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Treaty of waitangi pt 2 pdf


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The Treaty Part 2

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Treaty of waitangi pt 2 pdf

  1. 1. ‘M301-i Prisoners Trial Acts ]879 ‘ T he names of the ancestorskwtere rm given to new generations. M The words of the beginning and the language of old = sang no more within the houses of the people. Children were born and they knew; not who they were. . There was da1'kness’upon the land. h kammenga, me ugh R a1&Wm utu, l)G'. L‘c‘. .1"r1hi V‘»'(‘J.1Ufl G I_ 31' ai ée tezzgtta 11:»; )a "re vzzxkanteaflmaielatoulxotelzaihokoeuleafitx D. » INJU§TIozh (1893 at. 11941.5 19
  2. 2. time, new leaders and warriors and wise Women and wise men arose. tey Came from the mountains and forests, by the swift rivers, g nn beside the vast inland waters and the shores of the great oceans. me were young; some were old. i me spoke the language of old; some did not. : (-By fought with new weapons; newrwords, _ t L L L3 ieitrfbattlegroundsiwere the ha11s‘oifi. lVearr1inggand governance, and the courts of law, , L F ey were a newlgenerationiof thegpeople oftthej y d the desceridantsfiof-ithestrangers from over the sea l zame the ‘people of. e'th, €e%t'reiat 7.‘ l , <-"l“: f’; ;v‘ V ‘ v’‘‘‘. ¢’“'’ ‘kw? «a . ,X “v N9 we }, ;o«. ,p 9‘ ,9 1 ya vww ‘,9; ’4~: ’»‘3’$i; ‘«», ‘t»*. ?3?_3.»; n«g**vs:
  3. 3. 5 i a t As the seasons turned, some of the land was returned to the people of the land. Some of the things that were highly prized were retrieved and again cared for by their rightful guardians. The people of the land and the people of the treaty worked to reclothe the land and clear the waters. The Word of the beginning and the language of old sang once more in the houses of the people. The names of the ancestors were given to new generations. WETLAND INITIATIVE Local people and staff from the Department of Conservation have developed a plan to replant the swamp area north of the town. The swamp and surrounding area of land was returned to tangata whenua as part of their recent Treaty of Waitangi settlement. The area was once an important source of eels and other resources for the local hapu. The plan is to replant the wetland area and also the surrounding land with native species that will provide food and nesting habitat for native birds. Trees that were valued for timber for carving, and plants that were used for weaving and medicinal purposes are also being = planted.
  4. 4. The people of the land and the people of the treaty spoke of: 1. Governance of all in the land 2. The rights of the people of the land to their lands, forests, fisheries and all things highly prized 3. Freedom, equality and justice The new leaders and warriors and wise women and wise men fashioned great pillars of words and knowledge. New documents were crafted; new agreements made; old promises honoured.
  5. 5. 2 and there, in this place and that, he mountains, in the forests, ne swift rivers, ie the vast inland waters, on the shores of the great oceans, w forest began to grow. word of the Treaty of Waitangi heard in the gathering places, 1e halls of learning and governance, in the courts of law. 27
  6. 6. 29 amnesia 9 pm There was a new dawning upon the land.