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DIY Email Marketing


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Thinking about starting email marketing? This presentation will explain:
1.) Why email marketing is effective
2.) Things you should consider before getting started
3.) Crafting and creating effective email messages
4.) Measuring your email marketing success.

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DIY Email Marketing

  1. 1. Katrina KokoskaDIY Email Marketing@kkokoska //
  2. 2. Who Am I?@kkokoska
  3. 3. • Why email marketing?• Getting started• Crafting and sending messages• Measurement and managementWhat We’ll Cover@kkokoska
  4. 4. • It has proven value• Engaged audience• Easy to measure• Messages have long shelf life• ROIWhy Email Marketing?@kkokoska
  5. 5. People Find it Valuable@kkokoska
  6. 6. You Have an Engaged Audience@kkokoska40% of consumers enjoy receiving a substantialamount of marketing emails every week –Blue Kangaroo
  7. 7. Easy to Measure@kkokoska
  8. 8. Longer Shelf Life@kkokoska•23.6% of email opensoccur within the firsthour.•A Facebook brandpost will get half of it’sreach in the first 30minutes.
  9. 9. ROI@kkokoska http://THEWEBSHOPPE.NET/email-marketing/cost-comparison-email-marketing-vs-direct-mail/
  10. 10. ROI Again@kkokoska
  11. 11. ROI Again
  12. 12. Takeaways:@kkokoska
  13. 13. @kkokoska Started1. Define objective2. Choose your ESP3. Build your list
  14. 14. • Who is/are your audience(s)?• What is a conversion for them?– Loyalty program– Referrals– Lead nurturing– ClosingWhy are you doing this?@kkokoska
  15. 15. • Fully managed• SaaS• In-HouseChoosing your ESP@kkokoska
  16. 16. • Price• Commitment• Templating features• Reporting• ReputationChoosing your SaaS Solution@kkokoska
  17. 17. The Usual Suspects@kkokoska
  18. 18. List Building - Do’s and Don’ts
  19. 19. • Add checkbox to offline forms• Business cards• Event registrants• *Recent consumersDO: Build your list offline@kkokoska
  20. 20. • Website– Homepage– Sidebar– Contact Form– Check out– Event Registration• Facebook• BlogDO: Build your list online@kkokoska
  21. 21. DO: Segment your list@kkokoskaEmails that have been tailored tospecific audiences throughsegmentation get 50% more clicks thantheir counterparts. – Marketing Sherpa
  22. 22. DO: Tell them what they will receive@kkokoska
  23. 23. DO: Build trust immediately
  24. 24. DO: Continue growing your list@kkokoska
  25. 25. • Buy lists• Harvest email addresses or copy/paste• Precheck the box• Add folks to more lists than they agreed to• Send to folks you haven’t sent to in at least2 years• Anything else that sounds shadyDON’T!@kkokoska
  26. 26. Sender Score: Servicefrom Return Path.Rates sender IP.Sender Reputation:Also calculated byemail networks andISPsSender Score/Reputation@kkokoska
  27. 27. ControllingtheAssaultofNon-SolicitedPornographyAndMarketingCAN-SPAM Act of 2003@kkokoskaEACH separate violation of theCAN-SPAM Act is subject topenalties of up to $16,000
  28. 28. • Define objectives first• Use a SaaS solution• Build your list thoughtfully acrossoffline/digital properties• Don’t be shadyTakeaways:@kkokoska
  29. 29. Crafting and Creating Your Message1.) List2.) Subject Line3.) Message4.) Landing page5.) Timing
  30. 30. Do it firstBe brief and explicitNot appropriate for the hard sellSense of urgency?Avoid SPAM TermsLocalization not personalizationUse your company nameTestSubject Lines@kkokoska
  31. 31. @kkokoska Lines
  32. 32. The Email: Design@kkokoska
  33. 33. • Your CTA:– Above the fold?– All roads lead to CTA?– Short and powerful?– Redundant?• How’s your subject line holding up?• Can you “Share with a Friend?”• Have you integrated your other digital properties?The Email: Message@kkokoska
  34. 34. • How does it hold up across emailclients?• How does it look across mobileplatforms?• Can you view in browser and as plaintext?The Email: TechnicalConsiderations@kkokoska
  35. 35. @kkokoska
  36. 36. 1. Never go home2. Focused value proposition3. Clear request4. One step conversionThe Landing Page@kkokoska
  37. 37. @kkokoskaThe Landing Page
  38. 38. @kkokoskaThe Landing Page
  39. 39. Timing Considerations@kkokoska1. Who is your audience?2. What timezones are you sending to?3. What is it you are asking them do?
  40. 40. @kkokoska
  41. 41. 1. Use an explicit subject line which you havetested2. Be consistent with your branding3. Have a clear CTA which links to a focused page4. Schedule thoughtfully (earlier is better)5. TEST TEST TESTTakeaways@kkokoska
  42. 42. Management and Measurement
  43. 43. • Bounce = Undeliverable email–Hard bounce–Soft bounce• Bounce Rate = # hard bounces/list size#1: Bounce Rate@kkokoska
  44. 44. @kkokoskaAverageBounce Rate
  45. 45. • Unsubscribe – Opt out• Unsubscribe Rate = # of unsubscribes/ list size#2: Unsubscribe Rate@kkokoska
  46. 46. @kkokoska
  47. 47. • Unique Open Rate – The # of peoplewho open a message• Open Rate = # of opens / emails sent#3: Open Rate@kkokoska
  48. 48. @kkokoska
  49. 49. • Click Thru – Clicking a link in message• Click Thru Rate = # of unique clicks / #of links X recipients#4: Click Rates@kkokoska
  50. 50. @kkokoska
  51. 51. Conversion – Someone did the thingyou wanted them to do.Conversion Rate = # of conversions / #of recipients#5: Conversion Rate@kkokoska
  52. 52. Are You Set Up for Tracking?Are your defined goals set up fortracking?Have you set up e-commerce?
  53. 53. @kkokoskaSet up an Assisted Conversion
  54. 54. 1. Bounce/Unsubscribes – List health2. Open/CTR – Content3. Conversion – Overall performance4. TESTTakeaways@kkokoska
  55. 55. Questions? Contact Me!Katrina