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Reactive is a digital agency specialising in strategy, creative, technology and marketing with over 150 staff across our five offices in Melbourne, Sydney, London, Auckland and New York.
Our reputation is one of excellence and innovation in the online channel — evidenced not only by the quality of work we do but also by the results we achieve for our clients.
Over the past sixteen years, we have designed, built and marketed hundreds of websites for some of Australia, New Zealand, America and Europe’s most prestigious clients including blue-chip corporate, retail and travel brands, B2B companies across all industries, as well as Local, State and Commonwealth Government. Clients we have created websites and performed online marketing for include Rip Curl, British Airways, Cervélo, Sydney Airport, Coles Group, ANZ, Nissan, Tesco and Amnesty International Australia.
Our focus is on planning and implementing engaging online experiences that fuel profitable growth for our clients. We work with you to unearth the most effective methods and solutions to fulfill your business objectives online.

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Reactive Credentials 2013

  1. 1. Auckland Melbourne Sydney New York London
  2. 2.
  3. 3. 02 Reactive A Little About Us
  4. 4. 03 Reactive A Little About Us Reactive is a digital agency specialising in strategy, Auckland and New York. Our reputation is one of excellence and innovation in the online channel — evidenced not only by the quality of work we do but also by the results we achieve for our clients. Over the past sixteen years, we have designed, built and marketed hundreds of websites for some of Australia, New Zealand, America and Europe’s most prestigious clients including blue-chip corporate, retail and travel brands, B2B companies across all industries, as well as Local, State and Commonwealth Government. Clients we have created websites and performed online marketing for include Rip Curl, British Airways, Cervélo, Sydney Airport, Coles Group, ANZ, Nissan, Tesco and Amnesty International Australia. Our focus is on planning and implementing engaging online A Little About Us
  5. 5. 04 Reactive Our Expertise
  6. 6. 05 Reactive Our Expertise Codagenic are the software development division of Reactive. provide robust solutions for digital agencies and professional developers worldwide. need to run your online store, featuring out-of-the-box mobile and tablet optimisation, multi-site management, product systems and tablet-friendly administration. Built on robust engine for online sales growth. Reseo, a division of Reactive, is one of Australia’s leading search marketing agencies with dedicated and talented whilst delivering a strong return on investment. Conversion Optimisation (CO) Reseo is ideally positioned to help you generate more sales and leads from your digital properties. Reseo works with some of Australia’s leading brands and focuses on maintaining exceptional customer relationships and satisfaction. Baselocation is a world-class hosting provider with over eleven years of experience hosting some of Australia’s most popular websites. Baselocation is committed to the highest levels of reliability and customer service — a commitment that is backed up by our service guarantee and 24/7 emergency support facilities.
  7. 7. 06 Reactive Our Expertise
  8. 8. Our Expertise Insight & Strategy Our focus on innovation and digital expertise enables us to drive your digital and online marketing strategy further. provides an enhanced user experience and promotes positive growth in your online presence. Design & Usability from all disciplines to sketch, discuss and brainstorm. to establish lasting (and lucrative) relationships with consumers and iterate often based on feedback. As a fully integrated digital agency, our development teams have industry-leading experience combining cutting edge concepts with a deep understanding of database backend expertise. Our websites provide a great user experience for your customers and for your teams. development and integration will ensure that your website Reactive is a trusted Sitecore and Adobe partner and works with them to build successful solutions for our clients. giving us access to promotional campaigns for you and development assistance. Project Management management seriously and will provide your company with two senior team members to be your points of contact. Your account manager will get to know your business inside-out, and will work with you over the years to come. Your methodology, preferring instead to select the most Integrated Marketing communication to ensure your brand reaches and resonates with your customers. Our marketing solutions allow you to engage in a one-to-one dialogue with your customers and build loyalty. base using tools such as customer loyalty initiatives, database segmentation, data analysis and social media. An integrated approach to your marketing is essential with your customers. digital communication solutions that are results driven. 07 Reactive Our Expertise
  9. 9. 08 ANZ BUZZ #Sydfest Sydney Festival is one of Australia’s largest annual cultural celebrations with an overseas including dance, theatre, music, visual arts, cross media and forums. The Brief create a unique social media aggregating tool for the festival. The Challenge Reactive created a site that would collate all the social networking activity of festival goers, enabling them to participate with each other and, by documenting their own experiences, help to create a collective social voice around the festival. The Idea YouTube, which enabled users to see a personalised summary of their friend’s activity and festival events on their desktop, tablet or mobile device. The site also featured both a list and a map view, so visitors could view tweets, photos and check- ins either as a social feed list, or plotted on a map, allowing users to see festival ‘hotspots’. The Results The launch of the platform resulted in media attention, as well as positive sentiment on social media platforms from a variety of users. Awards FWA Site of the Day ANZ ANZ BUZZ #Sydfest
  10. 10. 09 ANZ ANZ BUZZ #Sydfest
  11. 11. 10 ANZ ANZ BUZZ #Sydfest Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, which enabled users to see a personalised summary of their friend’s activity as well as festival events on their desktop, tablet or mobile device.
  12. 12. 11 The Most Powerful Arm Ever Invented The Most Powerful Arm Ever Invented and causes a progressive deterioration of muscles. It leads to a loss of movement, immobilisation and eventually premature death. The Brief under the name Save Our Sons and are desperately raising money to bring clinical trials to Australia. But since the we needed to bring more attention to the cause. Reactive’s aim was to start a petition that gets the Australian match the money raised by Save Our Sons, dollar for dollar. The Challenge The strategy was three-fold. First, we wanted to use innovative technology to turn signing the petition into an experience worth sharing. Second, we wanted to make it interesting enough for mainstream media to report about it. Third, we knew we needed to add a strong social media component that allowed all supporters to spread the message among their friends. The Idea writing was entirely driven by Facebook. Facebook Connect was utilised to authenticate signatures and track analytics. signing of a user’s signature, and was connected to Facebook so that a photo of a user’s signature was automatically shared on their Facebook timeline, furthering attention to To make the arm even more powerful, the robot was given handwriting based upon the writing from the last item Jacob Lancaster, the face of the campaign, ever The Results clearing the threshold for petitions to be put in front of the Australian government for consideration, and it was submitted to the Australian Senate for consideration primetime television, in almost every national newspaper and had over 2 million Facebook impressions. Awareness levels grew exponentially and web users donated more experience but also helped those in need. Awards FWA Site of the Day Cannes Bronze Cyber Lion Best Use of Technology IAB Australia Creative Showcase 7.6 IAB MIXX Gold Award Direct Response and Lead Generation Spikes Asia Gold Award Spikes Asia Silver Award Digital Categories
  13. 13. The Most Powerful Arm Ever Invented 12
  14. 14. 13 The Most Powerful Arm Ever Invented “Reactive’s passion in their work helped bring the idea of the Robot Arm to life, and as a result, our petition was heard by the Australian Government. I can’t praise enough the creative vision, execution, generosity and good will of the Reactive team.” Johnny Kairouz,
  15. 15. 14 The Most Powerful Arm Ever Invented The story has been posted on over television, in almost every national newspaper and had over 2 million Facebook impressions.
  16. 16. 15 The Most Powerful Arm Ever Invented
  17. 17. 16 The Most Powerful Arm Ever Invented
  18. 18. 17 Experience Mendoza Experience Mendoza Argentina. Operating and selling private vineyard estates alongside a wine tasting room maintains the bulk of their core business, but a new venture The Brief portal for this region, attracting travellers to the resort and spa while supporting tourism for the region as a whole. The Challenge for travellers, providing them with engaging and dynamic tourism pages, an interactive map, and rich photography. Vines saw an incredible opportunity to visually showcase the area for the rich beauty and incredible From accommodations to activities to itineraries, visitors need to make their trip to the area a success. At the heart of the website is the familial sense that all of the suggested owners themselves, as they share tips and insight they have procured over the past decade while doing business in Argentina. The Idea Allowing a visitor to curate his or her own travel itinerary and navigate through the beautiful region from their own home was central to making the site successful. A travel itinerary attractions, can be emailed to them or forwarded to a friend. Each attraction’s page is social-integrated to be shared on popular social networks. An obstacle for tourism in the area had been the lack of maps and information architecture for an area of the world about which there was little content available. Reactive was able to circumvent this by integrating Google maps, Google that the site automatically loads in one of three languages The Results utilises Google Analytics to measure website visitation. The site also has an impressive search ranking given it has only been live for a short period of time.
  19. 19. 18 Experience Mendoza
  20. 20. 19 Experience Mendoza At the heart of the website is the familial sense that the information comes from owners themselves.
  21. 21. 20 Experience Mendoza
  22. 22. 21 Experience Mendoza
  23. 23. 22 Experience Mendoza “Reactive is a dynamic and creative work with and innovative at a moment’s, the Reactive team brought to life the way that is visually breathtaking and incredibly user-friendly.” Michael Evans,
  24. 24. 23 Sydney Airport Sydney Airport airport. As a vital economic hub, it is the busiest airport in Australia. A typical international and domestic terminals. The Brief Sydney Airport approached Reactive to design a new look and feel for their website as a digitial portal that travellers check regularly to plan and stay abreast of their travel itinerary. The previous online presence consisted of three separate websites. This resulted in a fragmented user experience — not only was valuable information spread across three separate locations, but the branding and thematic style of each site lacked consistency. The Challenge The new site needed to bring the disparate online properties together into a single, cohesive web presence and create a clearer distinction between B2B and B2C sections of the website. It also needed to enhance customer loyalty and engagement in support of revenue growth. Finally, the new site needed to help shift perceptions of the airport from a The Idea Sydney Airport brand elements to retain a neutality that experience allows quick navigation to important features features and promotion to be a focus. Key features include: An airport visit planner Flight route maps Interactive airport maps The new site places the customer at the heart of the airport online experience. The design is engaging and comprehensive with visual impact. It also repositions the airport as customer and experience focused, which build positive brand associations for Sydney Airport as a whole. The Results The launch of the new website received positive coverage visitors demonstrate the Australian public also approve of the new site.
  25. 25. 24 Sydney Airport
  26. 26. 25 Sydney Airport
  27. 27. 26 Sydney Airport
  28. 28. 27 EPA Victoria Environmental Protection Authority (EPA), Victoria its transformation program to become a modern environmental regulating body. The Brief required an organised site with a new look to house the wide The Challenge audiences to develop an exciting online presence. A considered approach was adopted, one that was conscious of the broad target audience and potentially information-heavy nature of the content. The Idea requirements. The site is fully responsive and adapts to a Sitecore) that allows for seamless back-end integration to current systems. It allows enterprise-grade search The site was tested for usability with several test groups during the design process. It has been accessibility tested tested (back to IE6 with graceful degradation). The site Government requirements. The site is also compatible with multiple devices for ultimate accessibility. The Results extensive database. The site has been a great success from launch, with publishing services.
  29. 29. 28 EPA Victoria
  30. 30. 29 EPA Victoria
  31. 31. 30 EPA Victoria
  32. 32. 31 Red Visitor Red Visitor Red Visitor is a travel inspiration and information website that provides a mix of editorial, interviews and destination guides to an audience of discerning travellers looking for the best from their chosen destination. The Brief during the planning phase of the business. Following this initial consultancy period Red Visitor engaged Reactive to create an inspirational and engaging website that would appeal to their discerning target audience and form the core of their business over the coming years. The Challenge The design of the website takes inspiration from high-end travel and fashion magazines using large, high quality images to engage and inspire its discerning target audience. At the same time this photo-heavy style compliments the minimal Red Visitor branding developed in consultation with Reactive’s design team. The Idea to industry experts, the website provides a number of Destination Guides provide more factual content for people looking for the best Travel Ideas and a regularly updated blog provide an editorial overview of what’s hot from around the world. The Local Experts section of the site takes a more relaxed approach by featuring exclusive video interviews with celebrities, industry leaders and travellers themselves (shot by the Red Visitor team) on their favourite hotspots in their hometowns. including membership, sponsorship and advertising. The amounts of video generated by Red Visitor into the website content. Facebook and Twitter widgets are used heavily throughout the website to promote sharing of content. The Results launch Red Visitor has been working with Reactive to with member feedback. By engaging users in the ongoing development of the website and utilising tools such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, the website has seen Awards Travolution Awards Best Travel 2012 Webby Awards Nominee — Best
  33. 33. 32 Red Visitor
  34. 34. 33 Red Visitor
  35. 35. 34 Red Visitor
  36. 36. 35 Cervélo Cervélo Cervélo is the industry leader in bike engineering and the world’s largest manufacturer of time trial and triathlon bikes, producing the fastest bikes on the market. The Brief Cervélo delivers a unique and intimate experience to the consumer, and has a strong global network of retailers to support their product range. Cervélo wanted to develop a digital footprint to match and customer databases. The Challenge The site needed to be clean, user friendly, and promote Cervélo’s premium products. It also needed to be a central resource not only for the consumer, but also for the retailers — providing a range of tools and resources to highlight and complement the high-end product range. The Idea A new, clean design built upon the existing Cervélo brand, while introducing a bold new typeface, lifestyle video The product features, technologies and achievements are featured heavily throughout the site to assist with the consumers’ purchasing decision. Throughout the site, customers are reminded about the opportunity to tailor the product to suit their own requirements. The Results experience. The considered design successfully extends the Cervélo brand to a digital platform. It also creates a sense of community while promoting brand intergity, quality of craftsmanship and the sport of cycling. Awards 2012 Webby Awards Honoree — Corporate Communications
  37. 37. 36 Cervélo
  38. 38. 37 Cervélo team at Reactive, New York; they have delivered an outstanding result in a Antoine Ballon,
  39. 39. 38 Cervélo
  40. 40. 39 Cervélo
  41. 41. 40 Coles Supermarkets Feed Your Family App Coles Feed Your Family App Coles Supermarkets, one of the largest grocers in Australia, intended to re-capture the territory of meal inspiration for Australian families through a Feed Your Family for Under $10 campaign. The Brief seamlessly integrate a tablet digital destination with the Feed Your Family for Under $10 campaign, creating buzz and shareability amongst Coles customers. The Challenge Reactive devised and designed the Feed Your Family App as a family recipe book that helps Aussie families save by inspiring every day, low cost family meals. The recipe book has a special focus on weekly Coles specials (discounted fresh produce), and provides recipe ideas to cook with the specials ingredients. The Idea Along with recipes using specials ingredients, the app also features video tutorials with celebrity chef Curtis Stone, the face of the campaign. The inclusion of these tutorials in the app further connected the customer’s Coles experience with their digital experience, and provided additional ways for users to browse, share, where digital is the destination — the campaign is pointing discover. It’s a digital product that adds value to consumers’ everyday lives and enhances the grocery shopping experience. The Results The overall success of the digital campaign was to be determined by app downloads, user sessions, return user visits and shareability — how many recipes were shared Coles Feed Your Family the app eight times or more in the 4 week period. Downloads grow as new features are added and the app is promoted. Food & Drink in iTunes Australia.
  42. 42. 41 Coles Supermarkets Feed Your Family App
  43. 43. 42 Coles Supermarkets where digital is the destination — the campaign is app and share what they discover. It’s a digital product that adds value to consumers’ everyday lives and enhances the grocery shopping experience. Coles Supermarkets Feed Your Family App
  44. 44. 43 Coles Supermarkets Feed Your Family App
  45. 45. 44 Coles Supermarkets Feed Your Family App
  46. 46. 45 Coles Supermarkets Coles Supermarkets Coles Supermarkets, one of the largest grocer in Australia, engaged Reactive to refresh their online assets. Their previous website was fragmented and The Brief After a successful launch of the Coles Feed Your Family app, Reactive was excited to continue working with Coles Supermarkets on a refresh of their online assets. The previous Coles website was fragmented, resulting in a number of sites Coles wanted to enhance the online customer experience, while The Idea After Reactive performed a thorough review of the website site’s responsive design adapts to any device the customer is digital branding, the Coles website focuses on customer needs while utilising an enhanced back-end system, Sitecore, for easy creation of new, professional looking pages by the Coles marketing teams. databases, seamlessly pulling in up-to-date information like super specials, local store details and catalogue highlights. Search Engine Optimisation was enhanced and Reactive transferred analytics tracking onto every template of the website so that analytics could be tracked accurately for measurement of ROI. The Results website has already received accolades from customers indicating that their browsing experience has been enhanced and local information on specials is readily available. The Coles team has found administration and management of the website, including refreshing content, to be easier than ever with the Sitecore platform.
  47. 47. 46 Coles Supermarkets
  48. 48. 47 Coles Supermarkets
  49. 49. 48 Coles Supermarkets
  50. 50. 49 Weight Watchers: Plate of Our Nation Weight Watchers: Plate of Our Nation most successful weight-loss organisation required a new website to launch an ambitious, integrated campaign, . The Brief that would serve as the centrepiece of the campaign, providing a focal point for the nation to get behind the cause. The Challenge An innovative and refreshing aesthetic was chosen that employed simple visual cues and avoided a content heavy layout. Lighthearted images were used to illustrate statistics in a clear and visually interesting way. The overall tone was one of optimism and positive change. A centred layout and full screen sliding navigation was used, allowing the user to quickly and intuitively explore, contribute and engage. The site was fully responsive, adapting to a range of devices. Visitors were able to take a survey to see how they compared with the rest of the nation in terms of food knowledge and cooking skills. The website included practical hints and tips; from shopping and cooking ideas, to recipes, to insight and psychology, obesity research and fashion. The Idea A unique feature of the campaign was its ability to facilitate live social media interaction. Visitors to the website were encouraged to take action and by adding their . By showing their support, an individual’s total number of Facebook friends was added to the . By engaging the online public and encouraging participation, the online community literally became a part of the campaign themselves. This fostered real interaction among participants and generated online promotion and interest via visitors’ social platform of choice. The campaign was also designed to compliment print and radio campaign with QR codes appearing on print collateral directing users to the mobile site. The Results Social of launch Likes within two weeks of launch Awards 2012 Webby Awards Nominee — Health/
  51. 51. 50 Weight Watchers: Plate of Our Nation
  52. 52. 51 Weight Watchers: Plate of Our Nation for our campaign. They turned what could have been a simple 2D campaign informative platform that allowed users to engage with complex concepts in a myriad of ways. Carolina Gutierrez-Vargas,
  53. 53. 52 Weight Watchers: Plate of Our Nation
  54. 54. 53 Weight Watchers: Plate of Our Nation
  55. 55. 54 British Airways In-Flight Entertainment British Airways In-Flight Entertainment while remaining simple and intuitive for users. The Brief British Airways approached Reactive to design their new The Challenge between classes. In creating the design, Reactive researched a wide range of user interfaces such as digital TVs, game consoles and traditional airport check-in kiosks to establish best-practice navigation principles for touch screen devices. The Idea By following a strong user-centred design process and testing designs at key stages, we were able to deliver a system that more than met the goals of British Airways and its loyal passenger base. The Results The new IFE designs were initially used on British Airways’ to twenty-four month period.
  56. 56. 55 British Airways In-Flight Entertainment
  57. 57. 56 British Airways In-Flight Entertainment
  58. 58. 57 British Airways In-Flight Entertainment
  59. 59. 58 British Airways In-Flight Entertainment “Reactive really understood what we were trying to achieve and consistently came up with innovative ways of addressing the many challenges Dee Brady,
  60. 60. 59 Theory DSA iPhone Apps The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) is a government agency that promotes road safety and delivers driving tests to aspiring motorists in the UK. For British car and motorcycle provisional license holders, a theory test must be taken to obtain a full license. The Brief publishing the guides to studying for a theory test, approached the team at Reactive to develop a set of three with a study guide that also included a range of practice tools to help them pass their test. The Challenge In order to create an app that was easy to use and would appeal to DSA’s target audience, Reactive encouraged users to leave feedback on the DSA Theory Test Facebook page and researched a number of applications that were relevant to the product’s development. The Idea The apps deliver a highly intuitive user experience, complimented by a simple, clean design. Key features include: Easy-to-read study guides In-app purchase for hard copy and CD–rom versions from the app User’s high score recorded and displayed via the Game Centre integration, with badges forwarded for users’ achievements. The Results are delivering strong results for DSA. The Theory test app has continued to work together with DSA on a number of
  61. 61. 60
  62. 62. 61 Nissan FlashForward Nissan FlashForward their future as well as the chance to win a new Nissan. It was designed to address the critical vehicle consideration The Brief Nissan Australia required a unique way to demonstrate the vehicle consideration The Challenge Likes on the Nissan Facebook page, capture customer details through the competition entry form, and showcase the new Nissan brand as Innovation that excites. Social media was utilised to include the consumer in the process and to generate online interest across a broad audience. The site asked participants several basic questions along with Facebook Connect data to determine what model from the Nissan range suited their lifestyle and persona. Users could then enter to win the Nissan that FlashForward selected. The Idea A dynamic and exciting interface was created, with a fun and irreverent tone. Exciting imagery and bold clean typography came together in animation, reinforcing a sense of adventure and excitement for the future, while remaining true to the brand values of Nissan. User personalisation through Facebook Connect also allowed the consumer to get a real sense of how their life could change over the next 12 months with a purchase, users Facebook page. Your personal timeline was determined by a series of FlashForward experience. The Results FlashForward gave users the option to personalise their FlashForward outlook through Facebook Connect and share the results on their Facebook Timeline. This unique feature leveraged social media to help promote the brand vicariously through consumers and their online social interactions. new customer leads were captured via the campaign. Over half of all unique visitors to the site were via Facebook and successful. Awards 2012 AIMIA Award Finalist — The Innovation Award 2012 AGDA Campaigns and Apps 2012 W3 Gold Award
  63. 63. 62 Nissan FlashForward
  64. 64. 63 Nissan FlashForward
  65. 65. 64 Nissan FlashForward
  66. 66. 65 Nissan FlashForward “Reactive worked closely with Nissan to continually evolve our web assets. Nissan FlashForward was a a new way for the consumer to discover the perfect Nissan product for them.” Heath Walker,
  67. 67. 66 Nissan FlashForward
  68. 68. 67 Amnesty International Australia Amnesty International Australia Amnesty International Australia (AIA) is part of a global organisation of individuals who campaign courageously for human rights. AIA engaged Reactive to conduct The Brief online activism, and grow the size of the customer database. Secondary goals included encouraging more campaign activity, encouraging the sharing of content and leveraging the social web. The Challenge had to ensure that the solution was easy to implement by the internal Amnesty web team. The Idea In ensuring that the tasks suiting all user groups were clearly presented, Reactive proposed and executed an improved site map with more action-focused top navigation labelling. New site navigation was also introduced for ease of discovery, and integrated social sharing tools were added for users to spread the word about AIA’s work. Key features of the solution included: Bringing user activity to the surface to showcase the vibrant online community of like-minded individuals Encouraging online actions through clear messaging, simple tools, and demonstrating the outcomes of actions taken about AIA’s work Ensuring that tasks suiting all user groups were clearly presented Improved site map, particularly more action focused top navigation labelling Improved site navigation with the introduction of mega-dropdowns for ease of discovery Improved visual design, with better use of graphics, icons and imagery. The Results feedback from users and Amnesty International Australia. The strong results include: increase in the number of Facebook fans Awards 2011 Webby Awards Nominee — Activism
  69. 69. 68 Amnesty International Australia
  70. 70. 69 Ripcurl Rip Curl One of the world’s most recognised brands, Rip Curl has been at the forefront of with the attitudes and aspirations of those on The Search. The Brief Rip Curl wanted to develop an eCommerce website that would provide consumers with an intuitive, user-friendly and highly reliable online shopping experience. The Challenge company wanted the site to also build brand loyalty and increase repeat purchases amongst Rip Curl customers. The Idea and conversion maximisation, and ensured that best-practice eCommerce principles were applied. An email marketing and loyalty and encourage repeat purchases. The Results addition to Rip Curl’s existing website. Since then, the online store has consistently recorded high average order values, low bounce rates and long dwell times, resulting in strong conversion rates and sales. Awards 2010 AIMIA AWARDS Finalist — Best Retail Category
  71. 71. 70 Ripcurl
  72. 72. 71 Ripcurl from the beginning. Their viewable work set them apart and they were very conscious of the importance of return on investment as well as the technical aspects of web development.” Jarrod Heathcote,
  73. 73. 72 Ripcurl
  74. 74. 73 Ripcurl
  75. 75. 74 Tesco Real Food Tesco Real Food Tesco, the United Kingdom’s largest food retailer, wanted to improve customer perceptions towards the freshness of their food and to engage customers around food and cooking related topics. The Brief A new website needed to support Tesco’s retail strategy by driving sales to Tesco’s grocery and wine eCommerce websites. The Challenge Reactive worked with Tesco to develop a detailed online (a total of 12 separate websites) and establish a set of content requirements that would inform the design and structure of the new website. Based on this research, an information architecture model was developed for the website that would meet Tesco’s food communication needs online, now and in the future. The Idea The Real Food website successfully provides an inviting and inspiring entry point into Tesco’s broad food and drink glossary of cooking tips and ingredients, including a wealth of video content and a blog from Tesco’s food experts, make the website a one-stop-shop for aspiring cooks of all levels. At the heart of the site is a recipe database which now comment on, rate and share via social networks. The recipe eCommerce website by enabling users to add all recipe ingredients straight to their Tesco grocery shopping cart for immediate checkout. grocery shop. The helps you create a meal plan featuring recipes from the site based on a range of preferences including budget, diet and time. The second feature, the Recipe Binder, enables customers to save their favourite recipes and then dynamically suggests other recipes they may like based on their saved preferences. The Friend Feed in the Recipe Binder shows users’ Facebook friends’ recent activities, including saved and cooked recipes and meal plans. The Results The Real Food website achieved the following results: Regularly receives over 1 million site visits per month active community on Facebook and in-store Is the largest online retailer database of recipes with Independent research conducted following the launch user perceptions of Tesco’s passion and authority with regards to food. Awards 2012 BIMA Awards 2011 APA Awards Best Digital Solution (Comsumer) “The entire site shows great functionality. Content such as the seasonal recipe and buying option really adds to the site’s the value of constantly updated, top quality content”.
  76. 76. 75 Tesco Real Food
  77. 77. 76 Tesco Real Food
  78. 78. 77 Tesco Real Food
  79. 79. 78 Tesco Real Food Recipe Finder Tesco Real Food Recipe Finder Tesco, the United Kingdom’s largest food retailer, engaged Reactive to deliver an engaging in-store digital design solution that would inspire customers to cook Real Food website. The Brief The Real Food Recipe Finder enables customers to browse recipes (sourced from the Real Food website) on an in-store kiosk based upon several variables including: ingredient, dietary requirements, cooking time, seasonal ingredients The Idea Customers can print, email or text a shopping list of the ingredients for their chosen recipe, along with a link or QR code to the full recipe online to make it at home. The interface for the kiosk is designed to be extremely easy ‘browsing time’ in store). The branding of both the Recipe Finder interface and housing aligns with the Tesco and Real The Results printing, emailing, or texting a recipe to themselves. An recommend the kiosk to family or friends. Customer feedback was also extremely positive. On Kantar Retail’s Conversations blog, one reviewer found the kiosk especially great at enhancing the customer shopping experience: a work of unparalleled genius, enabling shoppers to browse example of technology being used as a facilitator to enhance the shopping trip and engage with and inspire the shopper.
  80. 80. 79 Tesco Real Food Recipe Finder
  81. 81. 80 Tesco Real Food Recipe Finder “The Reactive team really understood delivered an innovative and engaging solution. As a result of the success of Megan Powell,
  82. 82. 81 Tesco Real Food Recipe Finder
  83. 83. 82 Cochlear Cochlear Cochlear, the leading global expert in implantable hearing solutions, had an and expertise. The Brief environment that spoke to the emotional nature of the international cohesion, so this was to be addressed as well. The Challenge (Understand, Discover, Support and ) was created, ensuring the website facilitated the need for consumers to connect with others who have had similar experiences. through real-life examples. The design also included clear areas for education, support, understanding and community, encouraging the visitor to engage with and stay at the site for longer. The Idea The tone of the interface is personable, sensitive and visually appropriate. Simple and clean graphic elements ensure the user has clear visual prompts and an aesthetically pleasing and intuitive experience. Large images are used to clearly illustrate the products’ features. Images of a more personal are showcased, further promoting a sense of community and relatability within the promotes brand integrity and trust. Awards 2012 AIMIA AWARDS Finalist — Best Enteprise Category
  84. 84. 83 Cochlear
  85. 85. 84 Cochlear “Reactive helped us make a potentially complicated process much easier. They actively listened to the requirements of our stakeholders and helped us formulate an approach and principle that guided supportive, proactive and found a way Semee Dickerson,
  86. 86. 85 Cochlear
  87. 87. 86 Nissan Australia Nissan Australia Nissan Australia required a website redesign to extend their commitment to be ‘Innovation that excites’ into the digital channel. The Brief Nissan Australia approached Reactive to redesign their website, requiring a dynamic, modern and exciting online The Idea Reactive were responsible for the redesign and relaunch of the new Nissan Australia website, built on the Sitecore Nissan customers have a host of opportunities to discover the vehicle range, through innovative product selector and comparison tools, and the Build Your Own Vehicle feature. The site structure is clear, intuitive and engaging, enabling the user to fully explore the brand. Animations within the navigation are incorporated to promote the exciting tone Nissan. Content is structured to illustrate the full range of products and to demonstrate quality in manufacturing, promoting trust in the brand but also making it personal. The hierarchy of information enables the user to navigate intuitively though the site while strong typography and photography provides clear visual prompts. The overall visual tone is bold and dynamic. By employing clever visual metaphors the site is a successful online transition of Nissan’s existing brand. Several sections of the site are distinguised by a modular navigation that re-orders on refresh, helping to promote Nissan’s commitment to Innovation that excites. The site uses strong typography, clear dynamic is on-brand, promoting vehicle features and providing technical information where appropriate. The simple colorway complements this, helping to showcase product. The Results In the six months after launch the site recorded the following results: The Build Your Own Vehicle feature was used over a quarter of a million times Number of people using the and Book a Test Drive forms doubled Goal Abandonment Rate (rate of users that abandon Awards 2013 AWWWARD AWARD Site of the Day
  88. 88. 87 Nissan Australia
  89. 89. 88 Nissan Australia “Reactive took the direction of our brand Innovation and Excitement Using data-led decisions, the user pathway has been set to drive Heath Walker,
  90. 90. 89 Nissan Australia and purchasing a Nissan vehicle. Reactive took a very user-centred approach to the design, and involved customers in the development process.
  91. 91. 90 Nissan Australia
  92. 92. 91 Nissan Australia
  93. 93. 92 Reactive Contact Us
  94. 94. 93 Reactive Contact Us Melbourne Email: Sydney Email: London Email: Auckland Email: New York Email: We’d love to hear from you.
  95. 95. 94 All rights reserved. United States of America.
  96. 96.