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Beginning Cyber Congregation


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Published in: Spiritual, Health & Medicine
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Beginning Cyber Congregation

  1. 1. Beginning Cyber Congregation As we begin to open the doors for Hyung Jin Nim’s cyber congregation church doors… In Hyung Jin Nim’s most recent speech, he quoted his brother Kook Jin Nim as saying the core of our teaching is simple: Inherit the True Love of God. We can bring all topics of our theology, practices and life back to this point. Our goal is to inherit the true love of God. Wow, is that simple and profound. So our goal here at is to create an organization that can help us and others inherit the true love of God and live the blessed life. Simple. A Most Difficult Message People sometimes confuse Hyung Jin Nim’s message as being just simple ‘feel good’ sermons. They want to hear about sin and indemnity. However his message is not superficial or easy at all. If anyone where to stand at a pulpit and tells us we are sinners and fall short of God’s expectation, we would find this easy to believe. We live that everyday. Our lives validate that everyday. What IS hard is to truly believe is that we are God’s children so we can see ourselves from God’s divine perspective and recognize our true potential. Our basic message is clear and exciting, yet it is very hard to really see ourselves from God’s perspective, inherit the true love of God and live the blessed life. Therefore we need a church, congregation, and fellowship of believers where we can substantially support one another in this quest and destiny. This is the “why” of what we need to create and it will affect how we organize and execute this phase of this ministry. A REAL Cyber Congregation Make no mistake; we are creating a real congregation. I don’t use the word ‘virtual’ because it mean simulated or temporary. There is nothing simulated or temporary about what we want to do. ‘Cyber’ is a combining form meaning “computer,” “computer network.” We are creating a real congregation that is using the Internet and computers as a tool to network together as a congregation. Therefore we are a cyber congregation. As such, we are going to be welcoming people to join our congregation. Joining a congregation is a serious and important consideration. First there has to be a good fit. This means the teachings and practices of the church matches that of your own understanding of what a church should be. Note that no church congregation is going to be a perfect fit. Instead it to should be a good fit. Also be aware that by joining any church, you will by your very presence change that church and hopefully make it a better fit. Besides being a place where you will receive inspiration and guidance, a church is a place where you invest your time, energy and contribution. “All receive and no give”
  2. 2. just doesn’t work. So when choosing a congregation it is also important to decide that this is a place where you want to invest. We are pioneers here at the We are doing something rather unique and exciting. We are creating a global community dedicated to establishing CIG by living for the sake of others. This should be quite an adventure. We are looking for people to join this congregation who are interested in really investing in this project. Individuals may feel they don’t have any particular skills to invest; they may not have any idea of how they can participate or contribute. Fear not. Part of pioneering is that the way before us is new and un-tried, which means we have to find our way. Most important competence we need now is the right heart. The number one job we will have is taking care of members. We have to be a loving, supportive and caring community. Often that translates into investing time. From a technical point of view our main objective is to facilitate the easy communication between members and teams no matter where people are living. Each congregant is going to have to commit some time to investing in the relationships in the community. With this heart, with this commitment, I think our way will start to become clear. We will learn how to care for others in this environment. We will learn how to reach out to the lonely. We will learn how to help people see themselves from God’s divine perspective. We will learn how to help others live the blessed life. All the time, we will be learning how to achieve these things in our own lives. What We Need Now Now we need a core of dedicated people to actually join this ministry and congregation. Fortunately we already have some great people involved who are active and doing things. We will need to learn from each other so we can see what is working and make it better. As we grow we will need special teams to help with administrating the site, board members to oversee operations, financial oversight, prayer ministries and many other things. So if this is for you, strap on your seat belt start your engines and put your car in gear. Please stay tuned… As we begin to role out this new Congregation, we may have some problems and technical difficulties. We are looking to create a membership forms that will help us as administrators know who is applying to be members. We have to work out the best ways to administer Teams. And there will be so many other things coming soon. We need your input and ideas. So please feel free to contact me or Shahram. We would love to hear from you.
  3. 3. Blessings, Kyle