IBM Rational Software Conference 2009 Day 2 Keynote: Al Zollar


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IBM Rational Software Conference 2009
Orlando, FL May 31-June 4
General Session
Day 2 Keynote
Al Zollar

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IBM Rational Software Conference 2009 Day 2 Keynote: Al Zollar

  1. 1. Al Zollar General Manager Tivoli Software
  2. 2. Uniting Development and Operations Breaking down silos
  3. 3. Smart products: Converged hardware, software, and services Just in time Production Cost-efficient Power In-flight Broadband Anytime Assistance Quality Health Care Real-time Information Access On Demand …requires a new level of coordination
  4. 4. Delivering smarter products requires a common lifecycle across asset types Smarter products and services are built from many types of assets Each type of asset has its own lifecycle process We can bring smarter products and services to market faster by uniting processes across asset types
  5. 5. IBM Service Management cuts across silos by providing… Visibility Control Automation See your business Manage your risk Build agility into services and processes and compliance your operations …to build and manage a Dynamic Infrastructure
  6. 6. The elements of a dynamic infrastructure Service Management Provide visibility, control and automation Asset Management Maximize the value of IT and non IT assets Virtualization Reduce cost and improve asset utilization Energy Efficiency Address energy and sustainability challenges Business Resiliency Maintain continuous business and IT operations Security End to end governance, risk management and compliance solutions Information Infrastructure Achieve information compliance, availability, retention, and security objectives
  7. 7. Evolving towards cloud computing Public Clouds Federated Clouds (provider - Internet) Private Clouds (public and private) (data center - Intranet) Common cloud attributes: Elastic scaling Flexible pricing Rapid provisioning Standardized Offerings Advanced virtualization Advanced Security Cloud computing is more than a computing model; it’s a service delivery model
  8. 8. Jumping the chasm: Development and operations Development Federated Operations Data Rational Asset Manager Tivoli Change and Configuration Management Database (CCMDB) Search/ Create/ Define Measure Govern Discover Relate Control Automate Govern Retrieve Modify Manages the lifecycle Manages the lifecycle of software assets of operational assets A complete view of configuration and asset change impact Easily identify, trace and manage released assets from Rational Asset Manager to Tivoli CCMDB Identify impacted development assets to notify development owner for quick resolution
  9. 9. The orchestrated application lifecycle flow Rational Software Architect Rational Production performance data Build Forge Tivoli Application Design Discovery Inventory Reconciliation Tivoli Requirements Rational Construction Configuration Asset and Federation Management Manager Database Tivoli Composite Application Manager Rational Operations Test Lab Manager Runtime Cloud Test environment requests Defects Tivoli Provisioning Manager Test/Dev Tivoli Service Cloud Request Manager Real performance data Rational ClearQuest
  10. 10. And now… Real Integration: Tivoli CCMDB to Rational Asset Manager
  11. 11. Seeing it makes it real Jumping the chasm from operations to development Tivoli’s Service Request Manager Rational Asset Manager
  12. 12. Thank you! You can learn more here: Conference Track Sessions: Solution Center Pedestals: 1. 1+1=3: Build and Deploy Automation 1. IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager from Integrated IBM Tools and IBM Rational Performance Tester 2. Case Study: Four Quality Obstacles 2. IBM Tivoli Service Management Solved with IBM Rational Quality Tools Integration with IBM Rational 3. Bridging Development and Operations - IBM Brand Collaboration across WebSphere/Rational/Tivoli 4. Get Your Silicon Design Right The First Time 5. Enhancing the Application Life Cycle With IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager