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Designing and developing a Windows Phone 7 Silverlight Application End-to-End - Part 2


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Slides from part 2 of my two-part session: Designing and developing a Windows Phone 7 Silverlight Application End-to-End

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Designing and developing a Windows Phone 7 Silverlight Application End-to-End - Part 2

  1. 1. Katrien De Graeve Developer Evangelist Microsoft Belgium Designing and Developing a Windows Phone 7 Application in Silverlight End-to-End – Part 2 SESSION CODE: WPH303
  2. 2. Part 1 Recap
  3. 3. 5 CLOUD SCREEN Phone Emulator Samples Documentation Guides Community Packaging and Verification Tools Notifications Location Identity Feeds MapsSocial App Deployment Registration Validation Certification Publishing Marketplace MO and CC Billing Business Intelligence Update Management Elements of the Windows Phone 7 Application Platform Tools Portal ServicesCloud Services Sensors Media Data Xbox LIVE Notifications .NET Framework managed code sandbox Location Phone Runtime – On “Screen”
  4. 4. 6 Location Location services + Accuracy - Power - Speed - Indoors- Accuracy + Power + Speed - Wilderness +/- Accuracy +/- Power +/- Speed +/- Urban areas GPS
  5. 5. 7 Bing Maps Use of Location Services Bing Maps Silverlight Control Based on desktop version New events and event argument classes (MapDragEventArgs, MapFlickEventArgs, MapPan, MapResolved, MapZoom) Differences Phone and Desktop versions:
  6. 6. Adding location and loading real data
  7. 7. 9 Tips, Tricks and Lessons Learned Accessing location consumes battery, store location Tip: use “Bing Maps Online Interactive SDK” Create your Bing Maps developer key
  8. 8. 10 Choosers and Launchers APIs for launching built-in applications Choosers: always return a value (CameraPictureTask, PhotoChooserTask Launchers: launch an application without returning any value (PhoneCallTask, etc)
  9. 9. 11 List of choosers and launchers Launchers BingMapsTask MarketplaceDetailTask MarketplaceHubTask MarketplaceReviewTask MarketplaceSearchTask MediaPlayerLauncher PhoneCallTask SaveEmailAddressTask SavePhoneNumberTask (cont’d) SearchTask EmailComposeTask SMSComposeTask WebBrowserTask Choosers CameraCaptureTask PhoneNumberChooserTask PhotoChooserTask EmailAddressChooserTask
  10. 10. 14 Application Lifecycle and Tombstoning PhoneApplicationService App events Application_Launching Application_Activated Application_Deactivated Application_Closing
  11. 11. Adding CameraCaptureTask Saving data demo
  12. 12. 16 Tips, Tricks and Lessons Learned Application execution lifecycle and tombstoning CameraCaptureTask and testing on device BackgroundWorker
  13. 13. 17 Push Notifications Server-initiated communication Enables key background scenarios Preserves battery life and user experience
  14. 14. 18 New photos online! Seattle, WA: Sunny and 85 degrees Notification Types 1 4 1 5
  15. 15. 19 Push Notifications: Data Flow Push client Push service Your service Tile App Toast Send push data to URI Send push data to client Send URI to server Open push channelReturn URIData to App Data to toast Data to tile Event
  16. 16. out.loud Push Notification demo
  17. 17. 21 Tips, Tricks and Lessons Learned BackgroundWorker OData Service: ChangeInterceptor Notify User visually and with vibration when inside app You are in charge Using a Tile Schedule:
  18. 18. Closing the loop Application bar, back key demo
  19. 19. 23 Finetuning, not covered Orientation support Integration with authentication & membership Integration with Twitter Unit testing Error handling  ...
  20. 20. 24 Session Objectives and Takeaways High level overview of an end-to-end App Integrate most of concepts in one sample Cloud services MVVM Design of Views: Controls, Pages and Navigation Development of ViewModel/Model Integration with Phone and use of Phone Frameworks
  21. 21. 25 Resources Get started, all tooling is free and available to all: Performance on Windows Phone 7 – must read material: 3/building-high-performance-silverlight-apps-on-windows-phone-7.aspx Windows Phone 7 Jump Start training (12 hours training, including labs and video): phone-7-jumpstart-training-on-demand.aspx
  22. 22. 26 Windows Phone 7: A New Kind of Phone Mobility Smack Down Related Content Building Games for Windows Phone 7 with XNA
  23. 23. © 2008 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows, Windows Vista and other product names are or may be registered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.S. and/or other countries. The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided after the date of this presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.