Hip hop


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Hip hop

  1. 1. By Hannah Stangroom
  2. 2. What do other people think of hip hop?• Mum- movement and energy• Lillian-weird moves but looks cool• Emma-good way to express yourself and looks cool
  3. 3. How are dances different to others?http://youtu.be/ovZ9XhG5gtghttp://youtu.be/VxkHyYwA3VM
  4. 4. What expressions do people use when doing hip hop?• Happy• Scared• Excited• Serious• Nervous
  5. 5. Why do people do hip hop?• It looks cool• To learn the dance moves• Say that you have done something that might get you some where in life
  6. 6. How do people express themselves through hip hop?• Popping• Locking• Shuffling• Robot• Clothing
  7. 7. How has hip hop changed over time?• New different moves• From Michael Jackson moon walking to lmfao shuffling
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