IBM Rational Software Conference 2009 Day 1 Keynote: Jamie Thomas


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IBM Rational Software Conference 2009
Orlando, FL May 31-June 4
General Session
Day 1 Keynote
Jamie Thomas

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IBM Rational Software Conference 2009 Day 1 Keynote: Jamie Thomas

  1. 1. Jamie Thomas Vice President, Product Development, Delivery and Customer Support
  2. 2. How to Make it Real
  3. 3. How does one change and improve? How do we foster How do we effectively How do we manage How do we leverage culture change to develop with teams customized, outsourced automation to optimize across 3 continents? Where do we start? and packaged assets? enable transformation resources? to agile?
  4. 4. Drive business innovation and reduce costs through measured and continuous process improvement Measured Capability Phase Improvement here! 1 Establish business and operational objectives Start Framework Phase Prioritize practices and define roadmap Captures over 10 years of Rational 2 Empower teams to measure, experiences in incremental adoption manage, and incrementally Phase Accelerate adoption with tools and services improve their 80 IBM agile projects Used in over software delivery 3 capability Used in conjunction with RUP, Phase Report, analyze and act on results XP, Scrum and other processes 4 Demonstrated in the Rational Start next incremental improvement Executive Dashboard
  5. 5. Unifying platform: Jazz Operationalize capability improvement Phases Phase Phase 1&2 3 4 Define objectives Accelerate adoption Report, analyze and act and prioritize practices Business Your Planning Existing & Alignment Capabilities Product Compliance Collaborative & Project & Lifecycle Design Future Management Security Management & 3rd-Party IBM Development Jazz Capabilities Capabilities Best Practice Processes Administration: Users, Collaboration projects, process Presentation: Storage Mashups Discovery Query
  6. 6. Phases 1 & 2: From business value to practices Establishing an improvement roadmap Executive Business Value Workshop Service offering to explore business and operational objectives and delivery strategies Health Assessment Service offering that assesses current health of target projects and organizations Provides a measurable and incremental improvement roadmap Customer Operational Best Practices Business Challenges Objectives for Identified Strategy Improve business alignment Use-case driven Stay ahead development Reduce time-to-market of the competition Continuous integration Improve quality Enterprise architecture Test management Start small, add as needed
  7. 7. Phase 3: Deploying best practices and tools BUSINESS DOMAIN DEVELOPMENT DOMAIN Business Planning Analyst Architect Developer Tester & Alignment Business Executive Product Collaborative Design & Project Lifecycle & Product/ Management Management Development Project Manager Compliance & Security Controller
  8. 8. Connecting business value to delivery outcomes Achieving business alignment Financials Assess impact of the business Define use cases and complete changes to the architecture, prioritization for pipeline and define the projects and scope management Rational to achieve desired end state Focal Point Rational Rational Requirements System Effectively execute projects Composer Architect and programs with improved visibility into outcomes Scope, Tasks & Time Resources Integrated Rational Focal Better alignment of enterprise objectives project Point for Project Skills management management and solution efforts can result in a 17% productivity improvement
  9. 9. Making delivery outcomes real Improving time-to-market and quality Elicit and drive evolving Synchronize and manage test requirements into development plans with evolving requirements and test plans and development activities Continuously integrate code Rational linked to changing requirements and defects Rational Requirements Quality Manager Composer Rational Team Concert By reducing requirements rework, we cut costs up to 30%
  10. 10. Phase 4: Report and analyze business results Rational Insight Integrated lifecycle intelligence Control Settings Better Results
  11. 11. Get started today with your transformation Start your personalized plan this week! Visit the Agility Fitness Center Located in the RSC Solutions Center Learn more about how our new Jazz offerings will help you: Collaborate, Automate and Report! Visit the Solutions Center, Rational Labs, the Jazz Corner and our Partner booths to share in the Jazz excitement!
  12. 12. Innovation journey continues IBM Software Delivery Services for Cloud Rational Software Delivery Services ON the cloud Turnkey Collaborative Application Lifecycle Management Product Compliance Requirements Configuration Definition & & Change Build & Security Management Management & Deploy Asset & Project solution for software and systems delivery Business Planning & Management Management Management Quality Management Alignment Rational Team Concert, Quality Manager, Requirements Best Practice Processes Composer, Insight, and Build Forge hosted in the Cloud Technology preview available this month Rational Software Delivery Services FOR the cloud GTS Private Support WebSphere CloudBurst and GTS Private Test Cloud Test Cloud Leverage Cloud resources with Rational Software Architect and Rational Build Forge Manage Cloud assets with Rational Asset Management, Quality Management and Tivoli Solutions