The Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures, ch. 11


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The Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures, ch. 11

  1. 1. Welcome, dear reader, to chapter eleven of The Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures! This time around, we start by visiting someone familiar in college. Remember Adson? Well, in case you don't, you may want to recap some of the earlier chapters. Anyway, he is a generation A spare, and a sort of a secret favorite of mine. Adson, as you might guess from the picture, is a romance sim, and his lifetime want is to woohoo 20 different sims. So, Adson, who is this lucky lady here? I've forgotten. "This is Wendy, C." Oh lala, he remembers. What a gentleman!
  2. 2. Not wasting any time there, are we, Adson? That is, after all the "fell in love" marker I see there... Oh well, have fun. "*splash splash splash*"
  3. 3. But, let us step a little bit further back in time. You see, Wendy there wasn't Adson's first love. Can you guess who was? "I'm so glad we got to meet, Rebecca. It's been great living with you here." ... oh yes. I'm that big of a crook.
  4. 4. "Imagine, if you'd never gone to college with my brother. Then we'd never have met." "I agree, Adson. It was such a great idea that we three came and started living together. I'm so glad we met, too."
  5. 5. Aadam couldn't deny the attraction between his brother and his "Yeah. I mean, I know we used to date when we were own teenage sweetheart much longer. In the end it was him who teenagers,but that was a long time ago, and we were both kids. I took the matter up. think you two are going to be a much better match than we could ever have been. Besides, as I'm planning to change aspirations "Hey listen, bro. I thinks it's about time you and me talk about soon, we wouldn't be a match at all." Rebecca." "So... It wouldn't bother you?" "Umm... *gulp* What about her?" "Well I guess it might, at times. But that doesn't matter. What "Come on, Adson! We both know what is bound to happen with matters is that you two are meant for each other. And I trust you. you two." Rebecca will be safe with you, that's all I want. Just take care you don't hurt her, ok?" "Aadam, look. I know she means a lot to you, and I don't want to..." "I know, bro, trust me, I do. I just wanted to tell you that it's okay." "It... it's okay?"
  6. 6. And well, Aadam was rigth. It wasn't long until Adson and Rebecca, two romance sims, could no longer keep away from each other. They'd been drawn to each other from the day they met, and now that Adson knew that it wouldn't bother his brother...
  7. 7. They were soon madly in love.
  8. 8. And well, as it always does, one thing lead to another.
  9. 9. Meanwhile, Aadam sat alone in the living room. He was sure he had done the right thing, but he was feeling a little lonely all the same. Rebecca had, after all, been his girlfriend once, and now he was alone again. They hadn't really been together for a long time, but somehow it felt more official now than it had during all of college.
  10. 10. Also, living together was slightly awkward at that time. Rebecca was very happy with Adson, and she was grateful to Aadam for his understanding, but she didn't really know what to say to him. Aadam felt the same. All they could do was wait and hope that things would get more natural with time.
  11. 11. Wooing the ladies isn't all Adson is doing with his life. He also studies hard, which is something that cannot be said of all romancers. "You see, C, there are some things I'd like to do when I grow up. I need knowledge to be able to bring my plans into action." Oh, you have plans? "Of course I do, C. Of course I need to get a job, but I also want to do something else. Something that will eventually benefit all romance sims." Wow. I suppose you're not telling me what those plans include? "Nope, not yet. It'll be a long time until I'll be able to bring those plans into action." Alright, then. Tell me when you're ready.
  12. 12. As I said, wooing the ladies isn't all Adson does. But it does take up a big proportion of his time.
  13. 13. Really, quite a big proportion!
  14. 14. Not that Rebecca needs to be pitied. She gets to "socialize", too. She doesn't care about that as much as Adson does, as she is maybe more career oriented. Her lifetime want is to be Celebrity Chef. But, a little bit of flirting with the professor never hurts!
  15. 15. Except that, it does. Poor Aadam found Rebecca's behaviour unacceptable. "I didn't give her up so she could cheat on my brother!" I know, Aadam. But truth to be told, she isn't the one who cheats more... Those two have an open relationship. They're both romance sims, Aadam.
  16. 16. And well, Rebecca's flirting with the professor was not just flirting as such. It had the gain that Rebecca can increase her cooking skill...
  17. 17. ... while the professor takes care of less interesting tasks. "How to make Dean's List every semester and never write a single term paper".
  18. 18. And well, what college students don't have parties? Mine do, frequently. But Adson, what on Earth are you doing? "I'm pillow fighting, C. Isn't it obvious?" Well, I suppose so but... With whom?
  19. 19. Aha. So you are virtually pillow fighting, then? "Yep. There wasn't enough space in one room for us both, so I stayed here in the living room and Adson took the kitchen." Alright then.
  20. 20. Despite his troubled relationships, Aadam wasn't really unhappy. As he had planned, he changed his aspiration to knowledge during college, and that seemed to suit him better than pleasure ever had. He wanted to be like his father, and also please his father, so he studied hard.
  21. 21. Meanwhile, Adson continued his different pursuit. Or rather, I suppose I should say here, that Rebecca did. But let us not tell Adson that, ok?
  22. 22. Aadam had to put up with the man who was having an affair with Rebecca. It wasn't easy, as Aadam felt insulted for his brother, but he knew it was really none of his business. Besides, he wasn't stupid - he knew Adson was a romance sim as well. He didn't like Rebecca's professor very much, but he didn't drive him away either.
  23. 23. Not that he didn't try, though. "I assume that you are going to ask this young lady's hand in marriage soon?" *choking voices from across the table* "I mean, she is like a family member to me, and I would really like to know that your intentions are honorable." After that, the professor stayed away for a while, and Rebecca gave Aadam quite a lecture.
  24. 24. Later on, Rebecca and the professor had quite a laugh about it. Luckily Aadam wasn't there to hear.
  25. 25. Despite their other activities, Adson and Rebecca also manage to squeeze some... err... quality time together into their schedules.
  26. 26. And especially with Adson, those other activities are many indeed!
  27. 27. "Honey? I'm off to class now. Be good while I'm gone." *wink* "I always am, dearie." *wink* "I know that. Just wait until I'm off the lot, okay?" "Sure thing. We'll just keep discussing soccer until then." "Alright. Have fun, see you in a couple of hours!"
  28. 28. And fun they indeed had.
  29. 29. Lots of fun.
  30. 30. In general, Adson loves fun. How many does this make? "Fivish, I think." "Five of what, honey? What are you talking about?" "Nothing, Kimberly dear. I was just ummm... counting my fingers, yeah that's right. I have fivish fingers, you know." "Have you been blowing bubbles again?" "Bubbles? Oh yeah, hehe, we... we have bubbles a lot. Hehe." Nice save, Adson.
  31. 31. Around these times, Aadam was in for a surprise. He had concentrated hard on studies and forgotten mostly about everything else. But through one of his study groups, he had met... a girl. Her name was Joy Mendoza, and Aadam found out that he quite enjoyed her company.
  32. 32. The two fast became friends. It turned out that Joy also desired to know, just as Aadam, and that she, too, enjoyed goofy activities to balance all the hard studying. They found out that relaxing together was great fun, and spent hours and hours together, goofing around with the karaoke set, watching TV, blowing bubbles, relaxing in the hot tub. Aadam was not in a hurry to recognize feelings other than friendship in him. Even though he and Rebecca had parted in good terms and in full agreement, they had still parted, and that had been a harder bit for Aadam to swallow than he would have liked to admit. Admitting romance back into his life wasn't something that he would do lightly anymore. But whether he admitted it or not...
  33. 33. ... he was increasingly attracted to her. Joy was somewhat less "She told me, earlier today. She made lunch meat sandwhiches for cautious. us when you were busy with your term paper, and we talked a bit. She told me you used to be high school sweethearts." "Joy, I... I really don't know... don't know what I'm doing here. You are such a sweet girl and..." "..." "Shush, Aadam. You don't need to explain." "Come on, Aadam, let's get into the hot tub as we planned. I'm getting a bit cold here in my bathing suit you know." "I... I don't?" "No. You used to date that girl, Rebecca, who lives here with you and your brother." "Yeah, I... What?"
  34. 34. "Listen, Aadam", Joy said, grabbing his hand, "I don't know about "Want to fall in love with her? That's only natural. She is still you, but I have a feeling that we are going to be something important to you, and you live under the same roof. I think it's special. And I know you have a history. It does have an effect on going to get easier over time. But you may still end up having a matters, but it can't stop you from being happy. Rebecca was your soft spot for her for the rest of your life. That happens." first love, and she will always mean a lot to you - and besides, you are still best friends, aren't you?" "And that doesn't bother you?" "We are, and I'd like us to stay that way but..." "Not in the least." "So what would stop you? I'm not going to start being jealous to your friends, if that's what you're afraid of. That would be a waste of time." "But you have to know that I'm... confused. Even though I'm kind of seeing you and rolling wants for you... I still occasionally..."
  35. 35. Even though still confused and uncertain in many respects, at that moment Aadam had a moment of certainty, an epiphany of a kind. He spoke no more, but grabbed Joy and kissed her passionately.
  36. 36. Aadam and Joy went on seeing each other, and little by little she won his trust.
  37. 37. Aadam had a hard time believing it, he'd thought it wouldn't be possible, not with his feelings towards Rebecca and all the confusion that caused in him. But yes, it seemed that he was in love again.
  38. 38. Meanwhile, Rebecca was working hard for her grades. What she understood by that may have differed from the average person's idea, but well, it worked for her.
  39. 39. It may have had some side effects, but Rebecca naturally didn't mind.
  40. 40. As it always does, one thing lead to another also in Aadam and Joy's case. "Joy, I understand if you're unsure. I mean..."
  41. 41. But Joy silenced him with a kiss. "Unsure? I haven't been unsure for ages", she whispered.
  42. 42. Aadam was a happy young man that night. With Joy by his side future looked bright.
  43. 43. "Hi Dad, it's me. How are you?" ... "Oh yeah, school's going great. Actually, I'm about to graduate, and when I do, I'll be finally able to live with you." ... "I'm looking forward to that too, Dad."
  44. 44. "So, what's the plan, Dad? Have you come up with anything?" ... "Sure, I understand. You naturally can't tell over the phone. It won't be long until I'll be there and you'll be able to tell me directly." ... "Oh yeah, I have. I've been investigating that, and it seems well possible. I think I can make it before I leave campus."
  45. 45. "But I mean... It isn't anything illegal, is it? That sounds kind of "Oh yeah, I'm very well prepared. Don't worry, Dad." worrying, Dad. Especially the... you know what. Something might go wrong with it. And I still don't know what you are planning to ... do." "Okay, see you in a couple of days then. Love you, bye." ... "No, no, I didn't mean that. I just thought that... Well, that there could safer ways... You remember that I want to solve this peacefully if we can?" ... "I know you do, Dad. Anyway, I think I should go to bed so that I'm all fresh and awake for my final exam tomorrow." ...
  46. 46. The next morning over breakfast, when Aadam was having a "I know what you mean. And what I saw at the wedding and what shower, Rebecca made sure he wasn't coming down yet and Mom told me about it... Well, it confirms that he has bad intentions started: towards my family." "Umm... Honey? I'm worried. About your brother." "I know Aadam hasn't had the happpiest life so far, and I didn't help by hooking up with you, but... Still, taking his father's side "Me too", Adson admitted. may be dangerous." "I overheard him last night on the phone, when I went to the "I agree. But there may not be much we can do. I'll try to talk to bathroom. It seems he is going to move in with his father and... him, but in the end, it's his decision." Well, join him in whatever it is that he is planning to do." "That doesn't surprise me. And I'm not pleased either." "Not that Salahuddin isn't a nice man or anything... But especially after your mother called and told you about his history... I don't know, he seems scary somehow."
  47. 47. So, very soon it was time for Aadam to graduate. Adson had tried to convince him that having his own place would be a solution, too, but with no success. Afraid of hurting Aadam's feelings, he didn't dare to be quite straight about his father, and on the other hand, Adson thought, even if he could have done that, it would probably not have helped. Aadam had made up his mind a long time ago, and now he was heading for Alphabetia and his father, hoping to have a home with him.
  48. 48. Not long after him, Adson and Rebecca also got ready to leave campus, as the last two of generation A. Adson had already packed the essentials, such as the hot tub, and now only goodbyes were left. "Alright then honey, I'll be gone now. I know you'll be right after me, so it really won't be long until we'll be living together again." "Yeah, see you real soon, Adson!" "I will."
  49. 49. And with that, Adson took the spin and walked to the cab, towards his new life.
  50. 50. Right after him came Rebecca, who had no point being on campus alone. Alphabetia, here we come!
  51. 51. Meanwhile, in the Bookacy Legacy household. What's up, Author? "Not much. Just feeding my grandson. Man the little one has the green cloud of hunger around him all the time!"
  52. 52. As a reminder, generation B has three children: Baudolino (in the previous picture), Bill (Adrian's alien son here), and Beth, the firstborn. And Author loves every one of them.
  53. 53. This is Beth. Supposedly she has inherited zero nice points from her mother, Nicole, but well, the proof disagrees. Then again, Nicole doesn't act according to her lack of nice points, either.
  54. 54. Speaking of Nicole, she got a new job. Now that she will now longer have children, and finally got the Athletic job on the computer, I gave her that. She already topped the Business career, and her second lifetime want is to be Hall of Famer, so I thought why not. Yes, I spoil them.
  55. 55. And what is this lady doing here, you may ask. I'm asking the same, because she did me wrong. Gave the Bookacy Family Bakery a bad review! How dared she! Sigh. I guess it's one point less for the family business according to the alphabet rules.
  56. 56. Keeping a bakery is hard. Especially as, in my ingeniousness, I put all kinds of products on sale, so that now something is always out of stock. Author and Adrian are the best at cooking, so they spend their time in the kitchen baking.
  57. 57. Well, Author also sells, as I've found the joys of Dazzling. Once I tried it, I haven't been able to stop. It works like magic!
  58. 58. ... well, most of the time. In case you didn't guess, the lady who doesn't want to be Dazzled here is Rebecca, post makeover. One thing that is also not so great for having a bakery is that finding out who wants to buy what is of no use. What they tell me is that "I'm sure x would like to check out the serving platter" or something like that. Now thanks a lot.
  59. 59. But anyway, as I was saying, Dazzling is great. It drains on the energy quite a lot, but that's what the energizer is for.
  60. 60. I don't know if Dazzling your own son is really fair game. But I don't care - as long as I get the products sold and my customers are happy, then I'm happy.
  61. 61. Back at home life is pretty much infant and toddler care. George here seems eager to bathe the kids. I don't know if that's a very good idea for his circuits, but at least nothing bad has happened yet.
  62. 62. And he is, still, adorable.
  63. 63. Also my darling Curty is himself, Grand Vampire at core. Once I noticed he had Adrian's face in his queue, and when I checked what it said, it read "Bleh!!!". I didn't know what it was, so I let him do it. And well, this was the result. He went to Adrian, looked like this and said "Bleh!" to him. I love him more all the time.
  64. 64. Yet another pointless cute picture. Nicole may be a busy businesswoman, but she does try to find time for her kids, too. And I have a feeling that she's especially fond of Beth. Be it similar personality or what.
  65. 65. One morning, when the kids were still at sleep, Nicole decided it was time for a serious discussion between the adults in the house. "Author, Count Curtis, I understand that you have been putting this off. But with small children in the house, I think it's time for me and Adrian to understand thoroughly how things are, and what needs to be done to keep this family safe." Count Curtis looked slightly struck. Nicole went on: "I know this may be a difficult topic for you, but we need to know. And besides, I believe both me and Adrian have mostly done the math already. If I understand it correctly, this Salahuddin Chamcha is in a way Author's old boyfriend, who has turned bitter and refuses to believe that she won't have him back, thus trying to get her against her will and endangering the family. Am I right?"
  66. 66. For a short moment Count Curtis couldn't but stare at Nicole. Then he looked at his wife and saw that she was so dumbstruck and embarrassed that she wouldn't be able to speak for a while. So he took the lead. "That was quite some impressive math, Nicole. Yes, that is, in short the situation. Salahuddin tried to take Author from the wedding against her will, and we believe he is planning to try again. And I'm afraid that it is not only us who need to worry, but the future generations of this family, too. Author and I have limited time left, but I fear that Salahuddin is not going to give up in the face of death."
  67. 67. "So it is indeed time to talk about the future and safety of this family. As you already know, I built George not only for housekeeping purposes, but also for our safety. That alone isn't, however, enough. Author is been having telephone conversations with her friend Sunny Straight, who as a gypsy may well be aware of ways to protect the family. With any luck, she will be able to give us good advice and strong, magical protection." Also, in my spare moments I'm currently planning a security system for this house, and in time we will build it to protect us and the children."
  68. 68. "This all sounds great, Dad, but I wonder..." "What is it, Adrian?" "Well, I'm not sure if you have enough time. You should be enjoying your retirement and your grandchildren." "Adrian, I am not that old yet! And I am enjoying my retirement and grandchildren. But I also want to make sure that those grandchildren will be safe."
  69. 69. "But I am the current heir, isn't it really my job to protect the family?" "Honey", said Author, who had so far been silently following the situation, "naturally you are to protect the family, you are the heir after all. But your father has some knowledge of these things, he has some extraordinary Grand Vampire abilities, and we should let him do as much for the protection as he possibly can." "Adrian, I'm glad that you want to be of help. If you'd like, you could maybe help me with the safety system planning. Two heads are better than one, you know." "Sure, Dad, I'd be glad to help." "And I want to hear the plan in its entirety before you start building it", said Nicole. "I could check the calculations." "Very good, dear", replied Author, "and I'll introduce you to Sunny, so you will be able to ask for her help in the future as well."
  70. 70. "Excellent", said Count Curtis, "So shall it be. And now that we have agreed on the measures that will be taken in the near future, we have other, quite as important matters to discuss. Such as, does a pink dress require pink shoes?" A silence fell in the dining room. "Honey, are you feeling alright?" "Of course I am!" said Curty, smiling. "What I mean is that we should decide what to wear at the two upcoming weddings." "Ah, the weddings!" Author said, smiling, "But those are only after the kids' birthdays, we have plenty of time to think about that."
  71. 71. And, speaking of birthdays, Beth is first in turn! (Great transition, I know. I rule.)
  72. 72. And she makes quite a beautiful child, too.
  73. 73. As usual, there is no party. Sadly, the Bookacies are most often far too busy for birthday parties, and so birthdays are usually celebrated just with the family. And well, here you can see that they're busy. "Hello! I stink!" "Eww, Adrian stinks." "Mr Bookacy Junior stinks." "Daddy, you stink!"
  74. 74. The next night, it's Baudolino's turn.
  75. 75. "Gaga goo!" Got confetti in the eye? "Goo." Poor thing. Anyway, Baudolino's stats: 2/8/5/6/7. We got a different mix, hooray! And nice points, too!
  76. 76. And once more, this time it's Bill starring. Actually he should be a day younger than Baudolino, but this was when I realized that babies can be brought to the cake a day in advance - because I clicked on Baudolino's cake and it gave Bill's name too. So anyway, of course I'll rather have two baby days than three! And to think that I've played the game for years.
  77. 77. One more flying baby and the birthdays are done for now. And this is the adorable green one...
  78. 78. Tada! Bill's really cute. And his stats are sweet as well: 2/10/3/10/10. Well, extreme as alien stats often are, but sweet.
  79. 79. Alright then, Beth. Have a nice first day at school. I'd say don't let the other kids bully you, but I guess you're not the type to do that anyway. "Nope."
  80. 80. And now, dear reader, it's time for those two aforementioned weddings. Spare weddings, as you may have been able to guess. First up are Abraham and his college sweetheart Kendra.
  81. 81. And here come the guests. I'm not sure who it is that Adrian is heart-farting, as he's also thinking about adoption, but my guess would be Meadow, his to-be sister-in-law. Adrian, stop that, now!
  82. 82. And where do the guests rush the first thing? Yep, you guessed it.
  83. 83. "To my brother Abraham. A great twin, a great man, soon to be great husband, and also, even though aspiring for all possible knowledge on the surface, still a family man in his deepest nature."
  84. 84. "To Abraham!" "Gee, thanks, all." "Speech! Speech!"
  85. 85. "No, I don't think I'll give a speech. The only thing I want to say is this: Kendra, I love you. I always will, so let's get married, okay?"
  86. 86. "Let's." And so I pronounce you husband and wife.
  87. 87. "... and now I may kiss the bride." I was coming to that, you know. Well, Abraham and Kendra are actually my first three-bolt couple ever, after I tweaked their turn-ons and turn-offs to match. They're real sweeties.
  88. 88. That doesn't prevent them from feeding each other a little too eagerly, though.
  89. 89. And the party is a success, and the newlyweds head for their honeymoon. Or actually, Abraham does. Kendra got blocked by one of the guests, and I couldn't get her to run towards the limo after that. So she had to stay at home and sleep while Abraham was having a refreshing honeymoon by himself.
  90. 90. Be it some post-honeymoon action or what, but soon Kendra announced that she was expecting their first child. Abraham was excited.
  91. 91. Before they knew it, it was time for Kendra's labor.
  92. 92. The pain may have been agonizing, but when the moment of birth was there, both parents were ecstatic.
  93. 93. And so Kendra gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Bianca. This all happened according to the strictest traditions of simming: in the bathroom.
  94. 94. Also another couple was soon to get married. That is, Abraham's twin brother Arthur finally gets his high school sweetheart, Meadow to be his lawfully wedded wife. As you can see, no one's happier than Arthur. "Honey, isn't this supposed to be the other way around? The girl leaps in the guy's arms?"
  95. 95. And here come the guests, again. Since when did you have to greet wedding guests, by the way? It seems that half the guests left Abraham and Kendra's wedding before the poor couple even had time to get married, and I suppose that may have been because they weren't greeted. Usually my guests just march in and start partying, but for some reason this time they stopped on the lawn and expected to be greeted.
  96. 96. But the party gets started all the same. Abraham decides to start the celebrating by accepting a flirt from his kind of old girlfriend, prof. Virginia. Abraham, no! You're a married man now, remember? Luckily there were no fatal consequences Kendra was in another room, and there were no hearts. I'd forgotten that they have a crush, and both were invited, as Abraham is the brother of the groom and prof. Virginia a family friend. Well, now I only got a boost for the party score I suppose.
  97. 97. The two eldest of generation A, Adrian and Adson, take up brotherly pillow fighting. This is almost a family tradition by now.
  98. 98. Also Abraham and Kendra found the joys of pillow fighting.
  99. 99. Aurora raided the fridge, while the bride entertained Curty. Author discussed hats with prof. Virginia.
  100. 100. And so it was time to gather around the young couple and see them get married.
  101. 101. Well, except for Abraham and Kendra. The joys of pillow fighting kept them occupied through the ceremony.
  102. 102. And so the wows take place.
  103. 103. Poor Author walked into someone on the front porch and never made it to her seat. Not that she seems to mind, though.
  104. 104. As you can see from the corner, Curty nearly missed it too. "Dad, come on, they're already taking their wows."
  105. 105. "Hurry up, fast, now that they're busy with the rings and don't notice a thing!"
  106. 106. ... and I pronounce you husband and wife.
  107. 107. "Dum de dum dum... Almost there..."
  108. 108. You may kiss the bride. "Excellent, son! It was great to... err... be here to see you get married and all!"
  109. 109. "Hooray, I can magically sense that my son just got married on the other side of the house where I can't possibly see him!" Are these two possibly getting a little old or something? ... nah. They were always a little silly.
  110. 110. "... and then I she sat on my desk and said, can you believe it, she said..." Oi, you two! You missed the wedding! "Wedding, what wedding, where?"
  111. 111. "Ooooh... Adson is sooo hot!" Hmm. No comments.
  112. 112. "Open up! Aeroplane coming!" "Honey, watch out with that...!" "Nah, Arthur hon, eat up, it's yummy!"
  113. 113. I'm not sure what's so funny about nearly choking on your wedding cake, but oh well. It's their party, after all.
  114. 114. Meanwhile the relatives raided the fridge, buffet or not. At least Author was civilized and ate the cake instead of snacks.
  115. 115. Also, the young couple only had a single bathroom, which caused a bit of trouble. "Honey? Are you almost done? I've got an elder bladder as well, so I kind of gotta go..."
  116. 116. And so the party was a blast, again. While the guests are scattering each to their own directions, and the young couple is running for their honeymoon limo, I say goodbye to you, dear reader. It's been another chapter of the Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures, I hope you've enjoyed the ride, and wish you welcome aboard again. Happy simming!