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Northwestern technologies presentation


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A presentation from my company Marvel Media Ad Agency to Northwest Technologies

Published in: Design, Technology, Business
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Northwestern technologies presentation

  1. 1. Northwestern Technologies Social Media: Get in the Know
  2. 2. Today’s Agenda The history of Social Media & its evolution of the years What is Social Media? The Benefits of Social Media Networking How will MMAA help your company
  3. 3. Its History and Evolution  In 1971 the first E-mail was sent In 1978 online bulletins boards were created  In 1994 one of the internet first Social Networking, is founded. The concept was for users to create their own websites In 2002 was created, it being the first website that connected real world friends In the years following several popular social networking sites were launched
  4. 4. Just a few of the many social media sites out there today
  5. 5. Social Media  A chance to build relationships  A communication tool  An excellent way to interact with consumers A n easy way to gain more business and exposure
  6. 6. Benefits of Social Media Networking  Cost effective  Conduct Market Research  Increase in customer loyalty and trust  Enhance your business contacts  Build your personal reputation  Listen to your consumers opinion  Establish a brand and raise awareness
  7. 7. Conclusion NW Technologies will utilize the benefits of social media  Save Money You’ll gain a better understanding of your consumers  Gain more recognition  Conduct research effortlessly
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