The Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures, ch. 10


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The Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures, ch. 10

  1. 1. Welcome, dear readers, to the tenth chapter of the Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures! It is currently the morning after the wedding of our generation A heir, Adrian, and our founder Author has some talking to do with her husband, Count Curtis. It has just turned out last night, that he does indeed know about her past infidelity. "Do I have to?" Oh yes, I think you owe him that much, Author. "But I'm scared." I know. Just be brave, dear.
  2. 2. "Honey, I don't know where to start. I must admit that I thought that... *gulp* ...that you didn't know about me and Salahuddin. I was trying to protect you... And I was ashamed. I can't tell you enough how sorry I am about this whole mess. I know it won't fix anything, but..." *silence* "... I'm so sorry."
  3. 3. "Author, darling, let me get this thing clear once and for all. First of all, of course I knew! You were being perfectly honest with me about dating other men. You told me about your lifetime want." "But..." "Well, the second you started showing with Aadam, I knew the baby must have been someone else's. We hadn't been on a date for a long time then. And well, as soon as I saw the child, I knew I had been right about it. One of your dates had indeed been more than a meet'n'greet. And I admit I was jealous, of course. But really: I knew you were a pleasure sim when I married you. I knew this could happen. And, being a pleasure sim myself, I understood it completely. Accidents happen, Author." "But I don't understand..." "Why I didn't take it up? Well, it seemed that you were horrified about the whole thing, in deep denial. I thought it would be too big of a shock for you if I started talking about it when you thought I didn't know. So I decided to wait for a better moment. You needed time."
  4. 4. "As for knowing Salahuddin... Well, around the time when our children were getting ready for college, I ran into him myself. One day I went outside to get the mail, and saw there was an oddly familiar looking man standing in front of our porch. I went to introduce myself and ask if I could help him. He seemed distracted - I suppose he was there in the hopes of seeing you, but he must have understood who I was, and didn't want me to know who he was, so he just pretended to be a bypasser like any. He went his way." But the moment he opened his mouth, I knew who he was. I heard our Aadam speaking, you see. Of course, his looks already should have told me everything. I knew it right then, that I had met Aadam's real father." Afterwards it was easy to find his identity, of course, with my contacts from my Grand Vampire times. So, I've known who he is for quite some time now really. I've just been waiting for you to be ready to talk about it."
  5. 5. "Now, Author, we have one thing to discuss that is more important than anything else. The fate of this family. I don't know if you are ready to accept the situation... But now that you have told Salahuddin that you won't leave me or your children for him, he has become a threat to our family. We have to take measures to protect our family."
  6. 6. "That is true. Last night I saw that Salahuddin isn't who he used to be anymore. He has decided that he must have me, whatever it takes. And we know that he can't have it, even if he doesn't. When he does... I think he is going to go after our family, try to destroy our children in one way or another. We can't let that happen." "Exactly. We must be prepared. I can think of at least one thing I can do right away. I think I should work on that gold robot making badge all I can."
  7. 7. "That is an excellent idea, dear. I think I will do some things here and there as well." "Yes, the more we can do to ensure the safety of the family the better. We aren't going to be here forever, after all." "Exactly. I am horrified to even think what Salahuddin will do when I'm gone. I'm afraid he will get completely out of control then." "Most likely." "Oh honey. I'm so sorry for all of this. It's all my fault. Not only have I betrayed your trust, but also put our family to danger. I understand if you can't forgive me, but..."
  8. 8. "Of course I can forgive you! In fact, I already have. How could I not, when I saw how sorry you were, ever since the beginning?" "I should have told you sooner. I should have told you right away. I should have..." "Author, stop it. What is done is done, and hating yourself for it is not going to help. We have enough to worry about without you being guilty about age old things, alright?"
  9. 9. "Oh Curtis, I love you. I can't tell you enough. Thank you for being there for me, even though I wouldn't deserve it." "Don't you worry about it anymore. We'll figure things out, I promise."
  10. 10. The same evening, soon after sunset, another discussion took place elsewhere, one with quite a different tone. Salahuddin Chamcha and Count Pao Howe were arguing. "You said I would have power over a bitten sim! You said winning my love over would be a child's play once I became a vampire!"
  11. 11. "This is not my fault! It was you who failed to mention that she was married to a Grand Vampire. Besides, I told you to bite her, not him. Of course you cannot have power over a Grand Vampire!"
  12. 12. "It was you who rushed into action and made your own plan fail. I refuse to take the blame!" *silence* "Alright then, Count. I apologize that I lost my temper. That was not my intention. However disappointed I may be, the plan failed. That means I am going to need your help and advice again, Count, if you would be so kind."
  13. 13. "I accept your apology." "Thank you, Count. I appreciate it." "And I believe there is a way, mr. Chamcha. Let me explain." *whispered voices*
  14. 14. "Hmm... Is that so? Yes... Indeed, I believe that could be arranged... And if that fails... Not that it is likely, but still... If it fails... I can always... take more direct measures..."
  15. 15. "I like your thinking, Count. This time I won't fail!" That's what they all say, Sal. "Excellent, mr. Chamcha. Of course, it would be best if you kept a low profile for a while. The family is bound to be suspicious and wary right now. It is not wise to show your face near their home very soon."
  16. 16. "Naturally, dear Count. I will just have to take care that her time does not end before I do it. Even though I have all the time in the world, she currently doesn't. And though even death will not stop me, that would indeed complicate things somewhat." "Indeed, mr. Chamcha." "For now I need time just to prepare. And besides, my son Aadam tells me he is progressing well in college. With him by my side the plan should be much easier to bring into action." "Excellent idea, mr. Chamcha. A trustable companion should indeed be of help." "Thank you once again, Count. We will keep in touch."
  17. 17. Speaking of college, maybe we should take a peek into the lives of some of our spares. Abraham! "What?" Who is this young lady? "This is Kendra. We are in love." I can see that. I thought you were supposed to date prof. Virginia! "Well, we didn't really hit off at any point. She was just a crush, after all. Besides, she is popularity, and Kendra is family. We are a better match." Alright then. I take your word for it.
  18. 18. Whoa there, Abraham! Aren't you rushing a bit? "Nope. It's you who's lazy taking pictures." Ah. Okay, then. I suppose you are right.
  19. 19. "Of course I'll marry you, Abraham! I've had the want in my panel for ages!"
  20. 20. Aww... Now wait. Is this what "putting smart heads together" is supposed to mean?
  21. 21. "Do you mind? You've seen our want panels and all." Alright, alright, in a minute. It's just that I can't go see Arthur and Meadow right now, either. Those two are like rabbits, you know.
  22. 22. "I love you, pumpkin." "I love you too, darling." Oochie coochie coo... "We're waiting..." No, I can't go yet, Arthur and Meadow you see...
  23. 23. "Get out!" Alright, alright, I'm going. It sounds like they're finished over there in the other room anyway. Have fun! "We sure will."
  24. 24. This photo I simply had to add, because I am a Christian* fan. Go greet him Abraham! "Christian? Who is Christian?" You are, darling. "But, my name is Sean..." I know. Don't you worry about that Chris... I mean, Sean. Just to add, shortly after this, "Tamara" from the same Legacy wandered on Abraham, Arthur and Meadow's lot. Nobody greeted her - she's on the evil side you know. But I had a few of those magical moments of simplaying here behind the keyboard. *Christian from the Pseudo Legacy, by Orikes (on, orikes360 on the exchange).
  25. 25. In time, Abraham also introduced his chosen spouse to his parents. "Nice to meet you, mr. Bookacy. Abraham has talked so much about you. So you used to be the Grand Vampire, I hear?" "Nice to meet you too, dear. And you may call me Count Curtis. Yes, I was indeed the Grand Vampire, and in a sense, I still am. You see..."
  26. 26. What else do the kids to than snuggle with their chosen spouses? Well, they have parties of course. And they invite the familiy at times, too. Adrian Bookacy! You are a married man, stop accepting the cow's flirt right this instant! "Well she just told me how handsome I am. What's wrong with that? And besides, I am handome!" Sigh.
  27. 27. Haha, here's some fast forward for you! Well, honestly, all the twins did was influence someone to write term papers, woohoo their girlfriends and throw parties. "We did go to class too. Sometimes. And we both graduated summa cum laude. Which did, by the way, Meadow as well." Oh yes. I'm not complaining. You might be a little ordinary and boring at times, and often sickeningly cute, but I still love you. And you've done well.
  28. 28. Congrats to you too, Abraham. Feeling good? "Oh yes. I've graduated with honors and now I get to have a party together with my brother. Not bad."
  29. 29. And well, the party included a lot of family fun and a relaxed atmosphere And some old friends, of course. Curty provided the music (until he left because he had to pee), and the Abraham and Kendra danced away.
  30. 30. So, time for this household to grow up. Oh, except for Rodney there in the background. He became placeholder to keep the pictures and the story. Alright, Abraham, see you in Alphabetia, very soon!
  31. 31. It seems I missed Arthur's transition, but the twins were twins to the core again – Arthur got the same vest in red as Abraham had. And here goes Meadow. "I'm wearing a raincoat!" Yep, a lilac raincoat. Don't worry. I'll take care of that as soon as I get you settled in. See you in a moment!
  32. 32. And settled they get. First order of business for Abraham is to invite Kendra over. She graduates and grows up on the spot. Now they only need a house.
  33. 33. But enough about the spares for the moment. Back in the legacy house, Adrian has found the joys of the dance sphere. With all that grilled cheese, he has to work out a lot to keep in shape. And well, if you remember what happened to him when he was a teenager, you'll guess that isn't the only reason...
  34. 34. For the record, I got my first collection of 30 unused elixir in the basement around these times. One point, delete and move on.
  35. 35. Our generation A spouse, Nicole, is bonding with Curty by cheating him at chess. "I still can't see the bowling alley... I thought Creator sold it ages ago..."
  36. 36. And Author still goes to work. In fact, the purpose of this picture was to show her uniform. That's namely not what I remember the Celebrity Chef outfit being like - I thought it was red. But maybe I haven't had a female Celebrity Chef before or something.
  37. 37. Keep working, Adrian. All that Cheese needs some burning!
  38. 38. Oh, hi Nicole. Permaplat already? That was fast. "Yes m'am. Now I know what it's like to be Business Tycoon. It's nice really, but could I become Hall of Famer now? I'd like some change." Okay, I'll see to that. But first you need to have some babies!
  39. 39. Yep, thanks to Adrian, the diet for this household consists of grilled cheese sandwiches, and only grilled cheese sandwiches Or almost. Adrian, wake up and move over to the next sandwich! There's an untouched one on your right.
  40. 40. Just had to record this, as it made me burst out laughing. Luckily I wasn't eating or drinking, or my screen would have gotten dirty. So Adrian, are you enjoying your Show Business job? "Can't talk, must catch carpool..." Yeah, right. As if you didn't have a car right over there which you could use. You're just trying to avoid answering, honey. Don't worry, you'll get rid of the suit when you move up the career ladder a bit.
  41. 41. Life's tough in this household, and the sims are tired. Author is old, and well, Nicole...
  42. 42. ... is ...
  43. 43. ... pregnant! So generation B is on the way, hooray! Hmm... That kind of rhymes.
  44. 44. Curty kept his promise and got working hard on those robotics badges. He was positive that this would help keep his family safe also in the generations to come.
  45. 45. Nicole worked on her toy making skills instead, even while pregnant. She was an intelligent and determined young woman, who wanted to excel in several areas, and to provide her growing family with the best.
  46. 46. This is mainly just a pointless cute picture. With matching jammies!
  47. 47. "So one more day to go?" Yep. You're almost done with this one.
  48. 48. "Creator says the baby is coming soon. Isn't that wonderful, Author?" "Yes, Nicole dear. That's nice. Now if you'll excuse me, I think I have to clean up a bit. My environment is in the red." I wouldn't bother if I were you. Adrian is going to make a new plateful of those in a couple of hours anyway. And yes, this is a very realistic view of what the kitchen usually looks like.
  49. 49. "Umm... Creator? Help?" Don't worry Nicole. I'm right here, and also the family is dragging itself to see you, as well.
  50. 50. "AIIIIEEEEEE!" Just breathe, take deep breaths... Maybe I should sing a bit? "PLEASE DON'T!" Okay then. I'll be quiet.
  51. 51. "There you go! That's who was making mummy's tummy hurt!"
  52. 52. Welcome to the family, Beth Bookacy, the firstborn of generation B! You were named after Beth March, the second youngest of the four March girls in "Little Women" by Louisa M. Alcott. The original Beth was a shy and quiet girl whom everybody liked, and who, very unfortunately never saw adulthood because of an illness that weakened her in early teenage. The "Little Women" series was something that quite impressed me when I was younger, so I needed to have at least someone named after one of those characters. And I suppose that her real name was Elisabeth, but sue me. Beth is what everyone called her, so Beth I shall also name the baby. Period.
  53. 53. "Hooray, a baby!" "I'm actually done cheering now, the bubble just hangs there above my head. Can I go to the bubble blower now?"
  54. 54. Well, even if nothing has... erm... happened to Adrian yet, that's not because we haven't tried. And at least he's maxed body now. "Whee... My head feels funny... What are we trying, C?" Don't you worry about that, hon, okay? Go make more grilled cheese.
  55. 55. After many long hours in the basement, Curty finally managed to build what he had planned to protect the family - a simnoid. The work of his hands would live on, even though he himself wouldn't live forever. Now it only needed one final touch.
  56. 56. Curty asked Author to give the device that one final touch. The robot would have both Curty's handwork and Author's personality, and both would help protect the family, that Curty was sure of. "Connection to simnoid requested." *bleep* "This is Author Bookacy speaking. Simnoid, I am the founder of this Legacy, and your first master. Each heir of this family shall be your master in turn, and you shall obey their commands. Your purpose is to protect this family and help them in any way you can." *bleep bleep* "Your name shall be George Bookacy, and your gender is male. When I press the power button, you will power yourself up."
  57. 57. *buzzzzzz* It worked! The simnoid sparkled and buzzed, and came to life.
  58. 58. "Good day, mrs. Bookacy. George the simnoid at your service!" I was coming to that, Author. George here isn't a generation B child, is he? So we could name him freely. Besides, I had a Welcome to the family, George Bookacy! You were named after... naming idea in mind. So, as I was saying, welcome to the family George. You were named after Hercule Poirot's male servant, who "Umm... Creator?" appears as a side character in some of Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot books. George was, not only a loyal servant, but a trusted Yes, Author? friend as well. Both me and the family hope that you will live up to that, George. "'George' doesn't begin with 'B'." "I will do my best, miss Creator." Excellent, George.
  59. 59. Alright, you two. Rules say three children, so three children it is. You have two more to go!
  60. 60. I don't know whether having a pleasure servo is really a good idea or not. The tiny wants are rather irritating, and I don't think George will have anyone to date anytime soon. His lifetime want is the one he got from Author (her second LTW): have 50 dream dates. I think I'll give him that some time, but not right now.
  61. 61. Aww... Just another pointless cute picture of Curty, this time with his first grandchild. Have I told you I *heart* Curty yet?
  62. 62. Enjoying the newly built pool, Author? "Whee! +500!" Well, apparently so. Hey, wait, what's that? "What's what?"
  63. 63. That. The dance sphere is empty! "So?" Your son is riding it! "Well, I know he often is, but I can't see him right now." So I take it that you didn't see him go missing? "Adrian's missing?!" Yes, he is. But don't worry, he should be back in a couple of hours. Funny, I could easily have missed the whole thing with so many sims in the house.
  64. 64. Look, there he is, as good as new. Not that anyone really paid attention anyway.
  65. 65. So, you met aliens again, Adrian? "Aliens? What are you talking about, C?" Well, you were just abducted by aliens, again. "I was? I don't remember anything like that. It does seem that I've missed a couple of hours, though." Well, nobody seems to have noticed except for me, not even you. But well, in a couple of days they will notice... "What do you mean?" You'll see. Now go make more grilled cheese.
  66. 66. I realized something. As George has Author's personality, he is nice enough to listen to Adrian talking about grilled cheese. One more way to keep my heir platinum! Well, obviously, there's always Author as well.
  67. 67. "Creator, did you have to embarrass me by documenting this?" Well, Nicole... Yes. I had to.
  68. 68. What, autonomous diaper changing? I have never, ever seen any sim bright enough to change diapers on their own - they all just stuff the kids more food when they're screaming for their dirty diapers. I officially love George! "Thank you, miss Creator."
  69. 69. Curty goes on with his favorite pastime: playing chess. George is happy to join him. "Being the help around and protection simnoid of this family is not going to be all sunshine, George. It may be tough and even dangerous at times. But I believe that in the end you are going to enjoy it." "Certainly, mr. Bookacy. At least if it includes dates and bubble blowing." "Umm... Well, I guess you have to talk to Creator there about that. But I think she is willing to give you those. At least she did it for me. And I hear she likes you already. As do we all."
  70. 70. "How nice of you to say so, mr. Bookacy. It makes me so happy to know I'm liked. Now, let me see, my next move..."
  71. 71. "Creator, I'm pregnant again!" Excellent. You may now follow Adrian's example and go back to dreaming about yourself.
  72. 72. "Who is grandma's little sweetie, who is?" Not tired of kids yet, Author? "No, of course not. This time it's not me who has to have them - and even if I'm frequently on diaper duty, it's really Adrian and Nicole's responsibility. And, even though I never was very passionate about having babies, it's not that I dislike them. They are cute and cuddly and all. By the way, when do my relatives get married? And I'd like more grandbabies as well." I'm working on that, don't worry.
  73. 73. Curty ran out of vacation days, so I had him retire. The family isn't tight on cash anymore, so we figured that his grandkids need him more than the Mayor's office does. Oh, and that's just George recharging outside. Not that it's going too well. (It was only much later that I realized that servos apparently recharge on sunpower, so sending them to recharge at night won't help.)
  74. 74. "Dum de dum dum... The kid has a green smoke cloud around her, I bet she must be hungry. Don't worry honey, grandma is just getting you a bottle." Sigh. What did I say just a few slides back?
  75. 75. "... and mr. Bookacy Senior says I am here to take care of not only everyday matters, but also that this family gets the justice it deserves. He says that there may be sims who want this Legacy to end, and he wants me to take care that it doesn't happen. I have yet a lot to learn, mr. Bookacy, but I will do my best to protect the family." "Very good, George. My father hasn't said much to me yet, but it does seem that the family may be in some kind of a danger. He promised to me that we will have a thorough discussion about all this later." "Very well, mr. Bookacy. Now, I suppose you would like me to have a bite of that sandwich?" "That would be great, George. That would help me to stay platinum." "Not that I really need to consume food, but you do make excellent grilled cheese sandwiches, mr. Bookacy."
  76. 76. "Hmm... I'm feeling a bit funny... A little nauseated. I wonder if... No, that would be absurd..."
  77. 77. "Ugh, maybe I happened to eat an old grilled cheese sandwich by accident... Oh dear. I really should ask George to clean those up right away."
  78. 78. Here's proof that Nicole does care for little Beth: autonomous feeding! How can you tell? Well, if it had been me who did this, she would be feeding the baby by the nursery refrigerator and not the one in the kitchen, in the exact opposite corner of the house from where the baby's crib is.
  79. 79. Curty back in his element again: holding a baby and looking murderous! "No one messes with my grandchild when I'm around, Creator! No one!"
  80. 80. "Look, Creator! I finished another clown-in-a-box. It looks funny, though..." It's not black and red as usual, but bright-colored instead? "Yes. Is there something wrong with it?" No, Nicole, absolutely nothing. In fact, I believe this one we'll actually dare to give your children to play with.
  81. 81. Adrian spends some time in the basement as well. He needs to maximize his charisma in order to top his Show Business Career.
  82. 82. "C? Help?" Don't worry, Adrian. Just spin around and it'll be okay.
  83. 83. "Goodness, C! The message just said I'm on maternity leave. Does this mean... it can't mean..." I think it does, Adrian. "... I'm pregnant?" Yes. "But... How's that possible?" Well, remember the alien abduction you don't remember? "What? You mean they...?" Yep, you are pregnant to a guy named Pollination Technician. "Wow."
  84. 84. "...zzz...soft sandwich... zzz..."
  85. 85. "Alright, kid. Don't mind your Dad snoring on his sandwich there, let's just blow out the candles with gramps and granny, okay? And Mommy's there too, she just doesn't fit in the picture."
  86. 86. "Goo!" There you go. So, little Beth became a toddler, hooray. Her stats are as follows: 2/9/10/10/0. Hmm... Rather extreme, I'd say. Well, no matter, have a bottle, kid!
  87. 87. Thank goodness for George! He doesn't need much, so he can stay up all night and take care of Beth while all the others are asleep. He'll certainly be a savior when the two other kids arrive...
  88. 88. ... and one of them will be here in one day. Thank you Nicole, now go back to bed.
  89. 89. "...zzz... The college placeholder hot... zzz..." In Nicole's case, that is just a way to admire how hot Nicole herself is.
  90. 90. "Oochie coochie coo, granny's little girl has learned to walk!" Here's proof that it's not just George who takes care of Beth. Grandparents are for diaper duty, too.
  91. 91. Although George does spend quite a lot of time with Beth. He autonomously does a lot of tickling and talking.
  92. 92. And well, he also ends the need to do diaper duty, at least for a little while. Thanks, George! "At your service, miss Creator. Anything else?" Well, now that you mention it... You could clean up the baby bottles... And after that, Adrian's sandwiches are getting old...
  93. 93. "Bwaah, this is so embarrassing!" Well, that's what happens when you go have a drink when you absolutely have to eat and have a full bladder. Be grateful that I didn't document the actual accident.
  94. 94. "I'm really glad that we have you, Author and George around now that me and Adrian are going to have another baby, Count Curtis. Or two, as Adrian just told me today. It's wonderful, you've really been of great help, all of you." "Well thank you, Nicole. That's what grandparents are for. I'm really looking forward to having another grandchild. And as for George, helping around is what he was made for. Well, not only that, but we'll have a good long discussion about that later. Now remember to eat well and sleep enough. Don't work too much on the toy stand, we all want you and the baby to be well."
  95. 95. One more day with Adrian, too...
  96. 96. "...zzz..." "Poor Nicole. I know how she feels like. Luckily I make the softest grilled cheese sandwiches around."
  97. 97. And again. Please try to make it to your bed, Nicole. It's only behind those doors, after all.
  98. 98. "Can you say 'Count Curtis', Beth?" "Grampa Curty!" "Well yes. 'Grampa Curty' is fine, honey."
  99. 99. "Hello? It's time!" Alright then, Nicole. I'm ready when you're ready.
  100. 100. "Breathe, mrs. Bookacy, breathe. Nice and easy." "Ah, dammit. I'm stuck in the door. How can I watch my grandchild being boor when I'm stuck in the door?"
  101. 101. Hang in there, Nicole. It'll be over soon.
  102. 102. "*yawn* What is it, Nicole dear?" "Get your butt out of the bed, Adrian Bookacy! I'm having the baby!" "You are? Holy Cheese!"
  103. 103. "Yes, I'm having the baby!" ... "... and here he goes!"
  104. 104. Welcome to the family, Baudolino Bookacy. You were named after the main character in Umberto Eco's "Baudolino". The original Baudolino lived in the Middle Ages and became the adopted son of the emperor. He was a great adventurer, a storyteller and also a big liar. He traveled into far away countries and back, even the land of the mysterious Priest John.
  105. 105. "Excellent, mrs. Bookacy, Excellent! It's a baby boy!" "Curty, honey, we have another grandchild!" "Yes, so it seems. More diaper duty in sight!"
  106. 106. "So honey, you are getting quite big. It looks like you're going to be giving birth soon, too." "Well... I guess so... I still don't know how I can possibly do that, but... I guess."
  107. 107. The same night. "Help! Help! I think it wants out!" About time, Adrian. Just relax, it won't take long.
  108. 108. "Owwww... This huuuuuurts!" Well, yes, it does. But you can do it. Nicole's already done it twice.
  109. 109. "Goodness, honey! The baby is coming! Just remember to breathe!"
  110. 110. "Owwwww...." Alright, just the final spin and you're done there, Adrian.
  111. 111. "Hey, the baby is green!" Yep. That would be because of his alien father. "Oh..."
  112. 112. So, welcome to the family, little Bill Bookacy, our first alien baby. You are my first character named after a Harry Potter series character - that would, naturally, be Bill Weasley. Bill Weasley was the oldest brother of Harry's best friend, Ron, and one of the side characters in the books. He worked for the wizarding bank Gringotts and was always cool with his long hair and earring. He was also member of the Order of Phoenix, the secret anti-Voldemort league founded by headmaster Dumbledore.
  113. 113. "Hooray, honey, you had a baby! Now I don't have to get pregnant again!" Indeed, Nicole, you don't. That was my plan, too. Three should well be enough for this generation. So, now that I've introduced generation B to you, I think it is about time that I leave for the time being. That's all folks, thank you for the ride and welcome back to The Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures in its chapter 11! Happy simming!