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In with the new out with the old castro-wu-final-3-30-2012


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In with the new out with the old castro-wu-final-3-30-2012

  1. 1. Jeannie Castro and Annie Wu University of Houston LibrariesElectronic Resources and Libraries Conference, 2012
  2. 2. University of HoustonLibraries Main library with 3 branches 160 staff members 2.2 million volumes 400,000 e-titles Serve cliental of over 40,000
  3. 3. UH E-resources Management Use Serials Solutions for almost all ejournals and ebooks management Individually subscribed ejournals used to be cataloged in house, now outsourced to Serials Solutions
  4. 4. Individual Ejournals ManagementHistory Utilize Help Desk Ticket for newly subscribed ejournals Add additional info for title(s) in ticket Download and export OCLC records for the newly subscribed title Close Help Desk Ticket
  5. 5. Barriers for the Old Former Process HelpDesk Ticket system is not designed for ejournal management Adding note for detailed ejournal data can be cumbersome Data about ejournals are not consistent or not sufficient, thus confusing to catalogers There was no way to track the process in lagging subscriptions There was no resource history of subscribed titles
  6. 6. Making the Change Self-initiated team Work out the new workflow Build the spread sheet and set up status in SS Carry out the designated work by different units
  7. 7. UH Ejournals ManagementTools Serials Solutions Microsoft Outlook Excel spreadsheet
  8. 8. Initiation of Individual E-journalProcess  Process begins with the Serials Review by Acquisitions.  New e-journal titles are ordered based on SR analysis.  ER staff take care of licenses if needed.  Individually subscribed titles go through the designed workflow process
  9. 9. Old Workflow ProcessHelpDesk Ticket sent to ERby Acquisitions ER verified the HelpDesk Ticket info and forwarded it to Cataloging Cataloging cataloged the new title and closed the ticket
  10. 10. HelpDesk Ticket
  11. 11. Detailed Ticket Info Supplied byER
  12. 12. New Workflow with Color CodingLicense Negotiation Ready for Order ER Set-up Coverage Verification Ready for Cataloging Subscribed
  13. 13. Collection Level Spreadsheet
  14. 14. Title Level Spreadsheet
  15. 15. Resource History of Title in theERM
  16. 16. License Negotiation – Step 1:Change Status
  17. 17. License Negotiation – Step 2: EmailAlert from Serials Solutions
  18. 18. License Negotiation – Step 3:Create Spreadsheet
  19. 19. License Negotiation – Step 4:Update Action Log
  20. 20. License Negotiation – Step 5:Update Summary
  21. 21. License Negotiation - ActionsTaken by ER Request license from publisher Mark up the license according to University Policy Negotiate the license Create the Spreadsheet and update the action log and summary note Change status to Ready for Order in SS
  22. 22. Ready for Order – Step 1: StatusChange
  23. 23. Ready for Order – Step 2: EmailAlert
  24. 24. Ready for Order – Step 3:Update Spreadsheet
  25. 25. Ready for Order – Step 4:Update Action Log
  26. 26. Ready for Order – Actions Takenby Acquisitions Create the order record Verify that the information in the order is correct Pay the invoice Change the status to ER Setup in SS and the spreadsheet
  27. 27. ER Setup – Step 1: ChangeStatus
  28. 28. ER Setup – Step 2: EmailAlert
  29. 29. ER Setup – Step 3:Spreadsheet
  30. 30. ER Setup – Step 4: UpdateAction Log
  31. 31. ER Setup – Step 5: UpdateSummary
  32. 32. ER Setup – Actions by ER Input script into EZProxy Verify access and test URL Ensure that the coverage dates are correct from the license Change status to Coverage Verification in SS and in spreadsheet
  33. 33. Coverage Verification – Step 1:Status Change
  34. 34. Coverage Verification – Step 2: EmailAlert
  35. 35. Coverage Verification – Step 3:Update Spreadsheet
  36. 36. Coverage Verification – Step 4: UpdateAction Log
  37. 37. Coverage Verification – ActionTaken by Serials Check several issues of the subscribed journal to confirm the access Change status to Ready for Cataloging – Individual eJournal in SS and the spreadsheet
  38. 38. Ready for Cataloging – Step 1: ChangeStatus
  39. 39. Ready for Cataloging – Step 2: Email Alert
  40. 40. Ready for Cataloging – Step 3: UpdateSpreadsheet
  41. 41. Ready for Cataloging – Step 4: UpdateAction Log
  42. 42. Ready for Cataloging – Action Taken byCataloging Cataloging staff verify coverage Changes the Serials Solutions record to reflect correct dates and URL Changes Status to Subscribed at individual record level
  43. 43. Subscribed – Step 2: Serials SolutionsIndividual Record
  44. 44. Subscribed – Step 3: Update Spreadsheet
  45. 45. Subscribed – Step 4: Update Action Log
  46. 46. Serials Solutions (status change)Spreadshe Outlook et (email alert) (title info)
  47. 47. Challenges Use of color Work overlap Tracking unsolved problems in process Communication among different groups
  48. 48. Success Points Shared process Easy to integrate additional changes in process Transparency Decent tracking of subscription Collaboration Process reusable for other formats workflow
  49. 49. Contact:Jeannie Castro: jmdowney@uh.eduAnnie Wu:
  50. 50. Sources for Images: