone is meant to live the same way." "Thanks, Mom!"
  52. 52. Umm... Adson? Don't you think it's a bit dangerous to take your cell phone with you when you go soak in the hot tub?
  53. 53. After Author had left back home, Adson and Remington went on with their discussion. "So, I think making out should be freely available to our members, if they so wish. Some arrangements would of course have to be with the housing, so that drama is avoided, and maybe we could have some kind of a schedule... But you get the general idea."
  54. 54. "I certainly do. I think it's a shame that us romance sims get to make out all too little. Maybe we should have our members sign a contract, though, for safety reasons. To make sure that everyone understands the terms of free makeout and woohoo, you know." "Yes, I think that is an important issue, Remington. We will need to plan things very carefully, so that we don't have to suffer from jealousy and other such issues."
  55. 55. Despite all his great plans, Adson still has time for Rebecca as well. And what is their favorite way to spend their time together...
  56. 56. ... well, guess. They're romance sims, you know.
  57. 57. And despite all other things, Adson also continued to work on his lifelong dream.
  58. 58. With good success.
  59. 59. ... well, mostly good success.
  60. 60. I'm sorry Adson, I guess I should have been more careful. But well, as long as it's not Rebecca who finds out, all is well. Besides, I could remove the slapping from the queue, so it's only Kimberly who is furious. "Oh man, C, this sucks, I got caught!"
  61. 61. "I guess we'd better change locations." "Sure thing, pumpkin."
  62. 62. Well, no interruptions this time. Phew. One more down.
  63. 63. Aha! One more potential victim. Not that Sandy will mind, will you? "Not at all! In fact, Adson is just telling me about this support group he is going to have, and well, it sounds very promising!"
  64. 64. Whoah there, Adson! You are kissing Sandy right in front of Rebecca! "Nah, just a goodbye kiss. She understands." And interestingly, she did. No reaction whatsoever.
  65. 65. "Grr, cheating on me, that big fat liar!" Hey, lady, don't you call my Adson fat! "Figure of speech! Anyway, this will teach him..." Stealing the invisible newspaper? Well, if you say so.
  66. 66. Sorry, Adson. But having multiple lovers has its consequences sometimes.
  67. 67. As does woohoo, Rebecca! "Excuse me, I'm kind of busy here!"
  68. 68. We interrupt our regularly scheduled program of romance spares for some birthdays. First up is the Thayer household.
  69. 69. So, which kid is this again, Arthur?
  70. 70. "It's Bill, of course. You should have been able to tell it wasn't Bonnie, who was honking the horn, and it wasn't Bailey, who has green skin." I know, I know. Rhetorical question!
  71. 71. So, there's a shot of little Bill. Seems like a cutie. Stats, in case you are interested, are as follows: 4/1/8/6/6. Mostly moderate, then.
  72. 72. Oh hi, Adrian. Came for a visit, huh? But why are you holding Bailey? You know the rule is no touching babies in other households, remember? "But he's hungry! I have to give him a bottle."
  73. 73. "Oh dear. I wonder what's wrong with this. He's crying, what to do, what to do? Shh... Don't cry, shh..." Aww, as little as it helps, I find it adorable when nice sims shush a crying baby. I've seen a mean one yell at one, too, when it woke her up. That was in a different legacy, though.
  74. 74. "You know what, Bailey? You are kind of cute. I would have wanted to have more children myself, but Creator says no. But, luckily Arthur went and got abducted and had you, so we have someone to take care of. It's good to have you in the family."
  75. 75. Meanwhile, the oldest of the Thayers, Bonnie, also makes friends of her other legacy cousin, Bill. She brought him home from school, too. Alright kids, give me a nice hug pose, so I can take a picture! "Do we have to?"
  76. 76. Oh yes, it was birthdays I was supposed to do? Well, here's one. This time in the Patch household. Abraham, another spare of the Bookacy legacy, married Kendra Patch from Sim State, and they had a daughter together, little Bianca. And Bianca is just about to grow up.
  77. 77. "Whee!" Carefully, Abraham, she's just a baby after all!
  78. 78. There goes! Another little sweetie, isn't she? Those eyelashes must be from Author. And Bianca's stats: 4/9/5/4/3.
  79. 79. So, as I was about to say before the birthdays, Rebecca soon found out that she was pregnant with Adson's baby. She was pleasantly surprised. But what would Adson say about it?
  80. 80. The very same evening, she took the matter up. "Umm... Adson dear? I don't know if you've noticed yet, but it seems that... that I'm pregnant."
  81. 81. She needn't have worried. "Pregnant? Wow. You mean, like, a baby?" "Yes, we're going to have a baby." "Wow. Hey, I think I can hear it!"
  82. 82. "Hello, baby in tummy! This is Daddy! Can you hear me?" Adson immediately adored the little one growing in his girlfriend's tummy.
  83. 83. Soon enough it was time for Rebecca to give birth.
  84. 84. "Adsooooon! DO SOMETHING!"
  85. 85. "But what?!" Poor Adson felt entirely helpless. He was rather excited about the baby, but had really no clue what he should do with one.
  86. 86. Rebecca's pain didn't take long. Soon she gave birth to tiny baby boy, whom the parents named Barry.
  87. 87. "Okay, okay, all well, calm down, calm down..."
  88. 88. "Wow, Rebecca is still hot!"
  89. 89. "Hooray, Barry! Welcome! Daddy is cheering for you!"
  90. 90. "Well hello, little one. So I guess I'm your Mommy then. I may not be the most mommylike sim in town, but now I think I know why some sims want ten of you. You're kind of cute you know."
  91. 91. So, yet again we interrupt the program for some more birthdays. Are you tired of those yet? Well, I am, just a little.
  92. 92. This time it's Bailey's turn to become a toddler. And also his grandmother showed up for the occasion, to make noise with a horn.
  93. 93. So there goes my green cutie!
  94. 94. And there he is. Well, maybe not the most beautiful child in the world, but cute in a funny way all the same. And green, which is always a plus. So, Bailey's stats for the interested: 0/10/8/6/7. Alien extreme, but well, sweet.
  95. 95. Up next is Bailey's big brother, Bill. Alright, kid, whenever you're ready.
  96. 96. And there goes the demonic leap again. Maybe this one takes after uncle Adrian?
  97. 97. Well hello, Bill. Yes, that is indeed a hand. Very good. Congrats.
  98. 98. What? Yet another birthday? "Yes, little Barry is ready to grow up." Already? "Well, you are the one who does the fast forwarding here." You have a point there. But come on, yet another birthday? "Take it easy. This is the last one for the chapter." Promise? "Promise."
  99. 99. Alright then. In that case, I suppose we can watch. Go on and toss the baby, Adson! "Whee!"
  100. 100. And there goes little Barry. Quite a few of Author's grandchildren seem to have her eyelashes. Barry's personality statistics for the interested are: 7/9/2/10/3. An interesting mix, it seems.
  101. 101. And so even the romance aspiring Adson ended up having a family of sorts, and actually both he and Rebecca actually enjoyed it in their own way.
  102. 102. Alright. "What about Aurora and Andrew?" you may ask. Well, nothing really much is up with them. They both have career related lifetime wants, and they are working towards them. They haven't rolled wants to get married, so I've let them just stay engaged instead. They're pleasure, so they may never roll baby wants, and that is alright with me. The other sims in Alphabetia can well take care of filling the neighborhood to the brim. So frankly, these two are a bit boring, but I still play them sometimes, and let them have their favorite... er... pastimes.
  103. 103. So, only one more spare to go. What's up with Aadam? "Dad? Are you here? I'm home!"
  104. 104. "Well hello, son. I'm sorry, I didn't hear you come home, I was a little busy with my experiments." "Hi Dad. It's great to be home." "So you've now graduated, then? And coming to live with me and young Marsha?" "Yes Dad, I am." "Very good, Aadam. I am glad to have you here."
  105. 105. "So, how are things, son? Did you manage to do what I asked?" "Yes, Dad, I did. A little bit before I graduated." "And you then have..." "Yes, I have it. Just let's not..." "Naturally not, son. It would be rather unwise to." "Yeah." "Very good, son. I am pleased to hear you have succeeded. It will certainly help us with our goals."
  106. 106. "But what about you, Dad? What have you been up to while I've been busy with school?" "Well, son, I have been busy as well. I naturally have had my Mad Scientist duties, and on my spare time, I have done some research on my own, to forward our causes when the time comes. And naturally I have been taking care of young Marsha." "But what is the plan? What are you going to do now that I'm home?" "Son, not now." "But..." "Creator is listening. Let us rather go inside. It is rather senseless to stand here in the hall."
  107. 107. "Umm... Dad? The house is kind of... empty. It wasn't like this when I last came to visit." "Yes, son. I have been packing our possessions. I am nearly finished now."
  108. 108. "Packing? But what for?" "Well, I will put it this way: to forward our cause, it would be beneficial to move to another residence. Currently Author knows where I live, and keeping our matters secret is difficult when the Bookacies are watching over us quite carefully. I also believe that moving may loosen the grip that Creator currently has on us."
  109. 109. "Well, I suppose that makes sense. But do you have a new place in mind, then?" "Yes, son. I have been searching for a suitable residence for us for quite a while now, and I believe I have finally found one that fits perfectly. In fact, I am going to sign the papers tonight." "Really? Wow, you have been doing stuff while I've been gone."
  110. 110. "Yes indeed, son, I have. We shall discuss all that later, when we have no eavesdroppers", Salahuddin said, glancing at me sideways. But Sal! How else could I narrate?! "All the same, son", Salahuddin went on, as if he didn't hear me, "tonight I would need you to look after Marsha, while I am taking care of the paperwork." "Sure, Dad. I suppose she's in bed by now?"
  111. 111. "Absolutely, tomorrow is a school day. Everything is fine, she has finished her homework and everything. I just want someone to be home in case she happens to wake up." "Okay, Dad. I'll go check on her right now, and then head to bed myself." "I will take care of the papers and some other business, but naturally, considering my state, I will return by morning. I will see you tomorrow evening, and then we can hopefully discuss matters properly." "Okay, Dad. See you tomorrow!"
  112. 112. And so Salahuddin Chamcha stood on his own front porch, ready to face the night. There was until morning to take care of his business. "So, Creator. This is where we say... au revoir!" Au revoir? But... Salahudding looked at me and smiled, but spoke no more.
  113. 113. *Poof*!
  114. 114. And so Salahuddin took his batlike form, and sped into the night, where it was too dark for his Creator to follow him. He had taken care that he could attend to his business undisturbed. And this, dear reader, is where I leave you this time. I hope you have enjoyed our spare update, and wish you welcome again for our next regular show, The Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures, chapter 13!