The Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures, ch. 1


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The Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures, ch. 1

  1. 1. What kind of stories start with a shot of a single sim on an empty lot? Yes, dear reader, that would be Legacy stories! Or, as in this case, extreme starting Alphabet Legacy stories. Meet my founder, Author Bookacy, as she is momentarily distracted by... umm... nothing, as there is nothing to be distracted by. Please do not break the truth about her situation to her quite yet. She will understand it herself in a moment, and it'll be a shock. Author is a pleasure sim, and her lifetime want is have 50 first dates (sigh, thanks a lot, Author). She is an aquarius, and her personality points are as follows: 4/4/4/5/8. Why choose a pleasure sim for a legacy starter? Well, for one, I'm new to Nightlife, and quite excited to have a new aspiration to play. And, because I'm obviously crazy. Author has just moved onto her spacious 5x6 lot in Alphabetia, which is a new neighborhood with the default characters. It has Sim State University and Downtown attached to it. So we'll be seeing some classic characters here.
  2. 2. Now, turn around, Author, but really slowly... Oh no it doesn't, dear! There are some drawbacks for you in this challenge, but all in all I'm a good natured simmer, I generally like "*Gulp* This isn't one of those... Those... Umm... Challenge all sims and want to keep them happy. Don't worry. *Whispers to things?" reader* Meaning I'm just too wussy to harm my sims most of the time. A big baby. Oh, yes dear Author, yes it is. You are smarter than you look. "Oh, okay. Sounds good. Oh, and one more thing. Why did you *Silence* have to name me Author?" It's a good thing you are a good natured sim. We're going to need Oh, I'm sorry about the name dearie. But the author is the mother that property. of all characters, and that's what this challenge is all about: book characters. Or the names anyway. So there was really no choice "But..." for me. Yes, Author? Now, be a good girl and grab a book out of the shelf so we can sell it. "This doesn't mean I don't get to, you know, have fun, to date and stuff?"
  3. 3. First order of business: study cooking, so that you hopefully don't burn the stove. Once you get one, of course. "Oh, *that's* how you spread butter on a bread!" Okay, I'll leave you to your studying. You have a lot to learn apparently. While Author here hits the books, I'll give you a bit more specific description of my challenge. The theme will be book character names. Heroes, crooks, major characters and those who only show up on page 23 by their first name - anything goes. I shall try to avoid last names and animal names, but I believe I'll have to cheat a bit in some generations. Nobody says the names have to begin with the generation letter, but I happen to like that idea.
  4. 4. Okay, Author. Done with the skill point already? Good. Now go check if the paper has any jobs that would interest you. Like criminal or culinary. The Derek kid got away before you could greet him, sorry. But he's a teen, so you wouldn't want to date him anyway.
  5. 5. Good luck for once, culinary was the first job on the paper! Good, good.
  6. 6. Hey look, Author. Who's to be the first visitor on our lot, if not Sandy Bruty? Sorry Sandy. This Legacy is not for you. I think you've mistaken of the directions - Candi's* computer is that way. *Candi's famous work is the Uglacy family - into which Sandy here married.
  7. 7. "No prob, I'll just check out the financial section and be right off." "Umm... are all my neigbours going to be like that?" Pretty much, I believe. Get used to it.
  8. 8. Besides, you could greet her anyway. You want to meet someone new, you know.
  9. 9. Oh, excellent! You finished the cleaning point right on time for the welcome wagon. Now go greet your neighbours.
  10. 10. A bit of chit chat, then send them away. We've got other things to do.
  11. 11. Now if you just finish that crossword for me (and for your logic skill), then you get to go on a community lot. "Oh, for a date?" No, for food. "Well, that would be great as well."
  12. 12. No, Author, you won't be adopting the babies. You will be having them. "Can't I have some wishful thinking?" Just thought to make that absolutely clear.
  13. 13. Now, get on the phone and on the way to the park... What do you mean I gotta make one first to be able to go? Okay, okay, I'll do it. Yikes, what a demanding type.
  14. 14. Ahh, hotdogs. The core ingredient of an extreme legacy founder's nutrition.
  15. 15. See? She didn't even burn them.
  16. 16. Some of our neighbours are... umm... enjoying themselves as well.
  17. 17. As can be seen from this shot.
  18. 18. And this one.
  19. 19. And this...
  20. 20. What goes around, comes around. Komei, I know you're supposed to be a mean sim. It's no use trying to fool me with fake tears.
  21. 21. Author wanted to toast marshmellows, so I let her. And I'd never seen that before, so all the more reason.
  22. 22. Sandy became Author's first friend. That is a start.
  23. 23. I wonder if Demi here is a real cop, or just a townie in working clothes? She just happened to walk on the lot.
  24. 24. What do you mean you're tired? It's three in the afternoon!
  25. 25. Okay, okay, just kidding. Here, I got you a bed. Sweet dreams. I'll wake you up in a few hours for a second visit on a community lot.
  26. 26. Wakey wakey, Author. Hopefully you slept tight. Now we'll get back to business before bedtime.
  27. 27. Yes, you're heading downtown. "Why at this hour?" We don't want to waste any time, do we? And there's good time now that your energy is back up, isn't there?
  28. 28. Okay, Author. When you're done viewing the sculpture, would you mind peeking outside? "Why?"
  29. 29. Oh, no reason really... Just thought you might, umm... find the landscape interesting.
  30. 30. Meet Count Curtis Barthelet, the Grand Vampire!
  31. 31. He's not bad looking, actually, when he's not making scary faces. Or, what do you think Author?
  32. 32. "What do I think? Well, I think he's HOT! So that's why you set my turn ons the way you did?" Oh yes, that's why. Good deduction. I just guessed his hair color wrong. That is why you like black hair instead of red. We'll have to fix that later. But this is quite enough for today. Peek back at the park, have some hotdogs and go home to sleep. Tomorrow is a working day.
  33. 33. By the way: I guess that Demi was a real cop. This is definately the real repairman, whatever his name is.
  34. 34. Good morning, dear. We'll start with a little skilling today, won't we?
  35. 35. Ah, first day at work! Good to get the money rolling in.
  36. 36. And Author got a promotion! Well done, girl. Now get skilling, and then call Count Curtis!
  37. 37. Try not to mind those two, okay? They're just on their way through.
  38. 38. "So in order to get married, this is what I have to do?" Yes, exactly. Or not, you'd get married anyway, but this way I suppose it'll please you more.
  39. 39. "I like red hair, I like red hair..." That's the spirit.
  40. 40. Now relax a bit, tonight is an important night. "Why is that?" You'll get on your first date ever. "A date, cool!"
  41. 41. Finally it's dark! "I guess I don't need to ask whom we are calling." That would be correct.
  42. 42. And so Author and Count Curtis got together in downtown.
  43. 43. They started with tickling...
  44. 44. ... then proceeded to everyone's favorite dating activity: pillow fighting...
  45. 45. Dined together...
  46. 46. ...which went nicely until this happened. Interestingly, Author got salad all over them, even though they'd ordered cake.
  47. 47. Count Curtis is so cute when he receives a blow kiss!
  48. 48. All together now: aww... As mentioned, their meal consisted of cake. Hey, that was all she could afford! Luckily neither did seem to mind.
  49. 49. After the "dinner" these two proceded to dance.
  50. 50. Slow dancing was out of the question, though.
  51. 51. Luckily, kicky bag wasn't.
  52. 52. Oh, he doesn't like make up on his girls. I guess we'll have to take it off you, Author - as soon as we can afford a mirror. Don't worry, you'll get it back when I get to brainw... I mean, tell him better.
  53. 53. The date was great, but not a dream date. It seems that our count here is a little shy. But that is quite good enough. Now get back home and to bed.
  54. 54. Good morning, Author. Come see what the count left you! Luckily he did that during the night.
  55. 55. "Umm... You there?" Yes? "It's daytime, we can't call Count Curtis now!" Oh, always thinking about Curty, are you? "Don't call him that!" I'm the Creator here, I'll call him what I like. And no, we aren't calling him now.
  56. 56. But we want to speak to this lovely lady here. It was fifty first dates you wanted, right? We'd better get started on that then.
  57. 57. Hmm... Yes, you warned me. I know.
  58. 58. Hey, an exterminator! We might have future use for one, you know.
  59. 59. Umm... You're not a vampire, Author. "What do you mean? I'm freestyling!"
  60. 60. Excellent, a promotion again. Now we can afford that mirror, to please your darling.
  61. 61. She actually loved it when I removed her makeup. Go figure. Of course I sold the mirror right after this.
  62. 62. Whoa! Take it easy, the man is obviously shy! The makeup thing did that - they now have two bolts.
  63. 63. This is their second date, this time in her luxury home.
  64. 64. Now even slow dancing is allowed.
  65. 65. Backrubs are always great.
  66. 66. And what is better on a date than an instant meal breakfast?
  67. 67. The couple proceeded to make out.
  68. 68. ... and with that, they made best friends. Well, that is a way I suppose.
  69. 69. Again the date was great, but this time I ran out of time. I had to end it before dawn - we don't want to fry poor Curtis, do we?
  70. 70. Take it easy Derek! Where can Author have a shower, if not in her own bathroom?
  71. 71. Does this picture require an explanation? Oh well: Curtis is delivering a thank you flower in broad daylight, while Author is calling the matchmaker to meet other guys behind his back.
  72. 72. ...
  73. 73. "Aah, the sun, I must flee!" What a smart boy you are, Curty!
  74. 74. "So I'd like to have a blind date, please." "Five simoleans won't do any more. I'll take six." Hey, wait a minute! "Inflation, darling, inflation. Now does this lovely young lady want a date or not?" Oh well. I guess we can afford six simoleans. But just barely.
  75. 75. Well, I'd say not bad for six simoleans, eh? They actually have a lightning bolt and all...
  76. 76. Not terribly bad, either. That makes five dates - only forty-five to go. Yay.
  77. 77. That's it for now, see you again. Hopefully you're not going to ask for seven simoleans next time...
  78. 78. Oh oh, what is happening here? Why, it's the third date of Author and Curty of course, and Author is in love!
  79. 79. And only moments later, so is Curty.
  80. 80. Well, you all know what is going to happen here soon, so let's give the young couple some privacy!
  81. 81. Isn't he adorable in his underwear or what?
  82. 82. And here you'll have to guess what has happened.
  83. 83. No, not really, here's a pretty good hint. They got engaged, as they both wanted to. (It feels almost like cheating that you can see unplayable sims' aspirations and wants, and even lock them, when on a date - but it's not forbidden, so of course I'll use it to my advantage.) What I'll have to do is see if I can turn the cinematics off - as cute as they are, you can't take photos during them. That is why I didn't get proposal pictures. Oh well.
  84. 84. So, this is Author spending her daytime wisely.
  85. 85. And again. This time we got a professor.
  86. 86. Some other elder sim. Shame on you matchmaker – you charge more every time, and now we're getting elders?
  87. 87. Author begins her date by discussing her very first woohoo with Curtis...
  88. 88. ... and her date number, umm... whichever, actually likes the topic.
  89. 89. Great job, Author, another promotion. Now we can afford your bed back.
  90. 90. And we can also afford to keep the easel that gave that promotion. It's Sunday morning, and Author is working on her skills. One more day before she is allowed to marry her count. That is actually what she now wants, and I've locked it. I adore sims who want comittement even though they aren't family in aspiration. It's been less than a sim week and I adore both of these sims. Yes, I am fully aware that I'm being cheesy. Sorry about that.
  91. 91. Luckily Author here isn't of a very shy type. Her date is already here.
  92. 92. But our Curty here is quite shocked to see his beloved Author in the nude.
  93. 93. Whoa! Hey listen, Curty, that is a neat trick and all, but please don't scare me off my pants like that, okay?
  94. 94. Author, I know I told you to tell him a dirty joke, but you actually speak about school buses? That has gotta be the dirtiest joke I've ever heard of!
  95. 95. Okay, you can have that woohoo. But this time you'll be trying for a baby, so be aware of that.
  96. 96. And that is definately a lullaby. Excellent.
  97. 97. "Fear all! I am a vampire in my underwear, and I a armed with an instant meal can!"
  98. 98. "In love we are, and simultaneusly towards the trash can we walk."
  99. 99. Good morning, Author. How are you feeling today? Morning sick? No? Just a little?
  100. 100. Sandy calls Author almost daily. They're best friends and like to talk a lot. Well, friends are good to have.
  101. 101. Monday evening. Good job, another promotion! Now get that count of yours here, so we can get you two hitched!
  102. 102. First, get yourself energized so you can spend quality time with him. Then, get on the phone.
  103. 103. "So, tonight's the night, is it, my darling?" "So she says."
  104. 104. And right after a make out session, this happens. It's not morning yet, Author... "This is morning sickness, so if morning sickness says it's morning, then it's morning."
  105. 105. And the first bump isn't far away. Yes, Author, you may proceed.
  106. 106. Yes, thank you.
  107. 107. Now please move Curty in. Here I should probably tell you, that also our count here is a pleasure sim, and his lifetime want is to become a mayor. His personality statistics are as follows: 7/4/5/4/3, and his turn ons are formalwear and swimwear, and his turn off is makeup. He is also quite a rich sim - he brought with him more than 50,000 simoleans. Which was of course part of my plan. So I forgot to mention some less innocent reasons to make my founder Pleasure? Oops. I admit it was planned, but of course I couldn't be sure as I'm new to Nightlife. I made an educated guess about the count's aspiration, and it happened to be correct. I guess I would have chosen him even if it hadn't.
  108. 108. Yes, the moment we've been waiting for.
  109. 109. ...
  110. 110. Ah, the young love.
  111. 111. And so I pronounce you vampire and wife. You may kiss the bride.
  112. 112. And what do they want to do next? Well, go on, have a guess!
  113. 113. "Hello, husband. Long time, no see." "Hello, wife. Oh, truly not. It has been at least two sim minutes since we climbed off the bed." And this is where I have to leave you. This chapter is quite long enough as it is. So, next time on The Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures: What will I build with Curty's money? Can I manage two pleasure sims, one of whom is a vampire? What will the family be like when there are little ones? What will I name all their babies? Can Legacy living get any crazier? I bet it can, you ain't seen nothing yet! So, until next time, happy simming!