SXSW Interactive 2012: Why Small is the New Big and Big is the New Small


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SXSW Interactive 2012
Why Small Is the New Big and Big Is the New Small
Saturday, March 10
12:30PM - 1:30PM
Hilton Garden Inn, Rio Grande
Audio Podcast and full description available here on conference Web site

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SXSW Interactive 2012: Why Small is the New Big and Big is the New Small

  1. 1. Why small is the new BIG andBIG is the new small @jasonstoddard & @katmandelstein Hashtag for session: #eggcellent
  2. 2. The Fifth Era of ITTechnology enabledbusiness transformationover the years Social Social Internet Internet PCs DepartmentalMainframe
  3. 3. Market Forces: The 3 P sPeople Process Proximity
  4. 4. A Maxim"The Life of a human being does not exist merely inthe sphere of goal-directed verbs. It does not consistmerely of activities that have something for theirobject. I perceive something. I feel something. Iimagine something. I want something. I sensesomething. I think something. The life of a humanbeing does not consist of all of this and its like.All this and its like is the basis of the realm of It.But the realm of You has another basis.” – MartinBuber, Philosopher via I and Thou
  5. 5. —  I—  You—  It—  Me & You—  I & It—  You & It—  It & It
  6. 6. Scarcity is a Myth Leverage your sausage
  7. 7. Competition is NOT Obvious Don t assume you know yours
  8. 8. Going Global vs Acting Local è
  9. 9. Social Business Characteristics
  10. 10. Image:
  11. 11. Small Business Advantages—  Agility—  Personalization (Inherently social: “Sometimes you wanna go, where everybody knows your name.”)—  Specialization—  Proximal—  Extra-legal ;-)
  12. 12. Small Business Challenges—  The Handshake Problem—  Retention (Customer and Employee)—  Cash strapped; capital constraints—  Continuity (brand (association transference), knowledge, service, product, deliverability)—  Scale (The Accordion Effect)—  Accountability
  13. 13. Meet the Small BusinessSay hello to the Liedeker family. Drew and Eileen owna residential maid service franchise. In 2010, theirsmall business served over 700 homes in GreaterAustin, Texas. In 2010, Drew’s business:•  Grossed ~$2.3M in revenue.•  Invested ~$14k, monthly in marketing spend.•  Invested $125 - $435 to acquire a new customer.•  Retained ~ 97.3% of his customers, week over week.•  Drew has a MBA in finance. Drew has no coding or design ability. Most of his marketing support is from corporate or vendors/consultants.
  14. 14. Drew’s Perspective: “Dating back to 2003, I’ve seen and heard it all. I’ve made many mistakes, especially in marketing. I used to read everything I could get my hands on, be up on the latest trends, follow every guru. Now, I have a family. Every day I wear 20 hats and marketing is a weakness. Honestly, I avoid it… I don’t have time to learn a new skill much less a new platform, but I know I need to target the right customer to scale my business on my terms. I need something simple, that holds me accountable, gives me actionable information and still let’s me get away to pick up our kids from school, enjoy my wife, enjoy my life.”
  15. 15. Most Trusted ITCs
  16. 16. The Birthday Campaign
  17. 17. Collect Messages Formulate deals Communicate deals Conduct TransactionsSelf-serve Coupons Web site & widgets Basic storefrontAssisted-serve - Quantity based Mobile App (geo) Collect paymentTypes: - Time specific SMS/e-mail alerts Transfer payments to- Sale/clearance - Expirationmerchandise, “deals” - Purchasable coupons Social business, partner, resellers if- Just-in time offers, Deal of the Day -  Facebook Pages, Places appropriate -  Facebook Adscoupons -Minimum to purchase -  Twitter Manage fulfillment- Announcements, -Maximum to purchase Basic Accountingevents, milestones Gift cards Print Advertising- Third-party advertiser -  Reverse publishing Infrastructurecoupons Billboards/signage
  18. 18. ProcessEstablish   Implement   Cra:     Op;mize   Analyze     Report  campaign     performance   op;mal   campaign  in     data.   results.  goals.   metrics.   rewards.   real  ;me.  
  19. 19. BIG is the new smallImage from San Francisco Sentinel
  20. 20. Big Business Advantages—  Global Reach with ability to staff resources on the ground in local markets—  Diversification of Workforce—  Business Process Optimization—  Deep Pockets —  Reserve Capital —  Can afford 360 Marketing Programs —  Diversification of Offerings —  Innovation: R & D
  21. 21. Big Business Challenges—  Geographically Dispersed Workforce—  Challenging to react quickly—  High visibility of mistakes—  Commoditization of offerings—  Expense pressure to reduce E:R ratio—  Public company return to shareholders
  22. 22. Meet the Big Business Say hello to the IBM family. A 100 year old company built to enable businesses with technology and services. Over 430,000 IBMers globally. Owned by thousands of shareholders including Warren Buffet. Founded by TJ Watson. Led by Ginni Rommety today.•  Revenue: $106,91B in 2011•  Net Income: $15,855B in 2011•  Most Patents for 19 Consecutive Year•  IBM Stock over $200 per share
  23. 23. Ginni’s Perspective: “When I say "make a new market" I really believe one of the things that will distinguish businesses into this next decade is this area of how they use information. I dont mean that as a technical point. I mean this really, truly as predictive, analytics, I think itll change culture, itll change everything that you do. And I believe itll differentiate the winners and the losers no matter what business you are in and how you do it.”
  24. 24. Marketing AutomationAwareness Interest Desire Action 15 points 50 points 5 points 10 points Follows  link  or   Registers  &   Searches  for   Downloads  BI   Downloads   Registers/   ROI  Tool   ROI  Paper   BI  Case  Study   Attends    BI       Event     5 points 5 points Receives   Email  for  BI   Receives   ROI  Tool     Prospect   Email  Invite       Re-­‐enforcing   Emailed   Email  Topics   to  BI  Event   Invitation   to  BI  Event   25 points LDR  Calls   to     Qualify   Qualified Lead Passed to Sales 0-10 POINTS 50-100 POINTS 100+ POINTS
  25. 25. Key Measures for Both—  Revenue to Expense—  Customer Acquisition—  CPM/CPC—  Lifetime Value
  26. 26. Time for #eggcellent Simulation