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CS Forum 2013


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Published in: Technology, Business

CS Forum 2013

  1. Visual Storytelling @ GE @KCraigwell GE Corporate Digital Marketing #CSForum13
  2. 2 GE Title or job number 9/12/2013
  3. 3 GE Title or job number 9/12/2013
  4. 4 GE Title or job number 9/12/2013
  5. 5 GE Title or job number 9/12/2013
  6. 6 GE Title or job number 9/12/2013
  7. Enthusiasts The WorldDecision MakersInsiders GE’S PLATFORM & AUDIENCE MAP Total opt-in audience of 3.5MM monthly followers & visitors…
  8. Try Everything Once In April 2011, we recognized the momentum of Instagram, and decided to experiment. The Brief Highlight GE’s technology in a fun and engaging way by using new platforms and pivoting off of cultural trends. Using Instagram’s filters and our staging to create a steampunk aesthetic, we’ll highlight GE’s latest innovations as technology enthusiasts may have imagined them in the past. The Results i. 143K+ followers to date ii. GE ranked among Top 10 Interbrand 100 brands on Instagram iii. Ongoing earned coverage on sites including, PSFK, Popular Science, Engadget, The Next Web, Gizmodo, Fortune
  9. 9 GE Title or job number 9/12/2013
  10. The Next GE Instagrapher At the end of 2011, we launched a search for the next GE Instagram photographer. “…GE is actually doing better at engaging with a social media audience than the vast majority of comparable megabrands. Don’t believe me? Just wait and see how many people actually participate in this contest.” Results: i. 4,000 Submissions ii. 127,000 Page Views on Facebook iii. 500,000 Campaign video views across GE video and partner videos
  11. 11 GE Title or job number 9/12/2013
  12. The Next GE Instagrapher In addition to shooting at GE Aviation in Wales, Adam went on to shoot events for Aviation throughout 2012 and will continue to cover Air Shows for GE in 2013.
  13. *3 Missions *18,000+ Votes *500,000+ Video Views
  14. 18 GE Title or job number 9/12/2013 Inform Through Entertainment The GE Show takes an episodic look at our most innovative technology across our businesses, from our aviation flight paths, to power generation technology, to scenes from our factory floors.
  15. Let Go of the Brand (Without Losing It) Pinterest is great for experimenting with content - from playing with our messaging to participating in memes, it’s a great reminder that content should be built around users.
  16. 20 GE Title or job number 9/12/2013 Using cliché movie plots, Brilliant Machines came to life in a whimsical illustration of the potential of Big Data. Results: • 2.3M+ total video views • 500+ submissions to Datalandify Yourself – we’ll 3D print miniature figurines of 100 lucky fans • 20+ press hits De-vamping Datalandia Invasion of the Cattle Snatchers Stormageddon Datalandia illustrates that the internet of things encompasses far more than their refrigerators and thermostats; it's also the data-enabled industrial contraptions used in air travel and healthcare—or the Industrial Internet. - Ad Age Big Data is one of the hot technologies changing the world but it’s not a super sexy tech that lends itself to an advertisement. So GE got creative and came up with this really odd (but surprisingly funny) video to show off what big data can do for you … - Business Insider Humanizing the Industrial Internet Leverage humor to communicate complicated concepts to a broad audience.
  17. 21 GE Title or job number 9/12/2013 In August, our week long #6SecondScience Fair invited people to celebrate their inner scientist by posting their favorite experiments on Vine. Results: • 600+ user generated submissions on Vine • 700K+ views of #6SecondScience Fair compilation video on YouTube • 40+ press hits #6SecondScience Build real time marketing around audience passion points.
  18. Plug-in to Networks Tumblr receives 206M+ MUVs, has 136M+ blogs and 60B+ posts.
  19. 23 GE Title or job number 9/12/2013 Front end view of - 100K MUVs (top sources: direct, GE social, Outbrain paid media) Txchnologist Content Within the Tumblr Network - 163K Subscribers (top sources: Tumblr ads, organic content sharing among users) Txchnologist Overview Leveraging the Tumblr network to maximize reach.
  20. 24 GE Title or job number 9/12/2013 Primary Platform: GE Reports • 60K Monthly Unique Visitors • Engagement on Post: 73 Social Shares Secondary Platform: Tumblr • 180K Subscribers • Engagement on Post: 162 Reblogs & 219 Likes Positive shares increased by 3x Distributed Content Extend the reach of a single GE story across owned audiences on content rich platforms.
  21. 25 GE Title or job number 9/12/2013 • +344% mobile time spent (last six months) • 3x more growth on mobile than desktop • ~2 minutes per session • > ½ total Tumblr traffic to come from mobile by end of year (projected) Tumblr Mobile Stats
  22. Nostalgia Month w/ BuzzFeed BuzzFeed Insight: There’s great enthusiasm online around celebrating our collective past. GE Value Add: Content and stories on over a century of geeks and technologies.
  23. Metrics Statigram: Tracks helpful engagement trends on Instagram.
  24. Metrics Union Metrics: Tracks nodes of influence on Tumblr and Twitter.
  25. Metrics Across programs, the following KPIs are a focus for us: 1. Content Shares If the end user hasn’t shared the content with a friend, we haven’t quite succeeded 2. YouTube Likes/Dislikes The YouTube Like/Dislike ratio is a quick way to monitor sentiment against a piece of content 3. Facebook Engagement We consider 2-3% a comfortable place to be, and benchmark against 5%, which is an industry best
  26. 31 GE Title or job number 9/12/2013